Titans’ 2012 “to-do” list

Tuesday’s PFT Live included no team “to-do” list for the 2012 offseason.  So I can’t try to force you to watch any of the “to-do” lists from Tuesday.

But I still have one from Monday.

Here’s what the Titans should consider doing in preparation for a season that could end up with a playoff berth far more easily than anyone realizes.

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5 responses to “Titans’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. I would insert pass rush at #2 and shift everything else down. Receivers aren’t a problem for a team that hardly ever throws it.

  2. If you get rid of Chris Johnson that would solve most of your problem. Take whatever loss you will take and move on. He is not a 2000 yard back anymore and doesn’t play with any motivation. He got paid and that is all is he concerned about.

  3. 1)Resigning/franchising michael griffin is a priority, finding decent safeties is very difficult

    2)Pass rush needs to be addressed before corners are, they probably wont but mario williams could have a peppers effect which the titan havent had since kearse

    3)I would prefer to keep finnegan but the titans can live with verner and mccourty starting and have promising talent with tommie campbell (PASS RUSH DETERMINES PLAY OF SECONDARY)

    4)Adding one really good WR could put this offense over the top given that britt is healthy

  4. I don’t understand how people this Chris Johnson has any value any more. Last year, he averaged around 50 yards a game put no effort into his game, and is now just proud that he is raping Tennessee fans with his Maybach.

    This guy is a waste. Last year the whole discussion on what is wrong with this guy. He shouldn’t get a pass. He doesn’t care, he got paid.

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