Robert Griffin trade rumors already spinning out of control


Forget the Combine. Forget free agency. Robert Griffin III trade chatter dominates the NFL discussion these days.

And it’s still February.

Perhaps Rams COO Kevin Demoff is right: It’s getting less crazy to imagine a deal could be completed before free agency. We’ve read and heard an unprecedented amount of trade rumors about the No. 2 overall pick for this time of year.

Let’s go over the latest:

1. Mike Jones of the Washington Post writes the Redskins would give up the No. 6 overall pick and next year’s first round pick in addition to multiple picks in the mid-to-upper rounds of the draft. Consider this the starting point for negotiations.

The Rams are reportedly looking for a similar package to the one San Diego netted for Eli Manning: Two firsts (including the No. 4 overall pick), a third- and fifth-round pick. The Redskins sound ready to meet this demand.

2. Texas A&M prospect Ryan Tannehill is watching the Griffin talk closely. Jones believes the Redskins would take Tannehill at No. 6 overal if they can’t get Griffin.

3. Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer believes the Browns will ultimately have to give up three first-round picks in order to land Griffin.  Do I hear four, Redskins? (This reminds us of a classic article by the Onion.)

4. Demoff told Peter King of that the Rams received a feeler from a team “you would never expect.” Does Kansas City count? If not, we’ll roll with Philadelphia as our irresponsible guess for a mystery team. Enter your pick below.

5. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch considers the Redskins the early favorite to land Griffin.  This sounds true based on all the reports, plus Mike Shanahan’s close relationship with Jeff Fisher.

135 responses to “Robert Griffin trade rumors already spinning out of control

  1. Can we have a franchise QB just once in my lifetime? Please let the Skins get this Kid. Make it happen Shanny!

  2. Could the mystery team be the Saints? Drew Brees and the Saints still haven’t figured anything out yet. It’s probably not them but it is a team no one would ever expect.

  3. Maybe the Colts are going to try and trade up from #33 to get him. Then they’d have Manning, Luck, and RGIII!!!

    Any smart team would just let the Rams sit there and rot with the pick, asking so much in return. They aren’t going to pick him, focus your energy on trading into #3!

  4. #4 and #22 from the Browns with a #2 next year is fair. It’s only 2 spots. Only Luck is worth 3 first round picks.

  5. Pretty sure we can count out the Raiders, no matter how “unexpected.” Gotta have draft picks to trade.

  6. I think the Redskins get him, they are already putting a big offer out there and they are usually the team willing to give up the most.

    The Browns are in the best situation, if they want to get into a bidding war they have two first round picks. They could potentially give up the number 4 (Better than what the skins can give) and each of the next two years first round picks and still have the number 22 overall this year. Or they could potentially give up the 4 and the 22 this year along wtih next years first round pick (And of course a 4 or 5 this year). Either way it’s easier to justify 3 first round picks for a guy if you have 4 over the next 3 years.

    Really interested in seeing how these guys do next year (Luck and Griffin of course).

  7. I would expect, all things being equal, the Rams would prefer to deal the pick over into the AFC.

    Less chance for humiliation for the next 15 years, that way, if this proves to be a bad deal for the Rams.

  8. Shanahan MUST see how crucial RG3 is to him remaining in DC. If it takes mortgaging picks to land him, then so be it. Robert is of high character, high intelligence, and is supremely

    We deserve RG3 in Burgandy & Gold!

  9. Shanahan MUST see how crucial RG3 is to him remaining in DC. If it takes mortgaging picks to land him, then so be it. Robert is of high character, high intelligence, and is supremely athletic.

    We deserve RG3 in Burgandy & Gold!

  10. I would not be shocked of that surprise team was the Bills. It will allow him to sit for 2 years while the Bills build back up after losing so many picks. The team also needs a shot in the arm after being irrelivant for so long, this also goes a LONG way towards merchandise sales.

  11. As a Baylor guy, I sure hope RG3 is able to live up to the hype. I think he will. But I really do not want to see him under the Shanahans or in a Redskin jersey.

  12. Browns……NO…………….Go get Peyton or Flynn… many holes, groom someone again with a strong arm and accuracy……what about Matt Moore 16td 9 int…..has the arm strength at a low price…probably oh ya – 6-3 in last 9 games

  13. A team I would never guess:

    Indianapolis Colts.

