Dielman will announce retirement Thursday


The beleaguered Chargers offensive line will have to replace its best player next season.

Kris Dielman will confirm the retirement rumors that have swirled around him at a Thursday press conference, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

It’s a sobering reminder how fragile an NFL career can be. Dielman suffered a concussion on October 23 against the Jets. He stayed in the game and wound up suffering a seizure on the flight back to San Diego.  Now his career is over.

Acee pays tribute to Dielman in a great article Tuesday that we highly recommend checking out.

“Dielman is retiring, and I’m going to have to consider retiring the word “nasty” as it describes a football player. He has been my standard for applying that adjective,” Acee writes.

The Chargers owed Dielman $5.5 million in 2012. The team now has more salary cap room, but they lose a player that will be very difficult to replace.

18 responses to “Dielman will announce retirement Thursday

  1. He was one of the great anchors of the O Line with Hardwick and they were apart of the line that helped LT get his record for rushing TDs. You were a great value to the team, now it’s time to enjoy life with your family and the riches you have earned playing this game. Good luck and thank you.

  2. He was an awesome player, and while I’m sad to see him go, I’m glad he’ll be able to live the rest of his life concussion-free and focus on the other important things in his life. He had a good career, but you only get to live once. He’s obviously as smart as he was a good football player.

  3. Gotta respect a guy who walked on in college, went undrafted in the pros, then went on to become an NFL Pro Bowler and left the NFL on his own terms.

    Good luck Dirty!

  4. He’s absolutely doing the right thing. Sad to see a career end on those terms though, I’m sure didn’t envision his retirement being dictated by a nasty concussion.

  5. As a Raiders fan it’s great to see him go – this guy has been a tremendous player and will be sorely missed by the SD fans. Phillip Rivers will miss him more than anyone else.

  6. @sourdough
    He didn’t walk on in college he was recruited to Indiana and went on a scholarship.

    That being said I am happy for him that he will leave the game under his own terms. I coached him in HS basketball – he was probably the hardest worker and most competitive player I have ever been around.

    I am hoping he enjoys his life after the NFL!

  7. Once you say “I’m going to announce my retirement on Thursday” have you not just announced your retirement?

    It’s announced. He is going to speak about it at a press conference on Thursday.

  8. After playing for Norv Turner, I’m not surprised he retired. Norv has ruined many franchises during his record-setting sub-.500 career as a head coach.

  9. Great player, sad to see him go that way. One has to wonder, do you think it would have made a difference if they better identified his concussion type symptoms during that game and before he got on the plane?

  10. norv hasn’t ruined the chargers

    he actually has more wins than marty in the same amount of years in sd

    and 3 more playoff wins than marty

    he’s actually the best chargers head coach ever in terms of w/l % (in the sb era at least)

    norv’s had the bad luck to work for the redskins (usually crap team post gibbs) and the raiders (usually crap team post gruden)

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