Grubbs and Ravens not close to deal


The Ravens say they are offering guard Ben Grubbs a lot of money. It doesn’t sound like that will be enough to prevent Grubbs from testing the free agent market.

“Ben is extremely highly regarded in this league. He’s in the prime of his career and may or may not have another opportunity to sign another significant contract,” Grubbs’ agent Pat Dye told the Baltimore Sun. “He needs to be sure that he explores all his options.”

That doesn’t sound like an agent eager to sign a deal quickly.  Dye isn’t ruling out a new contract before free agency starts, but he also said a deal is not imminent despite Baltimore’s serious attempts to Grubbs.

Our general rule: Once it gets this close to free agency, it is very hard to get a player to sign a contract. Ahmad Brooks was an exception yesterday and there will be more.  But guys like Grubbs have waited four years to see what they could earn.  What’s two more weeks?

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  1. If he stays he stays..if he leaves he leaves. I could really care less because if he leaves..he’ll more than likely be replaced by a future or current Pro Bowl caliber player.

  2. The Ravens’ o-line wasn’t the same without him in the lineup when he had missed several games due to a toe injury. I’d actually say he’s underrated and deserves a big pay day. I’d love to have him come back to the team, but since the Ravens also have to pay Flacco and Rice, I’ll accept it if he goes off elsewhere.

  3. Here we go with the sensationalist journalism again. If you want the facts, don’t read this site. They had an INITIAL MEETING (obviously they aren’t close to a deal yet), that went “very well” according to Grubbs’ agent. After basically implying that it would be very hard to keep Grubbs after the season ended, the Ravens have recently said that they feel very good about their cap situation and are prepared to offer him a lot of money. By all accounts, the chances of keeping Grubbs are RISING. Facts often get in the way of Ravens bashing on this site, however, so you’ll have to rely on the comments to get the news.

  4. “I guess this is where Steeler fan says, Ravens are crumbling too.”

    Not really- Steeler fans dont obsess over everything that happens to the Ravens.

    If this were “Steelers Pouncey not close to deal” there would be 100 comments already, half of them from Ravens fans reveling in it.

    Losing Grubby is a big deal, but I dont see the Ravens paying both guards huge contracts, all the while dealing with Rice and Flacco’s contracts.

  5. Ravens are crumbling because one player, who is an UFA is considering the posibility of signing elsewhere? I guess every team in the NFL is crumbling this year….

    Also doesn’t sound like they are “not close” actually from the comments it sounds like Grubbs and his agent like the deal but want to explore free agency to see what else is out there. Sounds to me like Grubbs and his agent like the deal but they are trying to use free agency to leverage some more money.

  6. @golonger Are you ever going to grace us with a comment that actually has merit? Are you ever going to post a comment that isn’t some knee jerk reaction that always sounds like something a 7 grader would say? Your a obvious Ravens homer who say’s one stupid thing after another, and quite frankly you make the rest of us Ravens fans look stupid.

  7. Let’s all remember who the Ravens GM know the man that actually drafted Grubbs..pretty sure he’ll find a good replacement somewhere in the draft or FA.

  8. Ravens should draft C Peter Konz, who should fall to them.

    He’ll be their Center of the future & play Guard this year if the Ravens can’t find someone to replace Grubbs.

  9. This is a perfect example of the media not thinking outside the box and thinking ahead.

    The new CBA establishes a salary floor and teams that have a lot of cap room being forced to increase their payroll.

    This means that a player like Grubbs has an opportunity to get a bigger contract, all things being equal, than if he were a free agent at a different time. A team knowing they have to increase their payroll may be willing to offer a quality (and still young) player like this a contract they normally would not.

    Grubbs is being smart, if getting the best contract is what means the most to him. However, sometimes chasing those dollars is not all it is cracked up to be. The money the Ravens are offering won’t leave Grubbs struggling to pay the electric bill after all. It’s a choice he should consider carefully.

  10. As an NFL team, you can’t keep everyone. However, I’d like all of my fellow ‘Vens fans to examine how much more our offensive line struggled when Ben Grubbs was not in there, and don’t look past the reprucussions of losing him just because he’s a lineman. He’s been one of the best left guards in the league since he started his pro career, and losing him will certainly not be the same as losing Jason Brown to the Rams a few years back. He’s one of my favorite players and I hope he takes a discount to stay.

    What’s more, Grubbs really wouldn’t be making THAT much more cash in his deal if he goes elsewhere:
    The Ravens can pay him about $35-40 million if they stretch the team’s money.
    Another team can pay him $45-50 million.

    As far as Millions go, that is a bit more, but it’s a Teixera-yankees-orioles situation. Let’s just hope Ben isn’t a greedy guy. I don’t think he is.

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