Cowboys vow to “take care” of Romo’s deal


Making the recent comments from Jerry and Stephen Jones regarding the notion that they’d take Tony Romo over Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III even more confusing is the fact that the Cowboys intend to extend Romo’s deal.

“Tony is going to play a lot more than two more years,” Jones told Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “We are going to take care of Tony.  Tony is going to be a Cowboy.”

And so when it’s time to work out that new deal, Tony’s agents will be able to remind the Joneses that they think Tony is better than Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram joined PFT Live on Wednesday to discuss those and other Cowboys-related issued.
It seems like there are always plenty of other Cowboys-related issues.
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77 responses to “Cowboys vow to “take care” of Romo’s deal

  1. Tony Romo will never lead the ‘boys to postseason success. He does not have that extra gear that is needed to win championships. The cowboys need to get a replacement in when the opportunity arises.

  2. This is music to my ears, as a Giants fan.

    However, he showed a lot of guts playing with his injuries this year. At times he plays like a star, but there are those moments he just can’t seem to make the play. It is those plays that end up costing them the game.

  3. hahaha oh Jerry Jones, I assumed that was just a brutally transparent PR statement but then i remembered you might be crazy enough to believe that.

  4. Romo is just like McNabb. Smiling on the sidelines and on the field. Doesn’t take this game seriously. You never see Peyton or Brady smiling during a close game. They have their game faces on 60 minutes.

    Romo has choked in the big lights and big moments with an all star cast.

    Sorry big D, Jerry needs to stop being GM and get his son a different job. Maybe making sure enough blueberries are each muffin served.

  5. So, what those rooks earn on their contract? $5 million per season over the next 4? Something like that. I think the Boys can comfortably offer Tony $5.5 per. Or even $6 mil!

    Happy to take a bet that Romo puts up better numbers than either of them next season.

  6. “It seems like there are always plenty of other Cowboys-related issues.”

    That’s because the media won’t stop manufacturing them where there are none. Take a hint.

  7. The only explanation I can think of is that Tony must have video of Jerry and Stephen in bed, buck naked with a flock of Canadian geese. And, the most obvious explanation is usually the right one.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  8. seem like this site post romo/cowboys articles just to get ppl all hot and bothered to hate on the cowboys…..yawwwn cowboys suck romo dont got that extra “it” how many times can ppl make the same comments over … is it mid april yet??

  9. oh man , im a diehard cowboys fan and when romo is on i love him. but when the bonehead shows up i want to climb in a hole in the ground . speaking of holes in the ground , i wish jerry would climb in one and shut his piehole.

  10. it’s a gift from the white trash gods that the cowboys quarterbacks name rhymes with h-omo.
    – artie lange

  11. It’s been 16 years since the Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl, extending Romo should ensure that reaches 20 years. Hey Jerry, sign him up for 30 years.

  12. “And so when it’s time to work out that new deal, Tony’s agents will be able to remind the Joneses that they think Tony is better than Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.”

    What? I’m sure they hope for that, with the new salary slots for rookies and all. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to “only” pay romo what two new draft pics get.

  13. People need to learn that not everyone is gonna be Peyton Manning. Romo is good enough to win with and doesn’t deserve all the crap he gets. Just because he enjoys the life off the field that comes with being an NFL quarterback doesn’t make him a bad NFL quarterback. In fact, I guarantee 95% of you would kill to have his life. Your trash talk and hate of him is all jealousy. Where were the Cowboys in between the Super Bowls and now? Missing the playoffs every year. Romo has brought them back to a team you don’t want to face.

  14. “The only explanation I can think of is that Tony must have video of Jerry and Stephen in bed, buck naked with a flock of Canadian geese. And, the most obvious explanation is usually the right one.”


    How about this one? The cowboys are not going to have to break the bank to keep him, and he’s better than 70% of the other starting QBs in this league no matter what anyone says. You don’t kick a guy like that to the curb.

  15. Romo alone is the reason the cowboys won the majority of their games last year. He’s put about around the same stats as Eli who has been dubbed “elite”… And his 4th quarter stats over his career are in the top 3 of all active QBs in the NFL.
    If miles Austin runs his streak route straight and doesn’t “lose the ball in the lights” the cowboys convert 3rd down and Giants never make the playoffs.
    If the cowboys threw away the majority of their talent which they’d have to to get RG III (Luck already colts qb) would be absurd!

  16. He is an upper tier QB. Not a Brady, Rogers, Brees or Eli but very good. Saw him at Pebble Beach in the AT and T and he held his own playing with Tiger and Phil.

  17. Funny thing about Romo (and this comes from a Redskins fan), he’s an almost-great QB & could be a starter anywhere in the league with a few exceptions… and by all accounts, he’s an absolute model citizen & great guy. So why do I root for him to fail year after year & why am I always happy when he does?

    Oh yeah, because f**k Dallas.

  18. Why is there a comparison (and even a poll of all things) over Romo and two guys who have never played professional football?

