Bears increase non-club ticket prices

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At a time when most teams are holding the line on ticket prices, a franchise that is a long, long way from its peak in ’85 will increase the cost of 85 percent of their tickets.

The Bears announced on Tuesday that all non-club seats at Soldier Field will increase in price for 2012.  The new figures will add $2 to $10 per ticket.

Coincidentally, invoices for season-ticket holders were mailed on Tuesday.

And so the team’s announcement on Tuesday will ensure that the season-ticket holders won’t be surprised when the invoices arrive in their mail boxes in a month or so.

10 responses to “Bears increase non-club ticket prices

  1. I guess it doesn’t really matter if I’m not buying season tickets for $1,600 or if I’m not buying season tickets for $1,800.

  2. Thats great news. Hope they also increase the cost of parking and don’t forget concessions and all the the other money grabs. Guess you guys have figured out I won’t be there. No loss, my NFL experience is over. The show is far greater than the game. I know lts my problem, but the whole thing is becoming “boring”. I’ll watch TV (only if its over the air free). I can always “take the pipe”, or how about soccer ?. Think I’d rather “take the pipe”….

  3. It does not matter to me because I stopped going to the games years ago.
    I used to work at Soldier Field and I saw a lot of games in person and it is much better to watch them on T.V.

    No parking, no lines to take a wiz, no overpriced beer, no 20° below wind chill temps, no drunken fans to deal with, better views including replay…..
    When the game is over I get up and walk away from the T.V. and I can go about my day.
    If I want to tailgate I can do it in my own backyard.

    By the way… if the Bears had built a new stadium that holds 70,000 fans instead of blowing over $600 million to turn Soldier Field into the smallest stadium in the NFL then you would not have to raise the ticket price.
    Qwest Field was built around the same time as the Soldier Field renovation and it cost $200 million less.

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