After 49ers re-sign Ahmad Brooks, Carlos Rogers hopes he’s next


San Francisco cornerback Carlos Rogers said he was happy for his teammate, linebacker Ahmad Brooks, after the team announced that it has re-signed Brooks to a six-year contract. And then Rogers said he hopes he’s next.

“That’s good. I’m happy for him. It’s surprising but get what you can get. He’s a big-time player for this team,” Rogers said of Brooks on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via the Mercury News. “I’m hoping we get something done so I don’t test free agency.”

Rogers signed a one-year, $4.25 million contract last year and said he believes that a season in which he started all 16 games, made the Pro Bowl and helped the 49ers get to the NFC Championship Game should be enough to earn him a healthy raise.

“As cornerbacks, we know our market value,” Rogers said. “[San Francisco] is where my heart is at. They want me back. It’s a business, both for them and me. Hopefully we get something worked out.”

The 49ers and Rogers have two weeks to get something worked out before the start of free agency.

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  1. I am proud of the fact that finally players don’t want to leave the team. Let’s hope other team’s players now want to be on the team too…..particularly the ones who play WR.

  2. Just cuz they say they want to stay doesn’t mean they will take less money in order to stay. They say what sounds right

  3. I hope they can resign him too, but I understand if they can’t for whatever reasons. He had a rough half against the Giants and a rough game against the Cowboys and other than that he was solid. I think he is better than any free agent CB available.

    However, they might decide that the guys behind him aren’t that much of a downgrade and roll the dice or sign a cheaper veteran. I would love to see him come back though and hope both sides work together to get it done.

  4. I would love to have Carlos back, but I honestly believe this severely hurts the likelihood that he returns. Culliver is coming up and pretty much everyone guaranteed Brooks’ FA departure due to earning himself more than the niners would be willing to pay. I think they might be more concerned keeping that front 7 strong and re-signing Goldson.

  5. Guarantee if this guy signs a big money deal he won’t earn it. Hes a me first player that had one good season. Dude is just looking to get paid.

  6. Guess it took last off season for Rogers to realize he wasn’t as sought after as he thought he would be…and that he should be paid for his numerous dropped interceptions and being burnt on double moves! So SF says ok we’ll take a chance sign him for a year and whoa unto all Rogers found a way to actually hold on to several INT’s hoping for the big pay day…go ahead SF do it he played well cuz he needs the loot see Los as he’s been called is broke….and then see if you get your money’s worth!

  7. Hmm… Guess I’ll put my 2 cents in as well… As far as our free agents go… We just signed Spillman & Brooks… ok, awesome. Then as EVERYONE else has said we got Rodgers (who WANTS to be back, willing to take a pay cut, and wants on a winning team, we got him) & Goldson (He wants to be back as well… whether the 9ers & him can’t come to terms on a new contract, he’ll get the tag, but he’ll be back no matter what.) Now on to the others… We still got Brett Swain (WR), give him a 2 yr deal, Larry Grant (LB), give him a 2 yr as well. Josh Morgan… I love him, he’s underrated and I believe if both him & Ginn (who will also be signed back for probably a 3-4 yr) were healthy, we could have taken out the Giants & beat the Pats. Chilo Rachal (RG), Reggie Smith (SS), & Adam Snyder (RG)… sign them to three to a 3 yr deal… Get them all for really cheap… Alex Boone (LT) I can see them signing him back for maybe a 5-6 yr, real cheap, seeing as he’s only in his 2nd yr… Madieu Williams (FS), he’ll be back to help out the D again like last yr… give him a 1-2 yr deal… Tramanie Brock (CB) he will be back as well with a 1-2 yr deal.. then we have the two who I think are the great NEED to be signed just like Goldson & Rodgers, but on the offensive. Those two being Alex Smith & Delanie Walker…. I love both of them, both underrated, and this year alot of people saw what Alex could do…. he just needs more weapons. Walker, he is just a great TE, he compliments Davis so well, he’s a good blocker, route runner, & catcher… they will both be back with 4-5 yr deals… hopefully. After ALL those are signed then we can do free agents & the draft… Because everyone on the team that is leaving had an impact on the team this year and I believe they do not need to change ANYTHING. So get them back… and we’ll be good to go… grab a WR from free agency, Manningham, trade for D. Jackson, or even Mike Wallace… we need a deep threat. Then we’ll be good to go… Thanks for reading (if anyone even did lol) 9ERS ALL DAY!!!

  8. to gmenfan10

    this comes from a fan who’s team:

    1. regular season record was 9-7
    2. ranked near the bottom of the league in offense and defense
    3. received 2 gifts from kyle williams
    4. would of never scored the go ahead td to even see OT if it wasnt for the 1st gift
    5. need i remind u of the 3 fumbles thats occured during the SB that would of surely did any other team in

    But Congrats to your SB victory


  9. j4m3zm0n3y you lost all credibility when you said bring back Swain. Tossed it in the grave by saying to bring back Madieu Williams, and then pissed all over it when you said they need to bring back Chilo Rachal. The absolute worst “starting” guard in the NFL bar none… He lost his gig to Snyder who is average at best, but Snyder is valuable as depth because he can play every position on the line. Boone signed a multi year deal months ago. Reggie Smith isn’t worth the money to be the #3 safety and he is too fragile. Our starting safeties are pretty much interchangeable between SS and FS. Brock is only going into his 2nd season. Delanie Walker is NOT a free agent either. Where in the blue hell did you source your information?

  10. LET ROGERS GO!! He’s 30 he just wants to get paid he says he knows his “market value” go after Brandon Carr he’s 26 and a beast. Let goldson go he is a one year wonder I promise bad tackling and even worse angles on his breaks got lucky with the picks draft janoris Jenkins first round and stephon hill second

  11. It’s funny how people use a sorry argument like “if it wasn’t for those free gifts blah blah!” the fact is plenty of teams are given opportunities but never make the most out of them, so you have to respect a team that did. Are you peoples hate so strong that you can’t give it up to a real champion? GIANTS, SB CHAMPS ONCE AGAIN!

  12. No doubt Carlos had a decent year. It will be remembered as his best year.
    He has no more upside.
    Hands of stone will return.
    Just wait. You’ll see.

  13. I believe you got your player contract info from madden goldrush lol. Surprisingly some of which they actually have correct, but not all. Anyway Goldson has always been lighting ppl up, you can prob recall the Monday nighter against AZ in ’09. coaching staff and players did a great job this year, and when u get a pass rush like we had all year, sacks and picks go up for everyone. with that said, if there’s an odd man out It’s prob Rogers.

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