Ahmad Brooks gets six-year extension from 49ers

The 49ers defense has a lot of free agents and a lot of roster holes heading into the offseason. They can now cross one problem off their list.

The team announced that outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks signed a six-year deal with the club on Tuesday.  The former third-round supplemental pick by the Bengals has played in San Francisco since 2008.

Like many defenders, Brooks had his best season under Jim Harbaugh’s coaching staff in 2011. Brooks started all 16 games and finished third on the team with seven sacks and 59 tackles.

We’ve yet to see final numbers, but NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reported it could be in the range of $7 million-per-year. It’s hard to know if that per-year figure means anything without seeing the structure and guaranteed money.

Brooks and Aldon Smith will be the two starters at outside linebacker next year. The team may consider releasing Parys Haralson, who is due $2.45 million. The team essentially carried only three outside linebackers all last season.

It seems like a big total for a player that is consistently good, not great. Then again, the next best outside linebacker options in free agency (Jarret Johnson? Manny Lawson? Anthony Spencer?) aren’t very exciting. In Brooks, the 49ers get a known commodity at a high price instead of risking what’s behind door number two.

The team is expected to use the franchise tag on safety Dashon Goldson if necessary. Cornerback Carlos Rogers may leave town, but he should be easier to replace than Brooks.

Once again, NFL teams keep players they truly want.

42 responses to “Ahmad Brooks gets six-year extension from 49ers

  1. The maximum value of Brooks’ deal is reportedly $44.5 million, with $17.5 million guaranteed.

  2. GREAT MOVE !!
    Hopefully, they Won’t release Haralson

    Now, go Re-Sign Carlos Rogers and Dashon Goldson !!

    Go Niners

  3. Big bucks for a guy who couldn’t even make it as a backup on the Bengals.
    He basically disappeared in games. Now that he has a new contract, San Fran better hope he still focuses on Football.

  4. I remember hearing about him in college as if he was going to be a top draft choice. Then he messed that up. Maybe he’s righted himself and is ready to make a jump.

  5. Smart move by the Niners. Brooks definitely would have been a goner had he hit free agency. 7 mil per season sounds about right for Brooks’ worth. Not a low ball offer, & enough to keep Brooks happy as well as not eating a ton of the Niners cap space.

  6. “The 49ers defense has a lot of free agents and a lot of roster holes heading into the offseason”

    Really? I count two, Rogers and Goldson’s spots and I bet you both are back next year. We tag Goldson and sign Rogers (Or let emerging rookie Chris Culliver take over for Rogers). I would hardly call that a lot of “roster holes”.

  7. I’m glad the niners are taking care of their own player and i rather have Brooks over Haralson any sunday. Eve though 7 mil/year sounds a bit high, I’m sure a lot of that $ is based on incentives like 12 sacks / season sort of thing and i’m sure the Guarantee $ is only somewhere around the 12 mil.

  8. “The 49ers defense has a lot of free agents”

    How many? I thought (with the Brooks signing) only two: Rogers and Goldson. Doesn’t sound like a lot.

  9. Aldon Smith, Navarrow Bowman, Patrick Willis, Ahmad Brooks. None older than 27. Can you name a better younger more explosive LB corp in the NFL? I say they are #1 ahead of Ravens, Texans, Steelers, and Pack etc.

  10. I always thought the Bengals gave up too quickly on him. He was injured a lot but they still should have tried to develop him. Good for him that he’s found success.

  11. Good to lock him up, but Brooks will be whining in 3-4 years time that he’s not paid enough. Players need to stop these really long contracts.

  12. It seems like a big total for a player that is consistently good, not great

    Consistently good = solid/reliable player

    Good signing Niners he’s still young and paired up with Aldon on the opposite side, they will be a recking crew for years to come.

  13. Good gawd. Hopefully the cap number explodes like they think it will in 2013 so this won’t look so bad. What are guys like Clay Matthews going to get?

  14. “The 49ers defense has a lot of free agents and a lot of roster holes heading into the offseason.”

    As others have said, after this signing I count two that have any real importance to the team: Goldson and Rogers. Rogers has said several times he’d take less money to stay here, and Goldson will be tagged for sure.

    “It seems like a big total for a player that is consistently good, not great.”

    Talent evaluators have said for years that Ahmad Brooks can be as good as he wants to be. In his first few years with Cincinnati, he was still pretty immature and didn’t take being a pro seriously. When the 9ers picked him up, he grew up and started working at his craft, but like the rest of the team the coaching he received was absolutely terrible.

    Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio has said repeatedly that Brooks is just scratching the surface of his potential. In his first year as a starter, he racked up 7 sacks. Don’t be surprised if he makes the jump from good to great in 2012, and rewards Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh for their faith in him with a double-digit sack season opposite double-digit sack starter Aldon Smith. I’m admittedly biased, but to me this looks like the best linebacking corps the NFL has seen since the Saints’ Dome Patrol squad. Look out, league!

