Domenik Hixon likely to return to Giants

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With Mario Manningham expected to leave the Giants in free agency, there will be opportunities for other receivers with the team next season.

Domenik Hixon is hoping to take advantage of some of those opportunities. Hixon’s agent told Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger that he is “hoping to finalize” a deal keeping Hixon with the team in 2012. Hixon has played just two games in the last two years thanks to a pair of right ACL tears and this year’s injury, which occurred on a touchdown catch against the Rams in Week Two, opened the door to more playing time for Victor Cruz. Those injuries should keep his price tag low, a good thing for the cap-stressed Giants, and Hixon could potentially help on kick returns as well.

As for Manningham, he tried to walk back his comments about being “75 percent” out the door in New York. He appeared on WFAN Tuesday morning and claimed that he never gave the Youngstown Vindicator those odds of leaving the team by saying he thought it was “50-50” that he’d be back. Garofalo reached out to the writer of the article, but surmises that it was a player speaking to the hometown paper without thinking anyone in New York would see the comments. Manningham also said that it was more likely that Cruz gets more money than it is that he returns to the team.

We’d agree with that assessment and it still feels likely that the man with the biggest catch in the Super Bowl will be trying to unseat the Giants as champions come the start of the season.

UPDATE: Garofalo heard back from Tom Williams of the Vindicator who recorded the conversation and said Manningham said that there was a “75 percent chance he’d leave” before saying it “could go either way.”

13 responses to “Domenik Hixon likely to return to Giants

  1. People pointed out that no Ted Ginn made a difference for the 49’ers. No Domenick Hixon also made a difference for the Giants. Great return guy.

    Every fan I know would GLADLY welcome him back.

  2. this makes me happy. hixon is a terrific player and gives 100% every time. also hes the last giants player to return a punt/kickoff for a TD

    2 years ago he tears his acl on the first practice in the new stadium, last year he tears his other acl making a rediculous TD catch

    glad to see hes going to get another chance

    and as for manningham every giants fan knew he was gone after this season. im glad hes gonna cash in for making a terrific play in the super bowl but hes not even close to the player cruz/nicks are

  3. What many people don’t realize is how good Hixon played when called upon. He has good speed and elusiveness. He ran routes well also, which is better than Manningham.

    I’d miss Manningham don’t get me wrong, but Hixon was listed above Manningham in 2009 before he was hurt, and above Victor Cruz this year before he was hurt again.

    Nice KR and PR too as he was the last Giants to return a kick-off for a td during the 2007 season finale, and a punt for a td during the 2009 season.

  4. Hixon is also a good punt returner/special teamer. Giants need to re-sign this guy. He probably would’ve had the year Victor Cruz had had he not been injured

  5. I have always liked Domenik. He has talent and plays every down relentlessly. But he can not stay healthy. Watch him make a few great plays and wait for him to go down and out. Simply not the kind of player you can depend on making it through an entire season.

  6. blacknoleo8 –

    I am a die hard giants fan for 30 years – to say “hixon probably would’ve had the same year victor cruz had”
    You have got to be kidding – cruz had the best season for a wr in the giants HISTORY!
    I like hixon – but he is a role player at best – come on – get real

  7. Our return game just improved instantaneously, if they decide to put him back at that role, and if he’s fully healthy. Also he’s a pretty good WR in his own right. Let’s go Giants!

  8. Would be good to have him back in the return game. They still have Barden, Jernigan and whom ever they draft as well as DePalma on the PS. Manningham has been here 4 years, and the knock on him is he doesn’t run his routes well. Of course he did in the SB but over all, Cruz should be paid more and let Hixon play. Until his recent brash with injuries, he was pretty solid with Eli.

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