Vontaze Burfict’s rough Combine continues


First came Mike Mayock’s strong, negative comments about Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict before the Combine.

Once Burfict got to Indianapolis, things didn’t get any better. His interviews with teams and the media were described as disastrous.

“I’m not sure any player here sparked a worse reaction than Vontaze Burfict,” writes Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports. “I wouldn’t touch him.”

“The guy is completely out of control. There’s no way you could trust him. I can’t believe they [ASU coaching staff] didn’t cut him loose,” one scout told Feldman.

Burfict cut his weight to 248 pounds before the Combine, but it didn’t help him in the forty-yard dash. He ran unofficial forty times of 4.93 and 5.10 Monday. That will draw some comparisons to Brandon Spikes two years ago, but Spikes is known as a heady, instinctive player. Burfict’s instincts have often been questioned.

Years ago, Burfict was considered a potential top-ten pick. Now he seems more likely to slide until the latter portions of the draft.

75 responses to “Vontaze Burfict’s rough Combine continues

  1. When I first saw the title of this article I was like, “Sweet maybe we can get him in the 3rd or 4th round”, but after actually reading the article and watching some of his interview with reporters I was like, “Sweet maybe we can get him in the 6th or 7th.” This guy is not doing himself any favors.

  2. Character issues are always a hit or miss. If he goes to a good organization with some stability he should be fine. But he won’t drop out of the first round though. And it’s ironic that he’d be compared to Brandon Spikes b/c he isn’t exactly a saint himself.

  3. a lot of teams are going to sleep on this kid, multipe times, and they’ll all be kicking themselves five years from now. i pray he’s there for the giants at the end of the second, but i doubt it.

  4. He will be drafted in the second round due to his physical play. Don’t forget the guy is only 21 years old. It is okay to show some immaturity. He just needs to grow up pretty fast from this point on.

  5. Come on now! Why stop here??

    Tell us why ol’ Vontaze is “completely out of control.” Haven’t heard that phrase applied to too many players recently …

    In stead of 87 stories about Tim Tebow … Let’s here some stuff about Vontzaze Burfict. We wanna know just what you have to do to be labeled as Completely Out Of Control.

    For starters … that’s a heck of a name … now Gregg … spill the goods …

  6. this is the best news in the world for Dante Hightower

    sweet. now we can use that 4th rounder from Tampa to get this beast..

  7. Haha lol haha I don’t know why his attitude just bothers me.that being said I wouldn’t mind taking him in the fifth.

  8. Guys like him need a team like the Pats. If he goes somewhere like the Cowboys he will be in trouble coming out of the gate!

  9. El Kabong says: Feb 27, 2012 3:00 PM

    The link to Bruce Feldman’s blog links to an article on Dontari Poe.


    Scroll down, it’s the article underneath the piece about Poe.

  10. myeaglescantwin says: Feb 27, 2012 3:02 PM this is the best news in the world for Dante Hightower

    sweet. now we can use that 4th rounder from Tampa to get this beast..

    No thanks, Hightower’s should be the guy at #15.

  11. purplepain5 says:
    Feb 27, 2012 3:07 PM
    Ravens take him in the second or third he will be a star in 2/3 years
    How did Sergio Kindle work out for you?

  12. I’ve never heard an assessment that included “I can’t believe they (ASU coaching staff) didn’t cut him loose.”
    Reclamation projects like this are intriguing but in all honesty, I’d likely avoid this guy. Whatever he’s bringing to the table might not be worth the headache. On top of being (by all indications) a basket case and a locker room problem, his Combine numbers are lousy too.

  13. newsflash: anyone thinking he wont be gone before the fourth is an idiot. the nfl scouts saying that they wouldnt touch him are the ones who are hoping to discourage other teams from grabbing him.

