Bears try to reconcile low spending with ticket increases


On Tuesday, the Bears announced that prices for all non-club seats (85 percent of Soldier Field) will increase in 2012.  Bears president Ted Phillips has attempted to harmonize the increase with the fact that the Bears hovered near the bottom in player salaries last season.

“Player spending, if one year you are a little higher, typically you will be a little lower [the next],” Phillips said, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.  “Last year, the plan was not to be in the bottom quartile of spending.  A lot of that, frankly, is we were setting aside some money for Matt Forte, which didn’t transpire.”  (There’s nothing like use of the word “quartile” to connect with the Superfans.)

In a letter to season-ticket holders informing them that season tickets will become more expensive, Phillips explained that there is “value” in free agency this year — which strongly suggests that the Bears will be spending more money on free agency this year.

Bears fans would say it’s not as if they could spend less.

25 responses to “Bears try to reconcile low spending with ticket increases

  1. Raising ticket prices for an aging defense and an offense with only a QB and RB, beat up line and no wideouts?

    3rd place in the North and no playoffs

  2. All I heard was “hey we’re the Bears. We’re really cheap. And what do you do when you’re really cheap and you don’t spend money on players? You raise your ticket prices of course!”

  3. bears fans will believe it when we see mario williams and vincent jackson wearing bears uniforms next year along with forte. in other words spending some of that cash on what the bears need to make them a better team.

  4. Way to make the fans happy after you missed the playoffs last year, raise the ticket sale prices! They are going to be thrilled to go watch a team that disappointed last year.

  5. Lot’s of other teams planning on spending in FA have already said they won’t raise prices. They are really coming across as cheap and the explanation has done nothing to help it.

  6. Will you Mccaskey’s please sh*t or get off the pot already? Tired of the piss pour management of the team. Please make changes finally or sell,sell,sell

  7. The Bears do not have the money they have support the entire McCaskey family!!!!!Perhaps they should sell stock that is not stock as the Packers do!!!!

  8. The Bears are not cheap—they have support the entire McCaskey family!!!!!Perhaps they should sell stock that is not stock as the Packers do!!!!

  9. What’s new, why is anyone surprised.

    The McCaskey’s have always been cheap.

    For the last couple of decades or more, the Bears are just like the Cubs. Great supportive fanbase – games always sold out. No incentive to spend on actual talent and winning, because you’re already at max profits. What’s the incentive to spend?

  10. Regardless of the well deserved snide remarks I just want them to spend smartly not just spend. There are plenty of examples out there of teams that just crap cash for turn-style spins and no real success.

    Next year they have to be putting out 89%. Just be in a position to get the people you need. I guess this is throwing some blind faith into Emery. You go Phil!

  11. Of all the great traits George Halas had like deep football knowledge, tactical ability, and vision of what the NFL would become, why is is that the only two traits his McCaskey family offsprings have is greed and stinginess?

  12. Yes the ticket prices are being elevated. How else can they stay on top of the list of most profitable football organizations. They will raise those ticket prices over and over until at some point in the future they finally have trouble selling seasons tickets. Then somehow it will be the fans’ fault. Oh yeah Ted, one more thing. FIX THE GRASS you jerk!

  13. Hey Commish – Is this how we “enhace the stadium experience?” The Bears run a second rate organization. They don’t deserve loyal fans and they certainly don’t deserve a ticket price increase.

  14. Don’t hold your breath on the big free agency spending. Bears will just keep crapping on some of the best fans in football.

  15. People love to hate owners like the Steinbrenners, and Mark Cuban, and Jerry Jones. They may be egomaniac control freaks, but at least they try to win.

    I’d take that kind of owner over what the Bears and Cubs have. Owners who see no point in rocking the boat by trying to win.

    Sometime fans are justified to stay home. That’s the only way things will change.

    If the Bears don’t get Cutler a real #1 WR then Bear fans should start boycotting

  16. What justification does an organization that doesn’t spend any money on their team have to raise ticket prices; it’s not like they have more expenditures that need to be paid.

  17. katrinasafterbirth says: Feb 29, 2012 6:47 PM

    Don’t worry, Obama will illegally pass another law that gives da Bears more money…
    How about we save political arguments for other sites? Arguments over football get heated enough as it is. If you do want to make political arguments in the future, however, it might pay to review a high school American Government textbook. Presidents don’t pass legislation. Congress passes all laws and controls the purse strings. The president can recommend legislation, and once congress has passed a bill he can either sign it or veto it. Now, back to the sports discussion.

  18. I would say they should spend even more. Matt Forte in my opinion played better than Jay Cutler last year, all games included. They should at least consider, consider, drafting a QB understudy.

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