    They could draft both quarterbacks and it would still be cheaper than Peyton Manning.

  14. So you’re saying there’s no chance the always rational and prudent Irsay sits down with Griffin and says…”This young man is the future of our franchise”?

  15. After Free agency this will all be out the window. Manning and Flynn will land in Miami and Washington and Griffin will fall to the Browns at 4.

  16. Definitely more promising for Griffin III, than his ancestor who had to spend it’s time chasing Sigourney Weaver around in outer space. With disastrous consequences.

  17. Yes yes yes…but what does this have to do with Peyton Manning?

    At least I know what’s coming after Manning is released/retires/signs elsewhere.

  18. Before this is over it is going to take off like bidding for a one of a kind object on E-Bay!! Better anty up boys, Ram’s hold the ONLY key.

  19. It takes two teams interested to make for a trade – this smokescreen stuff is coming from STL. Mainly because CLE is not showing interest (although I’m sure they are) – and they’re making WAS the leverage team to draw CLE in.

    Either way – CLE has the ammo, and WAS does – but not in 2012 – infact – who’s to say that is WAS offers #6, and 1st roudners in 2013, and 2014 – that CLE wouldn’t simply match it? With likley higher round picks? In that scenario – CLE would keep there #22 this year…

    1. CLE would simply match
    2. Tannehill will go in the 2nd round
    3. Simple speculation
    4. Smoke coming from STL
    5. More Smoke from STL

    It’s all STL.

  20. “Robert Griffin trade rumors already spinning out of control” because websites like PFT like to write entire stories about the Jaguars trading up to take him…

    yet somehow I still spend my time reading them…

  21. The Rams are reportedly looking for a similar package to the one San Diego netted for Eli Manning

    There’s no question in my mind that the Rams will get a significantly better package than the Chargers got eight years ago.

  22. This would be funny if somehow the trade was completed before the draft and that team ended up getting STUCK WITH LUCK.

  23. You might be right on Philly being the mystery team Greg. Major rumors here have the Eagles having interesting in RGIII (mostly because it’ll save Andy’s and the rest of those stooges jobs for another couple of seasons). Pass, I want a pure drop back QB (Van Brocklin and Jaws), not another Randall Cunningham.

  24. 4. Demoff told Peter King of that the Rams received a feeler from a team “you would never expect.” Does Kansas City count? If not, we’ll roll with Philadelphia as our irresponsible guess for a mystery team. Enter your pick below.


    Dallas, Baltimore, Jets and Eagles all could be surprise teams.

    KC, Buffalo, and Seattle would not be surprise teams.

  25. No Dolphins? Well that can be a good thing. We would have to up the ante over Cleveland

  26. Why on Earth would the Browns try to sign Manning? Flynn makes sense…going after Peyton is moronic and isn’t an option

  27. If the skins don’t get him and end up taking Tannehill at 6, they’ll be sorely disappointed with the results. Besides that, Miami (and Mike Sherman as new OC) will go crazy if they don’t get the Aggie.

  28. Not surprising that Philly would be in the mix if for no other reason than to drive up the price for the Skins.

  29. Snyder will break the bank. Browns don’t want to win as they don’t want to pay for talent. The Rams are looking for as many draft picks as possible so they can get fill talent without spending money in free agency.

  30. The ESPN Insider has already been talking about Philadelphia sending Asante Samuel and a franchise-tagged Desean Jackson to STL for the right to draft RG3 as their QB of the future. It addresses two areas the Rams desperately need, CB and WR and set’s Philly up nicely for the future. (Minus a Jamarcus-style bust happening)

  31. There’;s also a rumor out that Aaron Rodgers could be on the trading block.. If that happens will the Pack stay with Flynn… or trade up???

  32. Badrad…. The Browns already have a QB with NO teammates to help. They had better use all their picks and grab some FA’s to give Colt a team to show that he is their QB.

  33. I would think the Rams would want to get this done prior to free agency. Once Manning, Flynn and others sign with new teams the market for RG3 will shrink as will what they get in return.

  34. RGIII ought to send Cam Cameron a case of Mountain Dew because he proved the naysayers (that athletic QBs can’t make it big time) very wrong. Cam put a lot of moolah in RG’s pocket.

