Cindrich thinks Farrior will be the next Steeler to go

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During Thursday’s PFT Live, which included the 2012 Steelers “to-do” list (the whole show is available in the box in the right rail), I suggested that the Steelers continue their youth movement, continuing with linebacker James Farrior.

Farrior’s agent believes that’s precisely what will happen.

“It’s not a done deal, but the percentages just aren’t there,” Ralph Cindrich tells Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Farrior, 37, is due to earn a base salary of $2.825 million in 2012, the final year of his contract.

“James wants to play and wants to play with the Steelers,” Cindrich said.  “The question is, do they have room for him?”

The Steelers could reduce Farrior’s salary to $925,000.  They could also cut Farrior and re-sign him to a one-year, $925,000 deal that counts only $540,000 against the salary cap.

The Steelers chose not to do that with Hines Ward.  We’ll find out soon whether they want to do that with Farrior.

11 responses to “Cindrich thinks Farrior will be the next Steeler to go

  1. The problem with these older players is that when the skills go, they go very fast. Guys can be having a career season one minute, and run out of gas the next. (See Brett Favre.) Hines looked good in 2010–and was the only Steelers receiver who seemed truly focused in the Super Bowl. But his skills deteriorated very quickly in 2011.

    Farrior has lost some speed, but hasn’t had a major meltdown–so far. But that could happen suddenly in 2012. On the other hand, he’s our defensive signal-caller. It would be good to keep him around to help another player transition into that role. Guess it depends on whether we can afford that luxury.

  2. The Steelers can include up to $65,000 in additional compensation on a 1-year $925,000 contract and it would still count only $540,000 against the cap.

    The $65,000 could be a signing bonus, reporting bonus, workout bonus. As long as the base salary is the minimum based on his credited seasons and the additional compentation does not exceed $65,000, the contract qualifies.

  3. If he does get cut, Dallas should sign him for a year and put Carter at the other OLB position or as a flex player.

  4. Unlike WR they don’t have the depth at ILB to let Farrior go, re-structure and play the final year and hang em up. Farrior is a true unsung hero.

  5. The Eagles should kick the tires on him…Over pay him for a one year deal. Even if he doesn’t have much left, his nastiness may rub off on some of the softer players.

  6. Young fast and susceptible to deep play-action fakes.
    See first round playoff loss to Denver Tebows for examples Steely McBeam.

  7. No depth on the inside, seriously? Lt has been the stud inside and Hicks is the next in line. Please, if you only post to hate, spare us your stupidity

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