With 44 reps, Dontari Poe is the Combine’s strongest man

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Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe is the strongest player at the Scouting Combine.

Poe put up 44 repetitions of 225 pounds on the bench press, making him the strongest player at any position. Poe’s mark tops Michigan center David Molk by three reps.

Prior to the Combine, Mike Mayock ranked Poe as the third-best defensive tackle in the draft, behind LSU’s Michael Brockers and Michigan State’s Jerel Worthy. The 6-foot-4, 346-pound Poe said he’s been eager to improve his draft stock through his Combine workouts.

“I’m doing everything,” Poe said. “It’s just competition. I like it. I like it all. I’ve been working out for it and just thought it’d be a good idea to do it all.”

Poe says the defensive tackles he models himself on are Casey Hampton, Ndamukong Suh and Haloti Ngata, and he said he thinks he can fit into any defensive line, in a 3-4 or a 4-3 front.

“I see myself as someone who can rush the passer a lot more than people think,” Poe said. “I am used to playing nose tackle and the 3-technique and I’ve played some 5-technique. I’m pretty comfortable anywhere on the defensive line.”

And he’s clearly very comfortable in the weight room.

29 responses to “With 44 reps, Dontari Poe is the Combine’s strongest man

  1. With all his strength and great physical attributes why wasn’t he better? He didn’t make an all conference team in C-USA. Draft football players first and body builders second

  2. This kid seems perfect for the Steelers. Upgrading at NT & inside LB are the 2 most immediate ways the Steelers can turn around their defense from an age standpoint. You can still get a top inside LB type in round 2 but your less likely to find a top flight NT there. Haven’t researched the 3-4 teams who need NT’s in front of the Steelers but my guess is somebody gets him before 24.

  3. this bench press talk is the dumbest thing in the world. None of these numbers impress me, FROM ANYONE BUT DBs, WRs, RBs..

    how am i supposed to be impressed with a 350 pound man bench pressing 225???

    225 is only 70% of body weight for a Lineman weighing 315.. thats just about a push up..!!

    then you Brockers, top 10 talent- 6’7 325lbs who did 19 reps…
    are y0u kidding me??

    Then all the talk is about these huge OL & DL who press the weight over 30 times.. come on !

    lets talk about the 200 lb Rbs that are pressing 225 like e28 times.. thats worth mentioning..

    but no, we focus on the 350 guy moving less weight than them doin push upss…. ridiculous.

  4. Seems like a good run stopping NT for any 3-4. As a Cowboys fan I would love to see us draft him and allow us to try Ratliff at end a little bit more. If the experiment didn’t work we would have a pretty good rotation to keep both fresh.

    A big guy like that would plug one of many holes we have going and allow us to set Spears loose.

  5. That makes him the “strongest”? MDS you havent lifted a weight in your life. When a play lasts longer than 10 seconds let me know. The strongest guy has the heaviest max.

  6. This draft is perfect for Steelers and our needs !! there are three pretty big boys for NT the OL draft is deep so we will go NT first round if Poe there … if not will go best OL on board and take best NT or ILB in second and third for those picks…

  7. Another lineman that’s 100lbs over weight.

    When is the NFL going to realize that their linemen have turned into sumo wrestlers?

  8. Projected third best DT and is the strongest participant at the combine? I like it and if the tape shows good gap responsibility, then I would love to have him on my teams.

  9. Well I don’t like this guy getting pub. Because I was hoping that if richardson didn’t fall the chiefs could trade down and take him guess we will have to get him at 11.

  10. The Eagles have a really good defensive line and their line backers suck add to that this is a draft that has alot of really good defensive linemen.So look for the Eagles to draft this guy in the 1st round.This is why they haven’t won a Super Bowl they don’t know how to draft.

  11. Was wondering how long it would take for some jagoff to make a comment about how he shouldn’t model his game after Suh. It only took until the second comment. Good job. Way to be original.
    It would appear as thought you’re a vikings fan too so maybe it would just be best for you to say nothing.

  12. then he just blew my mind running a sub 5 forty .. that kids a freak.

    baltimore should trade up for this dude and run a 2-5-4 with him and gnata eating people on the DL.

  13. ravenator says:

    Steelers are so overrated. Tebow’d out of the playoffs, enough said.


    Ravens finally get over on their big brother and all they have to show for it is a lower draft pick and a playoff loss to a team the Steelers dominated.

  14. Repped 225 x 44 + 4.87 40 + weighing 347?! If he is looks as good on game tape as he does in shorts, he has just made himself a LOT of money…

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