Report: Packers pursuing Texans center Chris Myers


In public, Packers G.M. Ted Thompson won’t reveal much about his plans for 2012, or any year.  Behind closed doors, he reportedly has begun pursuing at least one player who is under contract with another team.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that, with efforts to re-sign center Scott Wells going nowhere, the Packers have turned their attention to Texans center Chris Myers.  Specifically, McGinn reports that the Packers met with Myers’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to discuss Myers.

Wells is 31, but Myers isn’t far behind.  He’ll be 31 on September 15.  (That’s also Florio Jr.’s birthday.  Who is now nearly large enough to play center for the Packers.  Or the Texans.  Or any other team.)

It’s a clear and direct violation of the rules for the Packers to talk to Myers, but the Packers aren’t the only team doing it.  Indeed, if the famously rules-conscious Thompson is tampering, everyone is tampering.

“Almost every re-signing, waiver and UFA signing upcoming germinate from supposedly illegal club-agent meetings in Indy,” McGinn writes.  “All happens here.”

McGinn uses “supposedly” because the rules prohibit meetings with free agents who won’t be free until March 13 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  But no one follows the rules.  Indeed, as the Packers negotiate with Myers, Wells undoubtedly is negotiating with some other team, or teams.

Sometimes, this gauging of the market helps lay the foundation for a player to stay put.  The bigger issue is that tampering remains rampant, and the NFL will continue to look foolish until the rules are revised to reflect the reality.

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  1. Remember way back when…Ted Thompson was a stickler for the rules?

    from 2/25/2012:

    The Packers and especially G.M. Ted Thompson are sticklers for NFL rules. It would only make sense to tag Flynn if they were confident in their ability to trade him or if they had some sort of handshake agreement to do so. But that’s not Thompson’s style.

    “(Thomspson) doesn’t bend the rules,” one NFL team executive told Wilde.

    “(The Packers) don’t do business that way,” another NFL source said at the Combine.

  2. I would love for the Skins to Sign Myers on a 4 year deal. This guy is legit. It’s going to be hard to get him if the Packers are after him because the Pack is still dangerous and capable of winning another SB whereas my poor skins are slowly coming along. Maybe make the playoffs in a year?

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s accepted (and legal) to talk to an agent during this time, as long as the agent currently represents a player on your roster.

    Wells is still upset that they tried to replace him with Jason Spitz a couple of years ago until Spitz hurt his back (and hasn’t been healthy since – just ask Jacksonville). They have always feared that due to his smaller stature that he would be eaten alive the large DT’s in the NFC North, but as a credit to him he’s always held his own. That being said, it would be foolish to give him the money he wants ($7.5 mil/year) at his age. The Packers are offering between $4 – $5 mil/year. Which is why it sort of makes sense on their part that they are interested in the larger Meyers.

    The Packers won’t pay Wells what he’s looking for, at least not until free agency starts. They always seem to sign some of their own guys within a couple of days after some other team has set the market for that position. They did that with Clifton a couple of years ago when he called their bluff and visited the Redskins and they caved to some of his demands.

  4. Not sure of the packers blocking scheme, but it better be a zone blocking scheme if they are going to go with Chris Meyers. Dude isn’t big enough for a power scheme, but he might be the best zone blocking center in the league.

  5. @gsiggins

    Problem is unless Thompson and Rosenhous were silly enough to write out a contract/ agreement or text each other about it, they will have a hard time proving it. Nobody directly involved with the negotiation is going to put their name on an admission of breaking the rules. Anonymous sources can’t be witnesses.

  6. I can’t believe that Mikeyhigs comment hasn’t been deleted! It speaks of the Packers in a negative tone and should be removed by the negativity police immediately! It’s not like he’s a Packer fan saying something negative about the Vikings……that would never be removed. This outrage against the Packers however must be taken off of the site post haste! Thank you in advance for saving us all from Packer negativity oh great PFT/Wordpress biatches.

  7. “I’m pretty sure it’s accepted (and legal) to talk to an agent during this time, as long as the agent currently represents a player on your roster.”

