Vikings stadium bill coming as soon as Thursday

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The Vikings finally seem to be closing in on their long-awaited new stadium.  And it won’t be built in Southern California.

A.J. Monsour of KFAN reports that the Minnesota Legislature could pass a stadium bill as soon as Thursday.  A press conference has been scheduled for 9:00 a.m. CT.

If the deal is finalized, a new stadium will be built close to the site of the Metrodome, with the Vikings playing in the existing structure for two or three years while construction proceeds.  Then, the Vikings will spend one full season at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium before moving into the new venue, which would open in 2016.

Under the deal, Vikings will pay half of all construction and operating expenses.  It’s expected that the stadium will cost $975 million.

56 responses to “Vikings stadium bill coming as soon as Thursday

  1. Viking Fans voted for Jesse the Body and Stuart Smalley. I can only imagine what kind of brainiacs inhabit their state legislature. Maybe a few cage fighters, ex-hockey goons, Elvis impersonators, and a guy who knows every line from the movie Fargo

  2. It is 99% done, will sign off on it by thursday, construction will commence by summer! We are on our way! Now they just need to put a decent product on the field to justify the costs!

  3. It’s about time! Stadium, Free agents, And the draft. Getting younger could be a lot of fun? If they at least try!

  4. So the dedication plaque in 2016 will read: Let this stadium serve as a monument to or brazen stupidity and undying commitment to supporting our vikequeefs the team that stands above all other sports teams as the unchallenged champions of abject failure.

  5. Why is it that I suspect that after this stadium is built, it will still be inferior to most other NFL stadiums?

  6. Where the heck did this come from? Funny how we haven’t had a Vikings stadium update in like two days and it feels like it’s been forever…I guess it was that over mentioned.
    BUT YES!!!!!

  7. Going to check the star tribune but last I heard there will be a bill but it has to be approved by the city council who were holding tight on voting no. But a little green can go a long way.

    If this true congratz it is over and TBH LA really would like a team but taking the tradition from Minnesota and bringing it to LA is just plain stupid.

    San Diego and Oakland need stadiums and I think California should take care of their own first if willing.

  8. It’s about time. The Vikings belong in Minnesota and whether or not politicians believe it, having a pro football team does benefit to the fortification of the economy in the state of Minnesota!!

  9. Ok just read the article so a deal will be aprovved but here is the low down from the star tribune about getting it passed and I will quote

    “The next step would be for a bill to be introduced that contains the basic terms of the deal. About half the 2012 session remains before the Legislature is scheduled to adjourn in late April — time enough, most legislators say, for the bill to be heard and passed.

    Even if the bill were to pass at the Capitol, the deal still would need approval by the Minneapolis City Council. At least seven of the council’s 13 members are on record as opposing the city’s participation in a stadium deal without putting it to the people for a vote.”

    I hope it passes Go Vikes!!!!

  10. I thought the vikings were supposed to be this storied franchise with this huge fan base. Why don’t you guys pay for the whole stadium instead of half of it? Man up and buy PSLs.

  11. Arden Hills lost a huge revenue source and it’s a bummer too because it would have been a much better venue… no matter glad it’s done


  12. they’ll hafta bypass the city council, but whatever it takes, IT’S GOTTA GET DONE!!!!

  13. Good progress, but the hardest part (getting the votes to pass it) still looms large…

    Get it done.

  14. Zigi sold out, should of stuck with Arden hills or packed up the mayflower trucks.

  15. Good news. Not a fan of the Vikings in particular (not a hater either), but, the Vikings should be in Minnesota. It’s a tradition thing.

    Besides ‘LA Vikings’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  16. I sincerely hope our government(s) will find the will or a way to overturn the NFL blackout rules with more and more taxpayer money being given to private businesses. I love football but I also want to see the games that we help fund.

  17. Good, it is nice to know that I will still have my two weeks of talking @%$# to all my friends that are Viking fans. The up or down side to it is that I won’t have to worry about the next time they need to build a stadium. Heres to the next 30-40 years of hating my friends for two weeks a year, or vice versa.

  18. By close of business today, the headline will read

    “New stadium deal in Minny in jeopardy!!1!”

    followed by

    “Stadium deal all but done”

    followed by

    “Vikes in danger of moving to LA”

    Seriously, no one cares about the uncertainty. Call us when you have an iron-clad story to report, instead of telling us what MIGHT happen every day for 6 months

  19. All Vikings Fans,

    Wait until you see what a game will cost at the new stadium. First you will pay a seat license fee and then what is now a $59 seat will escalate to $149!

    Good luck!

  20. PFT should data mine the “vikes to LA” comments. I’d like to know the total number of idiots who thought they’d leave, total number of posts made by said idiots, and the most posts made by a single idiot.

    Granted this is not a done deal but it should be obvious from how this process has progressed that there is virtually no chance of the team leaving. Goodell said as much.

  21. how many times have we heard they’re close? not believing it until its official. if they do how about they man up and have an open air stadium and play the way football was meant to be played?

  22. I feel like this headline is a bit misleading…but hopefully all of the right wheels have been greased and there is a deal coming soon. And why as an NFL fan, and as a real fan of your own team, would you wish that another city’s fans lose their team? i.e. all of you out there chanting “LA Vikings” out of spite. I hate the Packers and Bears teams with a passion but never would I wish for their teams to move cities. Stop the hate and go be a “fan” of your own team.

  23. So everyone is happy that the tax payers are giving a billionaire a half billion dollars for a very profitable business. Seems like a good deal there.

  24. Anyone who keep saying the Vikes are going to LA know nothing about the NFL or the state of Minnesota. Everyone here knows they aren’t going to leave, and the NFL would not allow it. This isn’t a franchise like the Jaguars or Rams who struggle to sell tickets and have a weak fanbase. The Twin Cities are a VIKINGS town, not a Twins town… and it’s not even close.

    I wish it was going up in Arden Hills so we could have parking and tailgating, but wherever, I guess.

  25. Great news for the NFC north. Here’s hoping the deal gets done.

    Would love to see a Packer game in the new stadium when it gets done and glad I won’t have to drive to Duluth to do it.

  26. Arden Hills would have been great for the Vikes and fans alike! But as long as a new Vikes stadium is built all is good! anybody that thinks this won’t be passed is being silly, All polliticians that have a say in the matter want or need something, All the right wheels will get Greased!!

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