  19. Jones/Romo – it’s the real life “Devil’s Advocate”

    Cept Pacino didn’t look as old and scary as Jones….

  20. Oh Eli is elite. Well all week I’ve watched him throw into double coverage and Cruz make a spectacular one handed catch against the Seahawks on that NFLN top 5 plays of the year commercial. Tony is a good QB. He left the field up by 13 with 5 mins left against the Giants and the D laid down. He took the journeyman Laurent and got 11 TDs out of him. He hit Crayton in stride in 08 and that dude dropped a potentially game sealing TD. The guy can ball. Rodgers is so good but couldn’t get it done this year. Brees put NO in position to win and they let Vernon streak down the field and nobody is blaming him for them losing to San Fran.

    People fault Romo for smiling?!? It’s a game, that he’s paid millions to play id smile too. If u see anything with Romo mike’d up, he’s all business in the huddle/sidelines. Just give it a rest ppl. If romo had thrown that ball to weaker it’d be his fault but bc Brady did, welkers the goat.

  21. Only jerry jones can do this, still suffering from concussion like symptoms …how many fingers am I holding up jerry? _ _^_

  22. ::Eli Manning knocks on the door of the new Cowboys Stadium as he does every year::

    Manning: Hey, Jerry! Your rent’s due, mother@#$%^&!

    ::Jones cowers in his press box hoping for Manning to go away without a W for once::

  23. lunarpie says:
    Feb 29, 2012 9:46 PM
    If true this basically condemns the Cowboys to 8-8 for ‘a lot more than two more years’. Thanks Jerry!

    -Eagles fans….


    Yeah, eagles fans can talk.


    Coming up on 52 years. Long time to go without winning a championship.

    But don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll win one this year with The Dream Team V2.0

  24. Well you know what they say haters are gonna hate. Tony is an above average qb with below average trash surrounding him. His coaching sucks, upper management sucks and the talent surrounding him is completely over blown. The offensive line was a complete joke put him on the niners and they are in the superbowl and win. Again truth is haters are gonna hate

  25. Babyhorsemorgan,

    Did you pull that $5.5-6 million out of thin air? Romo’s salary last season was $9 mil (10.9 mil cap number) – no wonder he’s always smiling. Imagine how much more he could get if he had more than 1 postseason win in his career.

  26. Thanks Jerry Jones you proved my point once again bring back Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer or Bill Parcells anybody else but you as GM you are a joke you are making Al Davis look smart before he died last year, Tony Romo the Dumo is not even a average starting QB, Luck and Griffin are not proven I grant you that but Romo is he is a loser and so are the cowboys and basically you, no bull just fact.

    Try Payton Manning, Jason Campbell, David Garrard, and a whole lot of others before you shout your mouth off like a moron that’s what cost you Jimmy Johnson, when are you going to learn dude, Jason Garret is a joke as a head coach, and offense coordinator, you ever hear of Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher who you lost this year, Dennis Green, Brian Billick, Herm Edwards, etc…

    The Great news is I am a Packer Fan we have Aaron Rodgers, and we also have a better GM and Owner or shall we say Owners
    Deal with that Cowboy Fans If you got any brains in your head stop buying tickets to the game and jerseys and stuff until Jerry Jones gets his head out of his butt.

    JD Mastermind Has approved this message

    Like it or not it’s the way it is

    JD Master Mind

  27. And all the whining Cowboys fans who want to belittle Eli’s accomplishments this year and attribute them all to other players need to remember in Romo’s ONLY playoff win (and the last time the Cowboys were in the playoffs), the Cowboys rushed for 200 yards in that game and had the #1 defense in the conference that year. The Giants running game was dead last this year and had a defense that finished 27th. Without Eli’s play this past year, the Giants would have finished last. He also threw was 9:1 TD:INT in the playoffs so get over it.

  28. n0hopeleft says: Feb 29, 2012 9:40 PM

    For all the hate and criticism Tony takes…………

    Michael Vick should take a whole lot more………

    Are we somehow suppose to forget Vick took team with NO WEAPONS (name me one, just one. seriously) and a coach who would never wasted his prime years, to a NFC championship, while Romo couldn’t do that with 13 pro bowlers? Eliminated right away in the playoffs.


  29. I have been a Cowboys fan for about 25 years (since around the time JJ bought the boys).To me it’s obvious JJ’s ego and bad evaluation of talent are the main reasons for the Boys lack of success for 15 years.
    As a Boys fan, Romo has been one of the few bright spots of this team in that time. It’s clear to me that anyone blaming #9 for them sucking the last few years either doesn’t watch dallas play much,or heard someone say he sucks (Romo bashing seems to be very trendy these days) or just does not know football and realize its a team game.
    Romo is the last thing wrong with this team right now. Our problems are J.J, bad o-line, no pass rush, and a joke of a secondry.