  35. The Browns hold all the cards in a possible deal in my opinion. Depending on what player the Rams are targeting, they may be hesitant to move down further than #4. So the Redskins would almost have to give up their whole draft and some next year just as compensation for probably missing out on Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborne or Richardson.

    Unless the Browns are fortunate enough to land 2 FA receivers, a RT, and another pass rusher, I don’t think it is wise to give up 3 #1’s to move up 2 spots. I’d be more inclined to deal for TJ Yates or Colin Kaepernick if the H&H boys don’t think Colt is the guy.

  36. There is an interesting dynamic to the Eagles being pegged as the mystery team. It goes something like this–everyone is convinced that Reid has to win a SB this year or he’s out the door–not true. In his year-ending press conference, Lurie said if he thought there wouldn’t be massive improvement next season, he’d make a coaching change.

    This is really Michael Vick’s last cap-hit contract year for the team. Reid could actually view this as McNabb-draft Pt2–he could land RG3 and groom him to take over next season when Vck could be kicked to the curb.

    What would it take? Well, that”s the question–with extra picks in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th rounds this year and a very tradeable commodity in DeSean Jackson, the Eagles could very well make deal like this–their 1st, Jackson and a 4th rounder this year, and next year’s 1st and 4th. They’d have to sign Jackson to a franchise tag first, and then have the Rams work out a long term deal with him. Plus, they have another tradeable commodity in Asante Samuel–although I don’t think they could get much higher than a 3rd with him.

    The Eagles could sign a replacement WR for Jackson in FA, plus a couple of LBs and a safety, and then make their usual deals during the draft.

  37. Kind of believe that no amount of speculation regarding possible pick combinations are relevant until at least March 8th, when Peyton is free to land. Even Flynn’s ultimate destination will alter the landscape. Those two alone could drive the Rams’ price down substantially.

  38. yea that would be a great move for the browns and redskins. trade your future now and then wonder why you only win 4 games or less the next 4 years while rg3 has nobody else on the team. on the bright side he will have a built in excuse as to why he does not live up to the hype and his team sucks. the browns qould be stupid to give everything up for him and the skins even more so.

  39. “….plus Mike Shanahan’s close relationship with Jeff Fisher.”

    This means absolutely nothing. Why would a relationship between two coaches have any bearing on a trade? I hate these vague connections based on friendships, it’s easy to throw out there. Watch…

    He has a connection to the Ryan’s….must mean the Jets are in the running too!? They could use a QB.

    He’s co-chair on the competition committee with Rich McKay. I bet Atlanta could be a mystery team with Ryan’s contract coming up.


  40. I’d say Philly’s a pretty responsible guess for “team you’d never expect.” Reid would probably trade his mother to move up if he could. I agree that Jerry’s also crazy enough to do it. And I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Jacksonville jumped in there.

  41. If the Skins get the pick, isn’t is ironic that their fans can thank Eli Manning for giving Snyder the balls to invest the picks. Snyder can say it worked out nicely for the Giants.

  42. Eagles have the firepower to do it.
    What to the Rams need more then anything?
    Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks.
    -DeSean Jackson
    -Asante Samuel
    -15th pick, a second or two.
    Has to be under consideration by both parties as a remote possibility. You get two accomplished players and a pile of draft picks … Not saying they are front runners, but you never know…

  43. I don’t care if they get Luck, RG III, or whomever… if the Cleveland Browns don’t get some receivers who can get separation they won’t do any better then Colt McCoy.

  44. this hype around RG3 has to cool down…eventually – it;s like Apple Stock – it’s got to come down right? Anyway – I think CLE is in the driver’s seat which is why they’re sitting there being “weirdly uninterested” in trading with STL.

    Like they did with Peyton Hillis – they’re going to let the smoke clear and things settle down and get real value…like #4, #22, and a rd round conditional to 2nd in 2013.


  45. pretty sure cleveland will get the pick if they want it as they have the ammunition to trade up. and i reckon the rams want justin blackmon and trading down to 6th is risky because surely the browns would just take him at 4 if they can’t get the rams pick and rg3.

  46. I hope the eagles are this so called mystery team.

    Though if it is them how bout Jackson, Samuel and one of the second rounders to move up.

    This gives st Louis what they need in proven players that can make them good right now. It would also give the birds a chance to not draft Blackmon not rg3 and still keep their own first so they can take a dt or one of the two top middle backers.

