Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne could be a package deal


With all the talk this offseason about where Peyton Manning will go, there hasn’t been a lot of room for talk about where Manning’s favorite receiver over the last few years, Reggie Wayne, will end up. But the answer might be where ever Manning goes.

Peter King writes at today that Manning, Wayne and at least two potential suitor teams would be interested in the possibility of having both players in the same place.

Manning will almost certainly become an unrestricted free agent by March 8, when the Colts will have to cut him or play him a $28 million bonus. And Wayne will almost certainly become an unrestricted free agent on March 13: That’s when his current contract expires, and although he says he’d love to finish his career in Indianapolis, he also says he’s heard nothing from the Colts about a new deal.

Manning is a creature of habit who likes to run an offense his own way, and although he’s going to have a big adjustment to make no matter where he ends up in 2012, having one of his longtime trusted targets in the mix would make him a little more comfortable. Having Manning and Wayne in the same locker room could make a lot of sense for some team.

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  1. I wish I had enough discipline to stop checking this website. I wish I could just tune out the NFL until FA and then again until the draft. I would be a happy and healthier person.


  3. They should cut and sign Peyton and he should sign a deal like he has said he would with a new team (incentive based) and draft Luck. If Peyton can’t go you throw Luck in. If he can play a few more years Luck has time to learn and develop under Peyton.

  4. LOL even in that photo it looks like Peyton is yelling at Reggie

    Surprised Reggie wouldn’t want to get as far away from him as possible

    Anyway jokes aside, that’d be awesome if these guys teamed up and went to another team (Garcon too maybe followed by possibly Collie once his contract is up) about bringing the show to town

  5. Will the two yutes sign with Seattle and take advantage of a nice defense, o-line, and running game?

    I don’t care where I am at the time(work, date, church). If Seattle signs Peyton I will run around the room freaking out doing jumping jacks.

  6. Please Jeff Ireland….. Do not get sucked in! Signing old guysfor a win now season NEVER works. These guys are old. Let them go to Washington or NYJ. That’s what they do and that’s why they suck.

    First option, trade whatever you have to trade to get RG3. 2nd choice, sign Flynn and trade down. 3rd option, stand pat at 8.

    Forget Manning. Fools gold

  7. burgundyandgold says: Feb 28, 2012 1:48 PM

    I wish I had enough discipline to stop checking this website. I wish I could just tune out the NFL until FA and then again until the draft. I would be a happy and healthier person.
    Ahahahaha! The story of my life! This pft is like crack I tell ya.

  8. Buffalo is a great fit for these 2… No ‘O’ coodinator to worry about, Peyton could do his own thing. If Stevie Johnson walks Wayne would make people forget Stevie was ever on the team. Also, for the Defense… tell me you wouldn’t have a lineup of FA’s trying to get signed to that team!

  9. Yeah I mean there would no no salary cap concerns or anything like that

    Bring back Marvin Harrison too and throw in a young Jerry Rice and have em all play for league minimum

    mds is like Tattoo from Fantasy Island


  10. If KC lands both of’em they’re gonna be NASTY. Oh wait…….Professor Klump is their HC. Nevermind.

  11. Reggie loves Pagano from his college days in Miami – do not automatically count him out of the running to return to the Colts. The Colts have some really pressing situations to deal with right now (see Peyton Manning) … so just because Reggie has not heard anything yet does not mean he will not eventually hear something, especially now that Garcon has apparently decided he would like to try out the open market.

  12. Man, I’m glad I’m not a Colts fan.

    Irsay is losing his mind. The new Al Davis of the NFL?

    Just because the Colts are getting Luck doesn’t mean they’ll win a SB. The team is being rebuilt and how many players will be happy to play for a wacky owner?

  13. As a Colt fan, I hate to see these ring of honor guys leave the franchise but both have very little gas left in the tank. Reggie isnt explosive Like he used to be. He will be a pros pro wherever he goes and a great rout runner and locker room guy but he isn’t elite anymore.

    Manning’s situation is obvious. Hopefully he can still play at a high level but I wouldn’t spend 28 mil to find out. Paying guys who are near the end of their careers top dollar in a salary cap league just isn’t a good strategy.

    Hopefully with Luck they will build a balanced team and not be so dependent on their QB…

  14. Oh please God. I live in Cleveland. Payton Manning is not coming here. Our sportstalk radio stations have just been going haywire every time a rumor starts. They were talking NFL draft in October here. Cleveland… where every sports fan gets a free “born to lose” tattoo at birth.