  15. Great news. Now lets get the other guys resigned so we can hit free agency in stride. Dashon and Carlos should both want to stay, hopefully for cap-friendly money.

  16. smart move keep the best lb corp together..I’m sure the deal isnt quite what it seems in the media. Jed, Paraag and crew are great with making a contract look more than what it is..i.e. Crabtree’s rookie deal.

  17. samoanjungle says:
    Feb 28, 2012 3:25 PM
    Big bucks for a guy who couldn’t even make it as a backup on the Bengals.
    He basically disappeared in games. Now that he has a new contract, San Fran better hope he still focuses on Football.

    Bengals are hardly the bastion of great defense. I think the Niners made pretty good use of him as the record indicates (as well as their defensive standing).

    Whether or not it’s too much money is up to debate. But the dude did have 7 sacks and 5(?) forced fumbles.

  18. ebeg420 – At the NFL Combine GM Trent Baalke said Aldon Smith was the starting ROLB for the 49ers in 2012. But what does he know?!?!

  19. Hmm, I’m thinking the Bengals don’t seem to know how to use defensive talent. For years Justin Smith was a durable but average player. Now Brooks plays his way to a big contract. Next thing you know, Johnathan Joseph will be making Pro Bowls.

  20. The 9ers gave up 17.5 in guaranteed money…not bad at all. That is all that matters in these contracts, after that they are off the hook unless they want to be on it.

    Football contracts are worthless accept for the guaranteed cheese; wish it were like that for Basketball and baseball!

  21. Is it just me, or does it seem like the 49ers always seem to get the better end of the deal, when it comes to doing business with Cincinatti. Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks have both been great additions to the 49ers. Bit Manny Lawson, Nate Clements, and Taylor Mays haven’t exactly panned out for the Bengals.

  22. Good Signing now get rid of goldson and Rogers draft a corner in the first round hopefully Jenkins or Gilmore sign Dawkins and draft stephon hill in the second round Rogers is old and goldson misses tackles and takes terrible angles he was lucky this year with the picks one year wonder

  23. samoanjungle says:
    Feb 28, 2012 3:25 PM
    Big bucks for a guy who couldn’t even make it as a backup on the Bengals.
    He basically disappeared in games. Now that he has a new contract, San Fran better hope he still focuses on Football.

    Aww, a little bitter the Niners got 2 starters in the best front 7 in football from the Bengals? Don’t hate on the Niners, blame Mike Brown, for not resigning Justin, and waiving Ahmed.

  24. Brooks is a good football player with a high motor, never stops working on that field, but IMO he’s not worth all this money. He wasn’t a must keep by any means necessary type of player. And he would have definitely been easier to replace than Rogers. Not sure what you were thinking there when you wrote that. Rogers is better than any corner the 49ers have had in years, they absolutely cannot let him go.

  25. He would’ve turned into a good one for the Bengals, but with his off-the-field problems (which BTW are never mentioned anymore) Cincinnati was basically pressured into releasing him.

  26. Cincinnatti sure does a terrible job at evaluating defensive players. First they let go of Justin Smith, who has made 4 straight pro bowls and been one of the top defensive players in all of football as a 49er the past few years. At the same time they let Brooks go, and once again the 49ers scoop him up and turn him into a solid starter. Brooks is very good at the pass rush, and is worthy of starting on that defense. Sorry Bengals fans.

  27. 49ers Defensive players who are free agents:

    Carlos Rogers
    Dashon Goldson
    Blake Costanzo(Key ST contributor)
    Tavares Gooden(Key ST contributor)
    Reggie Smith(likely gone)
    Madieau Williams(not sure if or how well he played on ST)
    Tramaine Brock(ST/Depth guy but also an Exclusive Rights FA)
    Larry Grant(RFA might get a bigger deal to start somewhere)
    Will Tukuafu(on IR last season so shouldn’t be hard to re-sign cheap)

    There are a few who are easily replaceable and others who are so good on special teams I hope they keep(Costanzo) but going by sheer numbers they do have quite a few defensive FAs.

    As for the deal Paraag Marathe is very good with making contracts look better than they really are which is a win for the team and for the agent. Remember a few years ago when the team signed Nate Clements to an “8 year 80 million dollar” deal?

    The last year on the deal was a 24 million dollar hit and there was a team option after the first year of the deal where the 49ers could void the final year making the deal a 7 year 56 million dollar deal and the later years had bigger numbers but lower penalties should he be cut.

    I think the fact that only 17.3 million is guaranteed on this Brooks deal is a good sign that Marathe worked his magic again.

  28. the 9ERS know what they are doing, every player has a price & if they price themselves out management wont get into a bidding war. we will be just fine……have 49er faithfulness

  29. Contracts like this just make me shake my head… What is Mario Williams Deal gonna look like ??? $90 mil for 6 years??? And we as fans wonder why it cost $200 to go see a game.

  30. best linebackers in the league playing for the best defense in the league. hands down. keep these guys together and they will keep smashing mouths of the opponents on the other side of the ball. Could be the best defense ever. yeah i said it.

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