    To me this is the best deal the rams can make. No other team can offer 2 pro bowlers at need positions for the rams.

  47. I see the Browns trading 4th, 22nd, next years 2nd round, and two later rounders. Then the Rams trade that 4th, the 2ndrounder, and late to the Vikes for the 3rd. So the Rams get 3rd, 22nd, and a late. The Vikes get 4th, 2nd, and late. Browns get 2nd pick.

  48. My guess is Denver is the surprise team. One of the NFL network reporters had Denver scouting RGIII aggressively last year after the poor 1-4 start. Besides John Elway has yet to be sold on Tebow. I’m thinking a Tebow to Jacksonville trade to have the pick in return flipped to St. Louis as part of a package to get RGIII. At the very least they may be kicking the tires.

  49. last time the Browns gave up draft picks for a QB he ended up holding a clip board for Mr. Tebow. i don’t see the Browns doing this.

  50. How about the Atlanta Falcons? For a golden boy, Matt Ryan has a miserable career playoff record, got shut out this year in the playoffs, and can’t win at home against his division rival. Compared to other QBs who have underperformed, it is very hard to argue that Ryan does not have the weapons, as he has 4 all-pro caliber teammates at skill positions, yet he still could not score in the playoffs. Forget the Eagles, how about the team who wishes they had Vick back because they used to win playoff games when he was there?

  51. Philly makes some sense. . . but I bet the “mystery team” is Dallas. Jerruh’s made quite a bit of noise about being dissatisfied with Romo– he may be ready to make a splash.

  52. Whoever is willing to give up this and future drafts for RGIII , deserves the outcome , good or bad !My guess is , bad ! Good luck ‘skins , you deserve it !

  53. I say it could be the Bills… because:

    -RG3 already mentioned he spoke to Buffalo at the combine
    -Gailey has a historical fascination with athletic QB’s
    -Whichever GM pulls the trigger is betting his job on this…possibly his career going forward. In Buffalo, who has to worry about a next job? Gailey, in his 60’s? Nix pushing 70? Not to mention the owner, who has St.Peter hovering over him like John Lott.

  54. the mystery team is denver. tebow and our first to jax for the 7. the 7, our second and third this year, and our first and second next year for the 2 spot. crazier things have happened.

  55. My guess on the mystery team is Dallas. Jerry likes to think big and he already said the main difference between the Cowboys and Giants this year was Eli. Jerry probably thinks he could get back pick/player or two for Romo.

  56. Also, maybe the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is a tough bet long term due to his chronic injuries and disciplinary problems so they may want to bring up a QB of the future under him. Race probably plays into some of the discussion and controversy of Luck vs Griffin somehow, and with a black head coach, three black qbs recently on the roster (Dixon, Batch, Leftwich), and having started Kordell Stewart for several years in the past, the Steelers might be a team who could see Griffin being a better franchise QB than Luck. Also I believe Ward and Randle-El were former college QBs, so the Steelers might feel Griffin could contribute on trick plays and special packages while waiting in the wings behind Roethlisberger who misses time every year.

  57. RG3 with Shannahan = Game Over for NFC East. All Shanahan needs is a QB with good athletic instincts who has the mental capacity to master his offense.

    RG3 has the focus and attention to detail to make Shanahan’s diagrams dance on the field…IMHO.

  58. Sam Bradford is another garbage/ mediocre #1 pick, which if u take a qb #1 and all he is is mediocre, its a garbage pick!

  59. Why aren’t the Rams trading Bradford, instead of shopping pick to take Griffin! Rams fans…..are u happy with that pick now? Honest answers please

  60. This is insane…Because Draft picks are so much cheaper now…It is going to take alot to make up for it to move up .. just a few spots !! The Rams have a new coach…a division that I think will be up in the air… and will get around 5 extra drafts on this … If i were the Rams, I would have any kind of trade of players.. just draft picks.

    Will be alot of pressure on this kid to produce and WIN since whoever is going to trade for him is going to be giving up an aweful lot and the fans and media will be all over him if he doesnt produce or gets hurt. Good luck with that … glad its not my team that is making the decision.

  61. It’s wishful thinking for any fans other than of the Browns
    or Skins to think their team can trade up to get this guy.

    The price is gonna be steep enough for teams like Cleveland & Washington.
    Anyone lower in the draft will have to REALLY shell out.