  15. I really think the Arizona Cardinals are a real player in this. ESPECIALLY if this truly is a package deal. They have a huge need for a number 2 WR and I don’t much think that Wayne would feel slighted to be a “number 2” to Larry Fitzgerald. He’d put up monster numbers. Don’t sleep on that team people…

  16. Okay. Houston please, please make moves.

    Manning – Wayne – Moss – Johnson – Foster

    Baltimore, come to your senses, tell Joe Flacco to chill on the bench and sign Wayne, Manning and Moss. Add Boldin and Ray Rice, a healthy defense and VOILA


    Thank me in advance. Ed Reed and Moss finally get to hold something that they’ve wanted for a long time. Might as well sign Brian Urlacher and Ladanian Tomlinson just so they can touch that trophy, too.


  17. Great. Here comes all the dorks saying, “Sure would look good in a [insert lame team here] uniform. As if it will have any effect on the outcome.

  18. He’s already narrowed it down to only 2 teams. Probably Dolphins and Redskins, since their owners are dumb enough to pull the trigger.

    Well, there goes all the leverage!

    Manning should bust off a call to Jeff Fisher, and ask him for advice on how to play Miami off against another team to help maximize his new Redskins contract.

  19. Does any one care that baseball is getting ready to start? Football is over and Ive been going crazy. this Manning gig has got me on the edge of my seat.
    right now I hate baseball. the salaries are way out of control, the game is hard to watch. tell me that puljos is more important to his team than Manning was to the colts? how can they pay him 275mil guarenteed? kills me!

  20. . . . and the next SI writer will write that they can’t stand each other and would rather play on opposite ends of the country. It’s all hearsay and mostly baloney. I feel sorry for Indy fans.

  21. Bring them to Minnesota,pair them up with A.P.and Harvin and we will contend instantly for our division.Look out Rogers here comes a true champion.

  22. “Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne could be a package deal”

    Then again they could not be. It’s one or the other, and you heard it here first!

  23. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that it might go down like this, and it would make sense for all involved.

    Whoever signs Peyton will basically give him whatever he asks for & why wouldn’t he want to bring someone he can so heavily rely on when going to a whole new team.

    Reggie Wayne would love to go with an elite quarterback who is going to look his way a ton. Plus, a lot of the teams that are in the conversation have established & top tier WRs already, so he will be seeing a lot of single DB sets.

    And any team would be crazy to not have that instant chemistry of TWO All-Stars.

    It’s such an immediate boost to an offense that it’s almost obnoxious.

  24. Hell, maybe Saturday would be part of that deal. Manning would diffently would want to have his long time center with him on his next team.

  25. Why would manning ever go to Cleveland? Holmgren wants a WEST COAST offense, he has done everything in his power to absolutely guarrantee that. Manning is not a West Coast QB, his play action isnt to roll out for intermediate passes/bootlegs, it is used to freeze the safeties and linbackers for a medium-deep to deep pass. This is also why he is not the kind of down field quarterback that will work with the Shannahans, can you imagine him trying to throw a deep pass on the run/counter to his throwing arm? think of an offense with a drop back style-down the field offense- traditional offense if you will.

  26. Bidjdve…I am a Colts fan and i dont care at all that Wayne and Manning might be a package deal…I hope both can get another ring(not as a Jet)…The Colts are in full rebuild mode with a possible franchise QB..They will be back

  27. I’m a Colts fan.
    Ya, the Colts have issues that I can’t do a damn thing about but hope for the best.

    With that said… I would LOVE to see P. Manning, R. Wayne AND L. Fitzgerald on the same field at the same time.

  28. hmmm is Peyton gona force a team to sign them both? who said peyton isnt demanding and what everything to go his way? what if a team can only sign him and cant afford Wayne? then what peytonstein? he did that stuff here in Indy, demand that they put all the money into a high octane offense and shop at goodwill for the defense!!

  29. Welcome to The New York Jets Mr. Pierre Garcon! Oh by the way Pierre, Peyton and Reggie should be here momentarily!

  30. bigzant82, your crude. The Brownies deserve more hope that a QB who may never play again (Saturday lies, LOL) and not address a long term future at the QB position. Then again, we’ve been missing a QB for 25 years, so what the hell.

