Bengals’ 2012 “to-do” list

The Bengals did more in 2011 than anyone expected.

So what do they need to do in order to do more in 2012?

Find out via our “to-do” list for the team’s current offseason.

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8 responses to “Bengals’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. sportsmeccabi, that’s pretty clever. Did you come up with that all by yourself. Every team in the NFL and every other sport has had some sort of off field problems, but it always fair game for the Bengals. I realize they have had their share, but lets talk football on this site, not lame old unoriginal humor.

  2. Yes, a corner (actually a couple) are needed. Yes, a veteran WR would be nice (don’t hold your breath on big $$ though), but this team needs OL and LB help big time.

  3. Address the offensive line ASAP. Grab Ben Grubbs from Baltimore in free-agency. He is very familiar with the AFC North and he would leave a hole in the Ravens line.

  4. Great list Mike. The only thing you missed was the safety situation. Bring back Reggie Nelson and consider drafting Mark Barron if he’s available.

  5. Dear Mike Brown:

    Word has it you are wanting to trade up to get Richardson. I urge you to reconsider given the past history of first round running backs (Chris Perry, Ki-Jana Carter). In the past, successful first round picks have been CB and OL. Focus on those please … your QB will thank you for your OL attention.

  6. Besides needing to move to a relevant city and a new owner who’s committed to winning?

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