    Besides, I see the Rams taking the Browns offer
    then trading the #4 pick for even more picks…

  62. What about Seattle? They are in need big time for a future franchise QB, and depending on what picks they have to offer, they could make a leap up for Griffin.

  63. The Mystery Teams are NYJ and PHILLY. Their names will start getting throw into the trade rumors as soon as free agency hits and we all see where Manning and Flynn go. One of the 2 guys will almost certainly end up in Miami.

  64. Any GM that trades three picks in the first round to draft Robert Griffin III should be fired immediately and flogged publicly. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. More evidence that teams utterly lose their minds when someone impresses in sweats and a tee.

  65. The Browns trade their 2 #1’s and 3rd this year, and next years #1 to the Colts who use this to trade with St. Louis to grab RG3, who they trade to Washington for………… man. I’m exhausted.

  66. The best part is that the viks would have the #2 pick if they hadn’t won that Washington game. So, ironically, if their “QB of the future” Ponder doesn’t get hurt, Joe Webb doesn’t get the chance to come into the game and pull out the victory. So, the viks would have lost and then had a shot at drafting an actual QB of the future. That’s just too perfect for words.

  67. I had to go almost to the bottom to find a similar thought. But i do think its the Texans. NE has their future qb from last yrs draft. Only other surprise team could be the ravens.

  68. All I have to say is wow….I cannot believe that teams would be willing to give up three 1st round picks to move up 4 spots…..I already have some question marks as to durability, and how he’ll adjust to the NFL. This guy is a great prospect and may have a very bright future, but as a Packer fan I understand that you can build a solid foundation through the draft and not only free-agency, so it bothers me to see teams just throwing picks at the Rams to move up two, four or maybe seven spots.

    Overall this guy might be a great quarterback in the long run, I myself have questions about how he’ll adjust to the NFL and durability concerns due to his small frame. I personally find it insane to be giving up two to three first rounders to move up two, four, or even seven spots in the draft.

  69. IF the rumor about a “team you would never expect” is true- that tells me it may be a team that has been successful lately, with an established QB, but may be having issues with that QB (age, durability, etc).
    The Steelers come to mind here. Big Ben is always getting banged up, and his backups (Batch and Leftwich) are getting old.
    IMO, the Steelers trying to pull something like this would be a lot more unexpected than the Cowboys, Jags, Chiefs etc trying to do so.

  70. OK, I’ll be the guy that departs the lines with crayon in hand. What if the mystery team isn’t even looking for a QB? What if they really want Kalil and want to get in front of the Vikings, who are obviously (or at least as sane people, should be) targeting him? How many teams are looking for a LT to plug into the lineup for the next decade? Probably just as many as those looking for a franchise QB.

  71. Why would the QB factory that Philadelphia is want to give up an entire draft for a QB? I believe the mystery team is Denver. If Elway wants to replace Tebow, he knows he has to go big.

  72. Miami needs to get RGIII, Steven Ross already took Jeff Fisher on a helicopter ride and took him out to dinner for some stone crab. That has to be worth something.

  73. I’m going to make my irresponsible guess …….the Denver Broncos. Denver did all right running the option, but would be much more effective with someone like RGIII who has a much better throwing motion than Tebow.

    Irresponsible guess #2…the Minnesota Vikings. I think Ponder deserves a chance to prove himself, but according to this site it never seems like the Vikes are totally sold on Ponder.

  74. Ok, this is ridiculous speculation, most likely being spread by STL. We are talking about the Browns moving up TWO SPOTS. I don’t see STL wanting to get out of the top 4 picks. They need a LT or WR badly to help out Bradford. All this BS speculation after a 40 time??? If Washington wants him that bad take him…don’t be fooled by this nonsene Heckert…

    Great that the guy is mobile, but I care about his ability to make NFL throws, not his 40 time.

    This Hype machine is out of control. At the end of the day he’s just a great college QB from Baylor who looks good against crappy defenses in the Big 12. He’s by no means what the media is making him out to be. He might be a good NFL QB but he’s not worth what the media says he is.

    Yay 2 more months of this crap.

  75. Skins are in great shape to make it happen. 12 picks in last years draft (that all made the team) gave us some quality starters as well as depth. I think the plan for drafting the QB of the future this year was put into place with the draft of 2011. They are also 40+ million under the cap which allows some free agent spending to add more players. Shannys approach to FA has been much improved over the Cerrato years.