    Exactly. It’s great that Bob McGinn is reporting on what he’s heard, but there is no way to prove any of this, and furthermore what he’s reporting is extremely vague.

    It’s not illegal – and shouldn’t be – for someone to ask an agent, Hey, what’s you’re guy looking for? It IS illegal – and should be – for someone to tell that agent, Hey, here’s an offer, let me know what your guy thinks, and let him know we’ll match or beat whatever he gets from his current team.

  8. @rpiotr01 . . .

    Any expression of interest in a player under contract with another team violates the tampering rules. There can be no discussions about the player with the agent. No offers or requests for proposals. Nothing to show or suggest interest. That said, every team routinely violates that rule as it relates to guys who will be free agents in March, especially at the Scouting Combine.

  9. If the Pack can’t get Meyers then they are stuck with paying Wells big time and he is 31 but a pro bowler. The other recourse is to pick -don’t know the name – the center from Wisconsin to replace Wells but now you pass on defensive help and god knows the pack need a lot of that.
    The Pack is in trouble: lose Wells and Flynn and get nothing in return. Now you have two holes to fill and neither of them are defensive holes.
    The Pack is 8-8 next year unless TT goes Free Agency.

  10. Re:Not sure of the packers blocking scheme, but it better be a zone blocking scheme if they are going to go with Chris Meyers. Dude isn’t big enough…..

    Yes, the Pack runs a modified ZBS scheme.


    TT’s philosophy is that you don’t overpay for any player, so you have the cap space to keep the entire roster talent laden. I’d say it’s a strategy that has worked pretty well so far.

  11. Heard it from a friend who heard from another…

    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel I suppose he was there and that Ted and Drew invited him to record the conversation:)lol.

  12. I hope the Pack doesn’t give Wells the kind of money he’s asking and I find it kind of hard to believe some one else will be desperate enough to pay it. I don’t like to see us lose him, but that’s football. Reports say he’s all butt hurt because Jason Spitz beat him out and that’s why he’s holding out for all that money and if that’s the case, let him walk. He’s not so great that the Pack can’t move on without him. He’s a center but that doesn’t mean he’s the center of the team. There will be a lot of shuffling around for the next few months so let’s shake the tree and see what falls.

  13. Here’s an idea: How about providing evidence for allegations of tampering?

    As Taylor and Souther wrote (Her Town Too)

    “Talking ’bout
    Someone said, someone said
    Something ’bout, something else
    Someone might have said about her”

    Irresponsible “journalism” to report speculation as fact.

  14. How do you guys know he is already talking to Rosenhaus about Myers? Did Thompson just meet with Rosenhaus and because he needs a center, the conclusion is assumed? That is either incredible journalism, because of the implications, or creative journalism(fiction).

  15. @ernie

    You’re delusional if you think the Packers are winning anything less than 10 games next year….

  16. It’s obvious teams lay the groundwork for a deal with a players agent before free agency begans. How else are players signed within minutes of the official opening of the free agency period.

  17. I would love it if Peter Konz (Wisconsin’s C, from Neenah, WI) made it to Packers so he could “go home” (in his own words), but most of us can see two obvious problems with that: a) You can’t bank on drafting a specific player, especially late in the 1st round. It hurts me to say it, but he’d be a good fit for the Bears as they try to grab more Wisco offensive linemen; and b) they spend their best draft pick on a need they can more easily fill in free agency and they may lose out on that DL or OLB that they desparately need. You can’t give a 31 year old Center $7.5 mil a year, but if there are going to be 10-12 starting caliber centers, you should be able to plug that position with a stop-gap and draft a guy you can groom for the future. There’s typically no stop-gap 3-4 OLB’s or DL’s available for the type of money you can get a good center for.

  18. This is a total junk story…………. Other reports are saying an Unknown Source which is Bob McGinn and he has zero credit to his story…..

    Whats next Ted Thompson and Myers agent let someone tape this conversation… This story came because someone wanted it to get back to Scott Wells so he would come down on his asking price if he wants to stay in Green Bay……….. And That is a Fact….

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