Stan Kroenke’s odds of buying Dodgers increase


Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s bid to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers is still alive.

Tony Jackson of reports that the group of 10 potential buyers has been whittled down to seven and that Kroenke is one of the bidders who made the cut. Kroenke and the other bidders will continue to be vetted by Major League Baseball before the ownership committee recommends bidders to outgoing owner Frank McCourt. Through Major League Baseball’s agreement with McCourt, a buyer must be identified by April 1st with the sale completed no later than April 30th.

Kroenke’s bid has no impact on the NFL or the Rams right now, but that could change down the road. As Florio pointed out last week, the NFL bars owners from owning teams in other sports if there is a NFL team in the same city. Los Angeles doesn’t have a team now, of course, but there’s never a shortage of talk about some team heading to California in the future. If Kroenke owns the Dodgers, that could create a problem.

10 responses to “Stan Kroenke’s odds of buying Dodgers increase

  1. It seems like if Kroenke owned the Dodgers and someone else wanted to move their NFL team to LA it would create a problem for them, not Kroenke.

  2. If Mark Cuban would’ve bought the Dodgers, I woul’ve became a fan….he would be good for MLB.

  3. McCourt has found a way to thumb his nose at MLB one more time – his agreement is to sell the Dodgers but is not including the parking lots around Dodger Stadium in the sale. That already drove off several of the groups interested in buying the franchise.

  4. People nowadays leap into connecting unconnected dots without facts.

    This has nothing to do with the Rams IMO.

    Buying the Rams will not overcome LA’s problem: they need public money to build a stadium.

    Without public money poor nfl owners can’t reap the obscene profits they love and California doesn’t do that.

    Maybe he could leverage future Dodger TV money which is said to immense into a shared stadium? But who does shared stadiums anymore?

  5. Last I recall Farmer’s Field is paid for it’s just looking for a tenant(s) before its built with the Rams logically still being on the table ( not saying its right or wrong ) I wouldn’t count the idea of the Rams and Dodgers both playing in the same town again.

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