2012 cap number expected “very soon”

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On Tuesday, we pointed out that the salary cap number for 2012 could be lower than expected.  Our best guess, currently, is that it will be flat in comparison to 2011.

The strangest aspect of the situation is that, only five days away from the closing of the franchise tag window and only 13 days away from the date on which every team must comply with the new cap, the teams still don’t know what it will be.

One league source with knowledge of the situation says it likely will come “very soon.”

It needs to.  The far bigger surprise is that the teams don’t already have it.

10 responses to “2012 cap number expected “very soon”

  1. One league source with knowledge of the situation says it likely will come “very soon.”
    The same source was later quoted as saying “My sources say no” and then “Signs point to yes” and then “Ask again later.”

    This is just some good old fashioned hard hitting investigative journalism. I feel like a real behind the scenes insider reading this stuff.

  2. The cap will only matter to teams that will spend to try to win, not teams like the Bungals and other irrelevant small market teams.

  3. Question…with the cap number not being known yet, what are the chances the league extends the deadline?

    Can they even extend it when the players have contracts expiring?

    Either way, the league screwed up on this. To expect teams to get below a cap without letting them know what the cap is seems unprofessional.

    If I were an owner, I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs.

  4. If Al Davis was still alive the CAP wouldn’t matter!

    He was a genius when it came to the cap… and now Spuds McKenzie can’t figure out which way a dollar sign paints!

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