    RGIII instantly turns an inept offense into a dynamic one.

  76. quittsburghstoolers says:

    Besides, I see the Rams taking the Browns offer
    then trading the #4 pick for even more picks…
    What Browns offer? The only Browns “offers” have been made by Rams fans wetting themselves over the idea of getting the Browns’ 2 1st round picks this year. The only reason that has become an “offer” is because it is the ideal situation for the Rams and what their fans what to do.

  77. flyingviking says:
    Feb 28, 2012 6:44 PM
    OK, I’ll be the guy that departs the lines with crayon in hand. What if the mystery team isn’t even looking for a QB? What if they really want Kalil and want to get in front of the Vikings, who are obviously (or at least as sane people, should be) targeting him? How many teams are looking for a LT to plug into the lineup for the next decade? Probably just as many as those looking for a franchise QB.


    Hate to burst your bubble but one of the definitions on insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over but expecting a different result. All you vikequeen members of the Empty Trophy Case Gang have been mistakenly rooting for the queens for 51 years and the results haven’t changed. So by this definition sanity is in short supply amongst the MN purple toads.

  78. Luck is a better prospect. RG3 is far more refined then Cam Newton was as a passer and similarly athletic but Luck is the most refined prospect since manning. He played in a More pro-like offense then Bradford, had fewer play-makers then Stafford… and i won’t even make reference to Jamarcus. I would say that i’m 98% sure that Luck will be a top 3 QB in the league by his 3rd season. With Griffin i’m only 85% sure that he’s more of a top 5 by his 3rd or 4th year. That makes him worth it at number 2 overall.

  79. Seems like a really high price for one pick, even if it is the #2 overall. And why would we want griffin anyway when we just gave Vick a massive deal.

  80. Either way, Cleveland is an excellent position to get two really good players in the first round, or trade up for Griffin! I think they are in a better position than the Rams! If the Rams drop down to 6, chances are they don’t get either of the players that they want!

  81. The mystery team. Dallas Cowboys? Jerry Jones did say the main difference between the Cowboys and the Giants is Eli Manning. He maybe is realizing finally that he can’t win a championship with Tony Romo.

  82. kc wants manning. not them.

    cleveland could, but thay have an OL and i dont see the fatguy picking rg3.

    a team with a real qb isnt in the hunt. so buffalo is an option. so are the rams. sign rg3 and trade bradford for a stale 2 lite of pepsi and a stale bag of krunchers jalapenos.

    vikings can offer jared allen (and joe webb), to go back to mo.

    i think tampa jax and miami, 3 straight crappy fla teams are all candidates, tho i think he wont help.

    after that other than the jets and broncos i doubt it.

  83. The success rate for this high profile college QB’s is so small, I just can’t imagine teams giving up as much as being reported. Owners need to fire their GM’s for putting themselves in this position in the first place.

  84. I don’t think this will happen, but what if the Chiefs signed Bowe and Franchised Carr and traded him and their first rounder and some other middle rounders. Or sign Carr(work out terms that Rams would consider), still franchise Bowe and add the additional middle round picks or early picks for next year. Just a thought since Rams wnat/need CB’s. Crennel and Pioli both seems interested in him. No matter what I think the Chiefs will have competition for Cassel (or heir to Cassel) with P Manning, Griffen, Henne, Orton, J Campbell, etc…

  85. I wish RG3 well but as a Dolphin fan I hope we go a different direction at the QB position. IMO RG3 is not going to be the elite NFL QB that he is being touted as. Just a hunch.

  86. daysend564 says:
    Feb 28, 2012 4:13 PM

    “Any smart team would just let the Rams sit there and rot with the pick, asking so much in return. They aren’t going to pick him, focus your energy on trading into #3!”

    This wouldn’t work. If stuck with the pick the Rams would still take RG3 and still sell him to the highest bidder. Either way, 2 is where you need to be to get 1 of the 2 QBs in this draft. Reaching on Tannehill in the first round for any team would be a terrible decision. He is a 2nd round guy at best.

  87. the feeler team is likely Denver from what I’ve heard but the asking price is far too steep to consider it legitimate interest.

