Cap could be lower than expected

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The new league year begins in two weeks.  But the final unadjusted per-team salary cap number for 2012 have yet to be announced.

There’s talk in league circles that the number have been tabulated, and that the number is lower than expected.

The number had been expected to be at least $120 million or so per team.  Though the rumor is unconfirmed, don’t be surprised if it’s lower than expected.

Some are saying that the number will be nearly the same as it was in 2011.

That would hurt both the teams and the players.  With less money per team to spend, there will be less money per player to receive.

The official numbers should be out soon.  They’ll definitely be out by March 13 at 4:00 p.m., because that’s the moment at which all teams will have to be in compliance with the cap.

Whatever the cap may be.

34 responses to “Cap could be lower than expected

  1. It doesn’t hurt all teams and players equally.

    If the cap is lower, cheap or poor teams (with lower budgets) benefit. They end up having a closer budget to the teams at their limit. And teams at their limit may have to contract their roster even further.

    And teams don’t have to pay players as much – something important in the last lockout.

    A smaller cap hurts players, but it would make the cap more real this year. I am for a stronger cap and also a spending minimum very close to the cap. However, this change simply short changes the players, as the cap only limits the top teams as it’s designed currently.

  2. @Steely McBeam: They’re waiting to release the new cap value along with each team’s current cap standing in a prime time special on NFL Network followed by a team by team cap breakdown with Rich Eisen and the boys. Gotta make that cash!

  3. Looks like a lot of players are going to be asked by their teams to restructure their contracts to meet the cap.
    Upfront $$$ always sounds good.

  4. How can the number go down after the MEGA tv contract the NFL just signed? Doesn’t the NFL have to split that money over time with the players? Isn’t that the percentage that the whole lockout was about last offseason? The salary cap going down in any year over the next decade is ridiculous!

  5. What a bunch of BS.

    As the article states, this screws with the players’ and teams’ livelyhood. At this point the league knows what the number is. Just release it so the teams know what they are dealing with.

    Roger Goodell’s life long dream was to run the NFL. Since he has, it has been a nightmare for everyone else.

    What a joke.

  6. “Though the rumor is unconfirmed, don’t be surprised if it’s lower.
    That would hurt both the teams and the players.” ??

    Not surprising. Lower cap = Higher team profits

  7. I’ll let the grammar mistakes in this entry go if you will offer some insight into why the number may be lower than expected. News is news – we can get that from anywhere. How about some analysis?

  8. @ Ravenator: We are discussing what the new cap is going to be in realtion to the new tv deals and the first thing that pops in ur silly Lil head is the Steelers. Talk about a Big Brother complex geez.
    I read this entire article and didn’t think of the Ravens once, until I read ur comment. I have noticed u on every Steelers article that comes out, either u r an undercover Steelers fan or a 12yr old with serious big bro issues.

  9. The Bucs were very upset when this report surfaced. The Glazers were hoping the Cap would come in around $40 Mil, not that they’re cheap or anything like that.

  10. thingamajig nailed it. A lower cap allows the teams to pocket more revenue. Not sure why anyone would not think this is in the leagues best interest.

    It’s still a business people. Higher profits = long term stability, and franchise values escalating. Which is good for the long term future of the game. It just simply means the teams have to be more prudent when offering those huge contracts to players not worthy of such money. The stars will still receive the bulk of the money, as always.

  11. I could give a rats ‘you know what’ what the cap number is (50mil vs 150mil), but it is insane that it would not be known at this point in time. How can teams effectively negotiate with their FA’s if they don’t know what cap #’s they are up against? And how can players agents do the same thing..

  12. This announcement is just like the forecasts for gas prices. The industry announces that gas prices are probably going up and then when they raise the prices no one is surprised and then everyone involved in the industry has record quarterly profits , but can’t explain what caused the raise in price.

    The league is prepping the players for a reduced cap so the teams can pay less and therefore the owners will make more. This is nothing more than another case of the industry using the media for mind control.

  13. This could be another bait and switch.

    The cap number should be higher based on TV contracts, so the NFL floats a trial balloon that the cap will be lower.

    When the cap is $120M or “the same,” the players are relieved, rather than upset and fighting for their rightful increase.

  14. nyyjetsknicks says: Feb 28, 2012 9:58 AM

    The NFL is killing it everywhere and the cap will be lowered? Something doesn’t add up.


    It adds up to a bigger bonus for Goodell.

  15. If the cap is based on the previous years revenue, then it would make sense as there was alot of money lost during the lockout.

    So it could be that, this is a way to pass that loss on to the players for this year and any given year where the league loses money.

    That doesn’t make it right, however it does make sense.

  16. Nice little move. You are the Pro-Football mini dancing bear of 2012 .

    Just occurred to me : dancing mouse.

  17. Thanks De Smith!!!!!!

    Great negotiating!!!!!

    Players that picked him, great job in passing over David Cornwell!!!!!!!!

  18. Sounds like Capitol Hill rhetoric..anyhow let me see if I get this fans are paying and buying jerseys, hats, NFL gameday or whatever package you may have, there are millions coming in from commercials plus a new TV deal I smell a rat…if anything should be going down it should be the cost to the fan and game day experience…

  19. Personally, the maximum a team can spend isn’t a big deal to me. What matters is the floor.

    Cheap owners are ruining the game for their fans because their stadium can be half full, yet still be profitable.

    It’s a business, but it’s also entertainment, and a cheap team is rarely entertaining.

  20. Say what you want about Mike Brown of the Bengals, but he, along with the Bills owner are largely responsible for the cap and for rookie wage scales. I for one am very impressed with how Brown has conducted business. If Jerry Jones had it his way, then the NFL would be like the MLB. NO ONE WANTS THAT! If the Cowboys could spend like the Yankees, then football as we know it is dead. Parity is the reason the league is so successful. The rookie wage scale is a great thing. There is no reason a player how has never played a single down in the NFL should make more than a multiyear pro-bowler. Who Dey!

  21. “There’s talk in league circles that the number have been tabulated”.. Nice grammar

    Looks like the Stoolers will be doing MORE re-structuring. Makes me so sad…

  22. Some here are claiming that the new TV contacts mean that the cap should increase now. Your wrong, those contacts don’t go into effect until 2014 and as such there is no new increase in revenue until then, thus no increase in the cap until then.
    I can see where this years cap may go lower since some fans like me refused to spend any money this year on anything NFL or player related laser year due to the lock out.
    The delay in releasing the number might be because the union is trying to dispute it and they are demanding a recalculation.

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