Nicks doesn’t want to get the franchise tag


Previously on Twitter, Saints Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks shared his anxiety regarding the looming expiration of his contract.  If the team and quarterback Drew Brees work out a contract in the next few days, Nicks gets the franchise tag.  If Brees and the Saints continue to be at impasse, Brees gets tagged — and Nicks walks away as a free agent.

Nick is rooting for his quarterback not to get a new contract.

I don’t want to be franchised!!!!” Nicks wrote on Twitter.  (Jake Jarmel would be proud.)

Complicating matters — and/or making the whole situation a lot more interesting — is that Brees and Nicks are represented by the same firm.  And some would say it’s in CAA’s interests to delay Drew’s deal until after the tag is used on him, and not used on Nicks.

That’s a good plan for Nicks, who would then escape the franchise tag.  For Brees, he would still get his new deal, but he’d be missing a high-caliber blocker in 2012 and beyond.

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  1. Tag Nicks anyway. Brees isn’t going anywhere.

    Does Drew Brees really want to leave the Saints? Does he really want to leave a city where he’s a savior? A system that he excels in? All those offensive weapons? That dome that allows him and the offense to function so well? Where else is he going to go? Is he going to start over in DC or Cleveland or Seattle? Please. Don’t waste the tag on him, he’ll re-sign with NO sooner or later.

  2. For a guard or center the franchise tag isn’t such a bad thing. He will get the average salary of all the offensive linemen, not just guards. Which basically means he will be paid like a tackle.

  3. @rpiotro1…

    it must be real lonely on that cloud that up there you’re sitting on. if you honestly and truly believe that Brees will resign with the Saints even if the DIDN’T franchise him, you need to start passing whatever it is that you’re puffing on.

    but i’m actually going to entertain your idiotic method of thinking here: Lets say that they DON’T use the tag on him; do you REALLY think that Dallas or Arizona wouldn’t sign him to a FAT contract in a heartbeat? and that’s just 2 teams off the top of my head that also play in domes and could really be one solid QB away from making the playoffs regularly for the next couple of years (about as long as his contract would be).

  4. What is it with these guys? If you get franchised, it means that (a) your team badly wants to keep you, and (b) they just gave you millions and millions of dollars. Wow, what an insult. Wish somebody would insult ME like that. Go ahead, give it to me. I’ll somehow find a way to survive it.

  5. what would make Nicks tweet that? Does he know something?

    Maybe Mr. Condon called Nicks up and said it sounds like Brees will be getting his deal done.


  6. @celly84

    Hey there internet tough guy! Settle down, put on some dry pants. Contrary to your beliefs I think I’m usually quite reasonable and realistic about this sort of thing.

    If Brees and NO can’t come to terms on his market value then let the market decide what his value is. You act like Dallas and AZ can somehow force Brees into a contract without input from Brees, or that every player who hits FA leaves for a new team. I have zero doubt Brees wants to stay with the Saints. He doesn’t want to play for some cluster-eff situation in Dallas or AZ. This is his legacy we’re talking about. NO would match whatever another team offered.

    I know it won’t happen, too much bad press and all. Have a nice day!

  7. Why aren’t the Saints restructuring contracts like the Steelers did?!

    Will Smith is due to make almost 10 million next year – he’s not worth it.

    Sedrick Ellis and Jonathan Vilma are due to make almost 7 million next year – they’re not worth it.

    Why aren’t contracts being restructured to allow for Brees, Nicks, and Colston to get long-term contracts? The Saints are killing me!

  8. Why not use the franchise tag? It’s not like there is another impending free agent that would command more attention, right?

    Oh, I forgot. Nicks is as good as gone.

  9. Who wants to get tagged?….Peyton Hillis. 7.7 million reasons according to T.O.

  10. The Franchise tag instantly makes you one of the higher paid players, at your position, in the league. Take your massive payday, shut your mouth, and play ball for more than most of the other guys in your locker room are making.

  11. What’s the franchise $ figure for armchair QB’s these days …

    “Who wants to be franchised?”

    ME-ME-ME … I’ll take a year of a franchised punters salary … I’d be set for a while after that …

  12. What I’m hoping the saints are doing is that they r waiting for the NFL to announce what the salary cap will b. Once they find out they will have a better idea what they can offer all of their FAs.

  13. I agree with ricksaints…When we all get the emotion spued out here, remember these teams need to know where the cap will be for these major decisions. Of coarse the Saints want to pay Brees what ever they can as well as Nicks. They are not stupid!

  14. I could be wrong, but I think guaranteed, upfront money and relative certainty where you’re playing the next couple years is the difference.

  15. Exactly right NoDecaf! They want the long term contract for more security (for whatever that’s worth with NFL contracts).

    So this was the best picture you could find of Nicks? Or just the funniest?

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