  14. Please Ravens fans stop it, this guy is clearly all flash and just not a whole lot of talent. Get him out of your mind he has bust written all over him! And as for Mayock being a Tool, do you say that just because of what he said about this dud? Isn’t Mayock the guy who said Jay Cutler was going to be better than Vince Young and Matt Leinhart? Yea I’m sure he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Wonder if Tennesee or Arizona wishes they had listed to Mayock…..

  15. His slide could be just like LaGarrette Blount’s. This guy seems absolutely clueless and undisciplined. He looks almost undraftable. I would fear arrests/drive extending personal fouls/suspensions. Good luck to whoever signs this dude

  16. As a 49er fan, I’m really glad there’s virtually no chance my team will gamble on Burfict…even in the later rounds. We’re pretty much set at LB.

  17. frostbelt says:
    Feb 27, 2012 2:58 PM
    Nick Barnett is working with this dude…

    Buffalo – stay away from him!

    He may not have the fastest 40, or any control on his temper, but if he slipped into say the third round he’d be a steal! We need a guy on the field that will light a fire under our D’s a-s! After Barnett gets some time with him, things may change with his attitude.

    Hidden gem with a rough outside.

  18. Attitude is overrated. He’ll be a star for the team who gives him a shot. The kid produces!!

    I’m a Chiefs fan and Pioli is always talking about “the right 53”. I say BULLCRAP to the right 53. Give the kid a shot in round 3 and watch him fly.

  19. As someone who’s watched his entire “career” at ASU. This guy was about to be cut from the Devils. That’s why he chose the draft instead. Nobody was going to touch him with a 10 foot pole. He’s a personal foul machine and a locker cancer. If EVERYONE is saying the same thing about you, then there’s probably a lot of truth to it.

  20. No risk once you reach the 4th round or so, who cares if he’s out of the league or a mental case, I’d say less than 50% of those picks pan out anyways. Take a chance on a guy who has some potential, he’s only a rookie, not like a high paid vet who comes in and messes up the locker room. He will be easy to let go.

  21. If you’re old enough to remember Mitchell “Fright Night” Friedman, an ASU safety from the mid-90s, then you know EXACTLY how it will play out for this guy. I mean, they have to be related or something. Same style, same team, same result……

  22. Those of us in the Pac-12 are quite familiar with Vontaze Burfict. The guy is completely out of control on the field. He’s a headhunter, which Goodell’s money cofers would very appreciate very much with all the fines this guy would accumulate. Burfict is also a personal foul machine who is just plain dirty dirty dirty, and is very easily provoked at the merest perceived slight. In the very last game of his career, he punched a CAL player in the head who was blocking his teammate. The coaches, to their credit (finally after 4 years), sat him the rest of the game. Vontaze Burfict can hit like a ton of bricks, but his out of control play makes Suh look like an angel on the field.

  23. This is the kind of guy you would like to draft in the fifth round and then spend most of his rookie year reminding him of how much money he cost himself. No way is going in the first two rounds.

  24. whoever said something about Sergio Kindle needs to be reminded that he cracked his skull his rookie season and is still rehabbing somewhat so he gets very limited playing time

  25. I wonder when Mayock is going to get busted for taking bribes. I am not saying he is on the web but I would get in touch with some of the people he has slighted in the media.

  26. Burfict aint perfect the dude looks will be a Grade A tool, and his poor showing continues to prove it. Entitled punk.

  27. @ jdandcoke

    Preying for him to come to your team, good for the giants your coach is not as stupid as the fans.

  28. under the new rookie salary cap it isn’t a money risk like before. as far as the locker room, i can’t remember a rookie blowing one up. if he fits the needs of my team i’d take him. not talking about a top ten pick so shouldn’t be crippling for a team to risk grabbing him. what do i know, i follow the Bills.

  29. Giants NEED a LB. They also needed a TE, LB, DT, and OL before last year.

    The only way the Giants touch this kid is if Tom Coughlin literally kicks him right in the arse.

  30. Man. I always try to give guys that have this sort of bad rep, character questions, and poor showings at the combine a second chance…

    …until they call themselves “misunderstood” and blame their coaches for their poor play. Yeesh.