  31. JACKSONVILLE, are you paying attention!?

    Manning, Wayne, and Garcon could possibly all three be yours. Add those three guys to your offense with Jones-Drew, and you’re an instant playoff contender with that offense. The defense needs some work, but you can still when giving up 25+ points a game when your offense is putting up 30+.

  32. y’all act like you didn’t know this already.

    Here, let me fill you in so that you can get all of the “Colts suck so bad, their owner is a joke, they are losers” comments out now rather than dragging them along:

    Peyton Manning
    Reggie Wayne
    Pierre Garcon
    Robert Mathis
    Jeff Saturday

    Will all probably not be playing for the Colts next season.

    This isn’t anything new. When you hit the restart button on your team you can’t keep all the old guys around.

  33. No way Manning goes to the dysfunctional Jets. No way No how. Plus he’s not going anywhere cold, especially with his age and condition. You can take that to the bank.

  34. What makes everyone think that Peyton is going to be like his old self? By the start of next season, it will be almost 2 years since he played a real game. 4 surgeries later. Age keeping up. Arm strength diminished. He will be very tentative. He will never go head first into the line. He will be very predictable. And don’t give me the “a Manning at 80% is still better than most QB’s”. So where Manning used to thread the needle at 100% will now be throwing incompletions or interceptions at 80%. Dream on people. His best days are clearly behind him.

  35. Sounds nice but what team can afford both of these guys?

    Between the 2 of them, they’ll be making a boatload of money…

  36. Wayne is more cooked than PM.
    PM doesn’t like him, either…….why would someone spread this rumor?

    Oh ok, because it’s Peter King, he is CLUELESS

  37. And I LOVE how Chris Wienke all of the sudden is the go-to guy on Manning’s prognosis. Like anybody would have noticed if he had his arm amputated much less his recovery from spinal fusion.

  38. Nothing but speculation. Because 2 teams say they would be interested in both, the author claims they could be a package deal. Can you show me one quote that would indicate either player is looking for a package deal? 90% of the articles written on Manning in the last 3 months have been speculation, and poor excuses for journalism.

  39. i mentioned this as a major plus-side months ago. any team that can sign payton is going to be almost a shoe-in to acquire reggie’s services.

  40. Manning likely will either be a Jet or Dolphin. Either way its scary. Marshall, Wayne and Manning or Holmes, Wayne, Keller and Manning. Add in Trent Richardson to either in the draft and both are amazing offenses.

    If even somewhat healthy Manning instantly makes every player on his team much better. The OL becomes much better because of his quick release and pre-snap reads, the receivers get better the RBs get better and the defenses are much better as they can play with a lead.

    Manning will make either of these teams a super bowl favorite. The patriots worst nightmare.

  41. If they don’t sign Peyton then none of these guys want to be a part of a re-load project, if they do sign Peyton then they won’t be able to afford them anyways…

  42. First off, vike129, not a chance. As a Viking fan, I am realistic enough to know that regardless of the QB, you can’t win with no defense AND no OL. The Vikings need a LOT of rebuilding and are not a good fit for Manning, with or without Wayne.

    But, for other teams, IF Manning is healthy and can play well (big IF), then it would make sense to add Wayne, if you can make the money work. It would be great for Manning to have a WR he is familiar with, and Wayne has a little left (though is no longer a star). But, you would have to get the package deal fairly cheaply, hoping both are willing to take a little less money to be able to play together and try for another ring. But, it would have to be a team that already has a good defense, a solid OL, and at least one more decent WR, TE, or RB.

  43. I wish I had enough discipline to stop checking this website. I wish I could just tune out the NFL until FA and then again until the draft. I would be a happy and healthier person.
    Ahahahaha! The story of my life! This pft is like crack I tell ya.

    Couldn’t have said it better. If only Whitney Houston would have found PFT instead…

  44. The funny thing…
    If Peyton Manning never had the surgery, not a single person on this site would be saying he is at the end of his career. Manning has been a super human. The guy may only have one SB title, but he has broken records that will take an awful lot to catch. With him, the Colts were almost always playoff bound. He comes out for a year for the surgery, the Colts turn into the worst team in the NFL hands down. Pre-surgery, you rarely heard anyone mention the next QB of the Colts franchise. Post-surgery its non stop talk of his demise. I’m willing to bet a whole lot that Manning has a good three to four more years left in him. Wherever he ends up playing this year, you can guarantee some happy fans… Because Peyton = Playoffs if not more.

