Pats ask Ochocinco to restructure his contract


When the Patriots acquired receiver Chad Ochocinco via trade in 2011, which at the time was the final year of his contract, the two sides added two more years.

With a base salary of $3 million due in 2012 and a base salary of $3 million due in 2013, and with Ochocinco doing nothing in 2011 to justify such compensation, it’s no surprise that the Patriots want to adjust the deal.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports, and PFT has confirmed, that the Patriots have approached Ochocinco regarding the possibility of restructuring the contract.

It’s unknown at this point whether the Patriots wish to do a “simple restructuring,” which would give him up to $2.075 million in the form of a signing bonus and drop his 2012 cap number by up to $1.0375 million, or whether the Pats want Ochocinco to roll back his base salary to a lower amount.

Many league insiders believe that the Patriots opted not to cut Ochocinco during the 2011 season because the team paid him a $6 million signing bonus upon extending his contract after the trade that sent him from Cincinnati to New England.  There’s a much greater chance that, if he won’t re-do his deal, he’ll be cut before the 2012 season begins.

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  1. Belichick likes the guy. The question is: Does Bill believe Chad can be a productive player now that he’s had a year in the system. He not only didn’t click with Brady in 2011 but his earnestness seemed to be a drain on Brady at times. Brady needs guys that do their job, not ones that need to be emotionally stroked. Guys like Chad and Moss are like girlfiends that need a constant reminder that you love them.

    That said, he is a great athelete, a very hard worker, and can catch the football. I expected him to be gone in 2012 but if he accepts a lower cap friendly salary they may keep him. I would love to see him comeback and make a contribution. I like the guy.

  2. Hopefully he gets cut. He still didn’t know the playbook by the Super Bowl. August to February is enough of a sample to tell that someone doesn’t understand the offense. The experiment simply didn’t work out. It’s time for both sides to move on.

  3. Take the money and run… Patriots deserve getting bamboozled… After spygate… They deserve it…

  4. The guy is arguably a future member of the HOF. PAY THE MAN! This is probably a race thing with New England. Ridiculous!

  5. Wow… anyone have the slightest idea why he’s still on the roster??? Does he have incriminating photos of Belichick or something??? This has to be a joke, just cut your losses and cut Ocho already. There is a slight chance he has a little left in the tank but he sure as hell won’t find it in New England, that’s been proven.

  6. Ive been screaming for us to get rid of Chad for years, passing up two first rounders by the redskins was a total failure on the bengals Front Offices’ part. Chad Johnson is a finesse/speed receiver, who once his speed dropped off he has become all but useless. Add on top he worries more about his tweets and bull crap OCNN, as well as the garbage that is the T.Ocho Show…… well, lets just say we started him as the #1 in cincy two years past when we should have. Chad Johnson, which I will always call him, has sucked since 2006. Was glad to see you go chad, without you running bad routes and dropping crucial passes, as well as Carson “pick 6” Palmer and his complete lack of leadership, the bengals did the old addition by subtraction (of cancer) and improved! I was so glad to see the patriots lose the superbowl, just so you wouldnt get a ring after being such a team cancer!

  7. Chad ain’t got much choice in the matter.

    He can either do as they ask or get cut.

    Don’t understand why they wanna keep him, anyways…

  8. The Pats r going to cut him. They only kept him last year because of bonus they paid him. He and Brady are not on same page, that is why his catches were down. He can’t pick up offense and hasn’t tried to learn it.

  9. After becoming the highest paid player in baseball, Ted Williams was offered an even higher contract the year after he ruptured a disk in his back and only hit .254, Ted rejected the contract and asked Mr Yawkey to reduce the contract by $35,000 because he didn’t deserve a raise.

    Given the lack of success in 2011, Chad should be more than willing to restructure and use it as motivation. He also has to realize he’s WAYYY down the list on available WR’s.

  10. The pats have 25 mill in cap space but are cutting players and restucturing as if they have no cap bout y’all pay da players.

  11. Why they would want to keep him around at all is a total mystery. The guy is as useful as tits on a bullfrog.

  12. Chad…How does a $20, 4 year deal sound?
    $5 in guaranteed this year. $5 performance based next year, and there is no way in hell that you will make it to the third year anyway.