  31. It’s crazy how quickly a player can be thrown in the scrapheap. I know this guy has his issues, but he seems like an exciting player, and I want as many of them in the league as possible.

  32. This kid will get drafted. Probably not in the first round, but no way he goes through 7 rounds without one of the 32 teams rolling the dice on his talent outweighing his immaturity.

  33. Blount wasn’t even drafted, and he turned out to be alright for Tampa bay. Somebody will take a chance with this guy, even if he’s undrafted. If he can play, we will see him on Sundays. I don’t like his chances right now tho.

  34. markpfs says:
    Feb 27, 2012 4:17 PM
    under the new rookie salary cap it isn’t a money risk like before. as far as the locker room, i can’t remember a rookie blowing one up. if he fits the needs of my team i’d take him. not talking about a top ten pick so shouldn’t be crippling for a team to risk grabbing him. what do i know, i follow the Bills.


    It’s not about the new rookie wage scale, honestly that only matters when talking about the first 3-5 picks. Before last year guys taken late in the first round were not getting insaine numbers. It was the number one overall picks and top 5 pick quarterbacks that were hurting teams.

    What it is about is the risk of using a first round pick on this guy, as important as first round picks are. Good GM’s (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England etc..) find guys who can fit in and make an impact right away. Yes some first round picks are busts… and they are usually picked by the Raiders/Redskins/Lions pre 2009. If you take this guy in the first round what are you passing on? For a guy that not only will not make an impact this year but a guy that may never make your starting roster.

    3 things that you can’t coach are big, fast, work ethic. Get a guy with these three attritributes and a good coach can make him a star. If your missing one (Wes Welker isn’t big but quick, smart, great hands, hard worker) you better have a whole lot of talent to back it up. Doesn’t seem like this guy has much going for him. Really hope my team doesn’t take a chance on him prior to the 5th round at best.

  35. Burflict will be tamed….hes a great player just a hothead..with the right teAM he will be a force to be reckoned with

  36. Horrible person, locker room cancer… but the dude can play. I don’t give a crap what his combine stats are, this dude can dominate in the right system of veteran leadership.

  37. When did the Raven’s fans become so stupid? Perhaps I missed the addition of an additional chromosome in the populace of Baltimore.

  38. I really wanted the Ravens to draft him but after hearing about all of the red flags with him, I would only take him in the later rds., if that.

  39. He’s working with Nick Barnett; he seems too understand what he has done wrong and looks too me like he’s getting a schooling about the business of NFL.. He’s saying tHe right things, he deserves a chance.

  40. To everyone who says teams should take him despite his character issues (there are to many of you to respond to). he also ran a 5.10 40 that’s slower than Ndamukong Suh, Dontari Poe and the majority of the defensive lineman at the combine right now he also had the shortest and second lowest jumps in addition to average size. Unless this guy somehow actually becomes the suposed “freak of nature” everyone keeps calling him in the next couple of months he is not worth anything more than a 5-6 round pick. Also in his interview he blamed the ASU coaches and all the refs that penalized him.

  41. Also he is not that great of a player if he’s given a clear shot he can lay a big hit but I’ve never once seen him actually take on a block instead of trying to run around them.

  42. He was really hyped coming out of HS.

    BUT…VERY undisciplined on and off the field. This was the biggest job interview he’ll ever have, so how did he prepare?

    Interviews – pretty much an F
    40 time: 5.06 – pretty slow for a 300 lb DL
    Vertical: 30 inch
    Long Jump: 104
    Bench: DNA…what a shock

    By pretty much every metric, linemen with 60 lbs on him pretty much smoked him.

    That’s the best he could do trying to GET the job. Just a guess the effort wouldn’t improve much if he actually lands one.

  43. Not surprised in the least. He was the worst goal line LB I’ve ever seen…missing key hits and tackles. For the most part this guy disappears in games.

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