  45. This would have been an amazing free agent tandem in 2006. It is now 2012, however, and both of these guys are in the twilight of their careers. It’s a young man’s game, as both of these players are about to discover.

  46. Assuming Manning can even play well. A big IF! And people with these conditions commonly have setbacks. A big nightmare to whoever invests in him.

  47. As a Colt fan, I think I speak for what many Colt fans basically believe:

    1. Hate to see Peyton and Reggie go, but if they do we want them to win a SB (unless they meet the Colts in the playoffs along the way).
    2. Either Dolphins or Cardinals would be ok. Even Jets (because beating the Patriots would be satisfying).
    3. He is not going to the Redskins. He and Eli did not like playing against each other the 2 times they have in their careers. He won’t sign up to do that twice a year.
    4. Although Irsay is a bit eccentric, he has been a pretty darn good owner. Not many small market owners are as willing to spend money to be a winner as he is. Isn’t that the #1 thing you want from your owner, a true commitment to win. He is NOTHING like his dad.
    5. Don’t feel too sorry for us, even if Peyton is unfortunately no longer with us. For the past 12 years we have watched a team play that we knew had a very good chance to win (and usually did) every week, home or away. Not many teams can say that. We went through 1 bad year and are rewarded with Andrew Luck, which gives us the potential to keep this going for several years in the future.
    6. Reggie has been a class act throughout his career. Not at all a diva. We will hate to see him go, whether it’s now or in the future.

  48. These two coming to your team may not be the slam dunk instant offense many think. Buyer beware…

  49. Give it up Jets fans. He’s not coming your way. Will never play for the dysfunctional Jets. Mannings best days are behind him. And don’t give me “Peyton at 80% is still better than most qb’s” That is a bunch of bull. So Manning threading the needle at 100% will have the same success at 80%. Laughable. Lots more picks and incompletions. Manning is great, but he can’t continue to be great just because he wants to.

  50. He’s not playing anywhere cold, either. With his age and condition, it isn’t happening. He never fared too well in the cold to begin with.

  51. I am a Colts fan also and am glad that they can get out of that terrible salary cap destroying contract since Manning isn’t quite 100% yet.

    People will learn that you can’t pay anyone 1/5 of your payroll in a salary cap league and expect to field a balanced team.

    I hope Manning has success on his second team but feel moving away from him to Luck is the best decision Itsay has made since drafting Manning.

  52. Reggie went to UM. Peyton has a house down here… add Jeff Saturday, and we got a deal… come on Dolphins, 3 signings and the draft (please get a decent TE and S) .. relevance… oh, I’m dreaming of it…

    Marshall, Wayne (can expect zero double teams), Bess… Bush out of the backfield, ouch man… the defense is already better than anything he had in Indy.. ever…

    my god, if you blow this Ireland… oh, nevermind, I’ll blame the owner, because you should have been out the door with Sparano.

  53. to those fans of teams who think they are getting a playoff now type of peyton, u might want to think again, peyton never had the strongest arm, and for him to lose some of that velocity who diminish his passes, easier targets for int!! look at some of his past few years passes, mostly wobbly passes and just imagine losing 30% on them passes, and u knw hes not gonna come to yr team on a cheap price tag, good luck to whoever team gets him, we are happy that the Luck era in indy is about to start!!

  54. the colts need to be smart here and try and re sign reggie wayne and or pierre garcon. or pursue a legit FA receiver.. it will be worth the money to make sure Luck has at least one legit wide receiver to throw to unless they are comfortable with austin collie being their number 1

  55. I’m sure Peyton wants more superbowl ings. SF would be a great fit they already have a great defense and several weapons on offense. They are in need of a consistent receiver on the outside. They were right on the doorstep of the superbowl as they were, and with upgrades at QB and WR like this……they will get their 6th superbowl championship….possibly more….

  56. How many games did the Colts win last year? I didn’t think anything would be worse than the whole Brett Favre thing, however, PFT has proved me wrong.

    Please……. NO MORE STORIES ABOUT MANNING until something actually happens… PLEASE!?!

    This past month is all rumor and speculation. Next, we’ll hear “Rumor is that Manning will be coaching the Colts next year”

  57. I’m not a 49ers fan, but upgrading with Peyton & Wayne could make a 28th ranked passing offense pretty scary. Add Crabtree, Gore, and V. Davis and they could easily match last years 13-3 record.

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