  30. Is it like you “take care” of your mom’s dog while she’s away, or like a mobster would “take care” of a snitch?

  31. Insanity!
    As a die hard Viking fan, and a fan of the game. Reading the comments section has become laughable. There are a select few that have real insight RE: the game if football. The majority just rip into anything said about everyone. Romo is a stud QB. I would argue the players around him need coaching and motivation as they sell themselves short yearly. But to say Romo sucks is flat out ignorant.
    Luck&griffen should hope to play the game as Romo does!

  32. OMG you ppl are insane. Yes, Romo is a tough guy, a baller and definitely and above average QB who puts up great stats in the regular season. Is he good in the clutch, no, but not many are. I would take him and his smug head in heartbeat over any of these rookie QB’s…But not over my boy Eli

    Go GIANTS!

  33. That team is nothing without Romo. I don’t care what anyone says… if you watch the games, it’s ALWAYS on his back. The defense rarely, if EVER shows up, and Romo has to run around in circles trying to make something out of nothing. Get a defense and things will change. Romo CAN take the Cowboys all the way. It’s just that the NFL is… you know… a team sport. One blocked field goal and the Giants would’ve never made the postseason, thanks to Romo leading them down the field. The NFL is a game of inches. He did that ALL YEAR, but his TEAM could never back him up. Great TEAM’s win championships, not just great players. The numbers don’t lie. Tony Romo is statistically the greatest QB to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys. They just need a defense. Dammit Jerry, we’ve had a top 10 offense for 5 years now.. and no defense!!!

  34. As a Giants’ fan who has watched Romo for years, it is obvious that Romo is a way above average quarterback. You could argue that in at least some of those years Romo was better than Eli Manning, and the stats would back you up (but not any more).

    But after five years there are doubts about him that will never go away until he leads them on a deep playoff run, something which unfortunately is not under his complete control.

    I think he can do it. But they talk about how hard it can be to play in New York with people calling for Coughlin’s and DC Fewell’s heads a couple of months before they won SB 46. It’s the same being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Regular season success won’t satisfy the fans.

  35. cowboys jokes have poured in, but I just don’t see Romo leading the boys to a world title…Jerry Jones has had over 50 concussions and all his senses have been damaged severely to believe Romo will deliver a championship soon

  36. Romo had one of his best years and played with more heart than anyone on the team. He can’t play defense or make the kicks to win games. If we win that 1st Giant game maybe things would have been different. Either way we need to fic the OL and DL…better protect equals more big plays and a healthy Murray behind a solid line will heal alot. DL needs to get pressure period,in the draft we go OL 1st rd and Def every round after,maybe pickup a skill guy if he falls but not till round 5.

  37. babyhorsemorgan says:
    Feb 29, 2012 8:36 PM
    So, what those rooks earn on their contract? $5 million per season over the next 4? Something like that. I think the Boys can comfortably offer Tony $5.5 per. Or even $6 mil!

    Happy to take a bet that Romo puts up better numbers than either of them next season.


    Ah yes, the all-important Romo individual stats – so much better for the team than say actually winning when it matters most…

  38. bhindenemylines says:

    “Yeah, eagles fans can talk.


    Coming up on 52 years. Long time to go without winning a championship.

    But don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll win one this year with The Dream Team V2.0”

    I cant stand the Egirls either but dont just give them 10 years…………its 62 years

  39. The Dallas defense (using the term loosely) was responsible for several losses last season. That being said, Romo lacks consistency, going from having a great game to throwing head-scratching INTs at crucial times.

    If he were put together a complete season, they might have a chance, but so far, Romo is just good enough to get you beat.

  40. Why wouldn’t you want Romo over Luck and Griffin, those two have done so much in the NFL. They could both be busts!

  41. killface4prez says: Feb 29, 2012 8:38 PM

    noeffinway: “Stafford > Romo”

    And Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Manning > Stafford.

    what’s your point.


    What’s your point? His point was Stafford is better than Romo, as I’m sure your point is they’re better than Stafford, correct? The ONLY one ‘some’ GMs would take over Stafford ‘right now’ would be Rodgers. Manning may never play again, Brady is nearing the end of his career while Brees is no spring chicken himself. I have nothing against any of those four, three should be first ballots while Rodgers has shown no reason to believe that should he remain healthy, he could very well be on his way to Canton. You ask for his point while I sit here curious as to what yours is exactly…unless of course you consider Romo to be in your grouping?

  42. I’m a Giant fan who made nice comments about Romo above. The one game I thought of that I think might show that he lets down in the big games is the 2007 Divisional game.

    Dallas dominated the first half with Romo leading two beautiful long TD drive. But Easy Eli, with 47 seconds left in the half, drove 70 yards for the touchdown and tie.

    Giant offense did nothing in the 2nd half except score one short field TD. Cowboys had the ball for about 20 minutes and Romo had every chance to lead a winning Brady, Eli, Smith(?) TD drive, but they couldn’t get the ball in the end zone.

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