Recapping the Combine

As draft analysts go, former Vikings player Corey Chavous of has a very high ceiling.

He’s been carrying a folder of DVDs of every draftable player since he was in the league and brings a rare passion to the gig.

I was excited to see him on NBC SportsTalk Wednesday with new proud papa Ross Tucker and host Russ Thaler, so it only seemed right to post it here.

(You know a video has to be good when we post a video that Florio and I aren’t actually in. Which, of course, helps its chances of being good.)

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

6 responses to “Recapping the Combine

  1. Bang on. All the Kendall Wright apologists out there need to listen up to Thaler. If Alshon Jeffery ran 4.61 the same people would be shoveling dirt on him, even though Alshon is 6″ taller and 25 pounds heavier.

  2. But Kirkpatrick played for an SEC team. Don’t you know that means he is superior in every way to all others? Usain Bolt would not outrun an SEC defense.

    That’s what the media tells us all year long and then the combines comes around and these SEC studs somehow run comparable times to everyone else.

  3. You may have some matching times but by and large the majority of the defensive players as a whole are faster collectively in the SEC than other conferences.

    If it helps you to sleep better at night then just read over your comment three times before your head hits the pillow.

  4. Cue the high school heros who will claim to bench more than the kids at the combine during their work outs at the YMCA and to have “never taken a play off” during their senior year in high school when they won the big Thanksgiving day game in 3,2,1….

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