Rich Eisen’s record run

We’ve read a few suggestions in the Twitterverse that NFL Network’s Rich Eisen’s annual forty-yard dash has grown overhyped. Like the Combine itself.

My response: People will complain about anything. Relax.

The glory of a man trying to beat six seconds while sprinting in a suit replete with a pocket square cannot be denied.

There is no game film with which to evaluate Eisen.  It’s all about the 40.

Eisen’s annual trot marks the entire beginning and end of the athletic season, like a Super Bowl title being decided on the season’s opening kickoff.

32 responses to “Rich Eisen’s record run

  1. I love the Eisen run. It’s silly,whimsical, and about as non-offensive as possible. Plus he’s a non-athlete/non-coach surrounded by athletes and coaches,it makes perfect sense to have him do it.
    Who doesn’t like to see old white dudes in expensive tailored garb sprinting for dear life and or nearly losing their life/lunch by the end of it? Good wholesome American entertainment.

  2. Eisen is a class act. Used to do the local sports in my hometown and have been interviewed by him before. Super nice guy, funny and even doing local sports was always down for doing some crazy stuff to entertain viewers.

  3. Rich Eisen is so good because he refuses to take himself as seriously as a lot of analysts do (I’m looking at you, Schlereth). It *is* a sport, after all, no matter how obsessed we all are with it. Eisen’s strength is that he reminds us of that.

  4. I did the 40, obstacle course, kicked for a field goal, ran for passes & returned punts at Disney Sports NFL experience in 2000. I thought I was flying & was slower than a fat kid walking thru a candy shop. They filmed it & I looked like a bumbling fool. It is harder than it looks.

  5. Coolest sports dude on TV. He’s got the dream job. The prime example of what you think is the worst thing that can happen to you ending up being the best thing that could happen.

    In 2003, ESPN chose not to re-new his contract. Losing a job at ESPN for a sports guy was the worst. It’s like being dumped by Jasmine Guy circa 1992. You are devastated.

    Since then, ESPN, like Jasmine Guy, hasn’t aged well. Most of you watch it because there is nothing better. You don’t like it, but you deal because that’s all you got. That’s like Popeye choosing Olive Oyl like there was any other female available on that cartoon. But he has come up.

    NFL Network was in its infancy. They picked him up to run the show and he hit a homerun plus some scoring a mami of Salma Hayek proportions…she only gets hotter with age. As the network grew he grew with it and you could say he is a big reason why it has grown throwing cool and real sports knowledge with that ESPN bred “you don’t have to be stiff to do sports” but not with the thing that ESPN started going over the top. He’s Dat Dude because he plays it cool (dropping Wire references and other way too cool things) and still is himself, nothing worse than a White guy trying too hard to be cool and comes up looking like dude in Malibu’s Most Wanted. That ain’t Rich.

    I’m watching dude run the 40 yard dashes every year and make NFL Network the best sports network around (sorry ComCast/Time Warner folks). Man, he has one of the best jobs in America without a doubt. Even though he is a Michigan dude he is one cool cat.

    Am I lying?

  6. I do like the Eisen run, but the hype reminds me of Cmon Man on ESPN. The actual bit is funny, but over time the network realized that people liked it a lot. It used to be a small bit on the show at the end, just like any other bit on the show. Now they promote it way too much, its mentioned before every commercial break and they have the big banner in the corner of the ticker saying “CMON MAN COMING UP IN 54 MINUTES”.

    But then again the combine is boring as hell, mentioning the run every 20 minutes on TV keeps us watching. Come to think of it, not really, football fans will watch anything. Been bored out of my mind watching the combine all weekend, but it’s been weeks since I’ve seen a football game, it’s not even March yet and I’m desperate for the season to start.

  7. “I think he needs to do the bench next year too.”

    He did once, at a pro-bowl. 07 or 08, back when it was cool, with the alumni games and skill contests.

    Sadly though, he couldn’t get 225 off the bench even once…

  8. I agree with everything people have said about Rich….the sad part is when they took him off Total Access….. that show lost a lot. I rarely watch it now..

  9. Rich Eisen is one of the best personalities in the football media, and it’s entertaining to watch him have a little fun at the combine.

    See Rich. See Rich run. Run Rich Run.

  10. Eisen has never suffered an injury running the 40. But he did get a bad case of carpal tunnel signing the sheafs of waiver forms for NFL Network before they would allow him to run.

  11. I had the pleasure of administering the Wonderlic test to Rich at the Combine three years ago. He had a very solid score, which was no surprise for a Michigan guy. He is an all around talent.

  12. Rich Eisen ROCKS!!!.. he’s funny.. intelligent… and flat out knows his stuff!!!.. His running of the 40… is the just about the best thing at the combine!!!..

    Keep it up Rich!!!

  13. My response: People will complain about anything. Relax.


    Your boss is a perfect example of that.

  14. omegaichiban says:
    Feb 28, 2012 10:45 PM
    Kara Henderson beat his time barefooted…Rich is still the man though.
    Kara ain’t no joke…she whooped Siciliano’s butt too in all those fan games at the SB, kicking, etc.

    Rich has improved his time but this year he had real running shoes on and the first time he did it he wore his dress shoes IIRC.

  15. Call it the worsted wool 40. I say e should get some of the retired pro’s working combine commentary to try and see what they can do in wing tips. Would be a natural extension to this great moment of levity!

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