  13. factoryofsadness says:
    Feb 29, 2012 2:04 AM
    The guy is arguably a future member of the HOF. PAY THE MAN! This is probably a race thing with New England. Ridiculous!

    Now I have read some stupid comments on here; hell I have even written some dumb one’s, BUT, that is by far the dumbest comment I have ever read.

  14. Chad, you’re not going to get a ring in NE. So please, leave the animal cage and join a team that sets you free to be the old Chad.

  15. 15 receptions in 15 regular season games as a Patriot, and I honestly don’t remember him making even half as many catches as that.

    Take whatever they give you, Chad. Sit down and learn the damn plays this year.

  16. Chad Ochocinco must have some dirt on Bill Belichick, because I can’t come up with an explanation why in this crazy world they would keep this guy. Chad has not helped this team at all, period.

  17. We have no luck drafting wr…so stop crying bout 85…what Ever BB does we gone roll with da hoodie we trust…ride might be bumpy but we got best driver

  18. jenniferxxx, every time you say something you prove you know nothing about the NFL. ochocinco wasn’t a free agent, the pats traded for him.

    frankly the only “restructuring” they should be doing is “restructuring” their relationship with Ocho by cutting him.

  19. If he doesnt restructure, drop him. He was a waste of roster space. Welker should be getting paid.
    Johnson should have learned the Patriots gameplan months ago. Christ it isnt ricket science. Go after a receiver that has a deep threat to take the pressure off Welker and the TE.
    Gronk was a wuss, he should have never played in the Super Bowl , he was a distraction.

    Put up WR and TE or shut up

  20. I’m still waiting for Chad to emerge as a “secret weapon”………. 🙂

    I was more than shocked to see this story. I thought we would not hear from Chad again in NE again and now the Pats are talking about a restructure????

  21. All this crap about how Ocho is done.. isn’t that what they said about Moss when he joined the PATS… ? Ocho was given a few chances this past season to make “that catch”.. and couldn’t do it. He will take the restructuring.. work with Brady in the off-season and have a great year.. BOOK IT!

  22. BB never keeps someone just because he likes them personally. So this is either a second chance for Chad OR a way for him to save face by not taking the restructure so they can part ways.

    Funny thing is that a lot of guys that left kicking and screaming (Milloy, Law, and even Bledsoe) have all come back to the franchise after their careers to consider themselves as Patriots. Even Kosar made up with him (though I credit Kosar for this more as I believe he reached out first).

  23. Maybe they will Cut Ochocinco and Sign Chad Johnson to a reduced rate. I guess he filed papers to have his last named changed back to Johnson.

    If he said no to the Pats and they cut him there is no team that is going to offer him big bucks on the open market.

    He is 34 past his prime and even at league Min he would make several times more that most 34 year old men make….

    The Patriots have him over a barrel with just those intangibles.

  24. Incentive based contracts.. they should all be that way.

    Chad’s a good WR (regardless to what you think about his antics) he’d just never been on a real football team.

  25. As a life-long Pats fan this whole situation has been a real headscratcher. Ok, so he didn’t get the playbook and his route-running is sloppy.. but coach always puts his players into their best position to succeed and no one can say CJ can’t run nor is unmotivated.

    My question is why not just line the guy up and give him 3 points.. left pylon, goal post, right pylon. Just send him deep and give Brady the option to put it up for him. If he doesn’t beat the coverage then one of the safeties will have to pick him up anyhow, thus “taking the top” off of the defense.

    I thought for sure we’d have seen this during the Super Bowl.

  26. At a reduced rate yes but he is past his prime and that is the bottom line. Yes he has never been on a real team like the Pats but the Pats know how to manage the budget and there is no room for a 34 year old 3rd or 4th receiver in the NFL that warrants big money.

    I am not attacking Chad he is a good receiver that went to a team loaded with talent if he wants to stay he has to understand there are only so many opportunity’s left for him to win a title and the Pats are not a bad place for him to be.

  27. BB must love Chad’s Johnson…only way to explain why he’s even still on the team.

  28. Couldn’t agree more.. and I felt that way BEFORE the recent signings. Let’s just hope that that young “D” can really gel from the start this time and that Andersen and Carter re-up to help it do so.

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