  88. As much as i want the skins to land RG3 …. we are giving up way too much just for one player, lets assume Browns are favourite and land RG3, chiefs or dolphins land Flynn or Manning. With the 6th pick there is plenty bargaining to be done. Either Trent Richardson or Blackmon will be available at 6 assuming Rams take Kallil. We can trade down for any team offering their 1st and 2nd round pick for our 6th pick to take one of these guys. We can draft Ryan Tannehill in the lower 1st round, no other team will pick Tannehill that early, but still leaves us with two 2nd round picks to fill other big holes we need (eg WR, OL, CB and ILB)
    From watching some game time film of Tannehill, I think he is a good QB and if in a good system can become a franchise qb. Still some parts about his game need to be ironed out but Shanahan is a good coach, no doubt he will improve.

  89. The extent to which the rookie pay scale has affected draft pick value is surprising to me. No longer are the first picks such albatrosses of money and cap space.

    Still, I have a hard time believing that RGIII could be worth three 1st rounders. Teams in rebuilding mode should remember the QBs that decided to stay in college and those that would be coming out next year anyway. Mortgaging the future on RGIII is a gamble.

    Michael Vick’s 2011 season also seems to suggest that mobile quarterbacks may become less and less durable as d-linemen get more athletic. There is a tradeoff between avoiding hits and being better able to absorb them, of course.

    It will be very interesting to watch RGIII to see how his skills translate to the NFL. Somehow it seems much more mysterious than with Cam Newton last year, though maybe that’s the NFL hype machine just doing its job.

  90. Lets think of an off the wall theory that Shanahan and Fisher are working together against the Browns. The skins act like there interested to drive the price up on the Browns. In return the Rams swap 2 for 4 get 22, 37 a late rounder and a 2013 first rounder. (yes i know that is a lot but look at what the falcons did last year for Julio Jones, so just go with it) Know here is the kicker. The Rams now move up to #6 for the 22nd, 37th and the 2013 first rounder that they just got from the Browns. They really didn’t give up anything to do this and still got an extra later round pick out of the deal and could land possibly Morris Claiborne and Justin Blackmon, and still have there second round pick to land an o-tackle. This would also benifit the Skins to have the trade back to take Tannehil at 22 and now have 2 early second rounders not to mention a shot at the #1 pick overall in 2013. But again this is just a fun theory and we are all GM’s and Head Coaches at this point.

  91. Skins are not giving up that much for one player. Let someone else trade away the farm for RGIII. Where is free agency already?!!! I like the strategy slopche38genius!! Shanahan will not sell the farm for one player. Hail!

  92. Though Cleveland is obvious, they have too many holes to plug to do this. I don’t think the “Big Show” will mortgage that much. I think Cleveland lands Flynn in FA and either trades back for 3 first rounders or stands with #4 and fills another hole.
    I think RG3 goes to Washington and mystery team is Eagles (only to drive up cost to Washington)

  93. Broncos trade Tim Tebow to Jags for #7 overall pick this year and a 4th rounder this year.

    Broncos trade the #7 overall pick this year and 4th rounder this year (from Jags), plus their #1 pick this year this year and a 3rd rounder next year….. for the Rams #2 this year.


    Rams get extra 1st round and 4th round pick this year and a 3rd rounder next year to move down 5 slots. Two firsts, a 3rd and a 4th are better than the offer above.

    Denver gives up Tebow, 1st Round Pick this year and 3rd rounder next for RG3.

    Jags revive their franchise for a 1st and 4th pick (at least from a ticket sales perspective).


  94. Anyone that thinks the ravens are the “mystery” team obviously knows nothing bout the ravens! Ozzie values draft picks more then anyone and does the most with them. And why would they trade so much for an unproven rookie when the have a proven winning qb on there team? Get a life!

  95. dawglbfan says: Feb 28, 2012 4:21 PM

    After Free agency this will all be out the window. Manning and Flynn will land in Miami and Washington and Griffin will fall to the Browns at 4.

    As a GM, I would rather draft RG3 and be wrong then sign Flynn and be wrong.

    And don’t be surprised when Tannehill is the best long term, duration of a QB, stats included. Texans need to make a move with something and trade up for a stellar WR.

  96. A source familiar with a source close to someone familiar to the situation says the Eagles are gonna shock the world and trade for Andrew Luck, there’s my irresponsible prediction.

  97. What if the surprise team is the Rams? What if they know, that we know, that they know, that they know, that they know?

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