First franchise tag goes to DeSean Jackson


On the 11th day, the first franchise tag rested.  On the shoulders of No. 10.

The Eagles announced on Thursday afternoon the placement of their franchise tender on receiver DeSean Jackson.

“We want DeSean to be an Eagle for the long haul and this is a step in the right direction to accomplish that,” said Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman said.  “DeSean is a talented player and a proven playmaker in this league and we look forward to him continuing his career in Philadelphia.  It’s our understanding that he has the same desire.  We will continue our efforts on getting a long-term deal done with him.”

The move comes as no surprise.  The Eagles weren’t going to let Jackson walk away without compensation.  Now, they can try to trade him to a team that would be willing to give Jackson a long-term deal.  Or the Eagles can sign him to an acceptable long-term deal.

Jackson’s size and history of injuries (specifically concussions) continue to complicate the assessment of his value.  If/when he’s signed to a multi-year deal with significant guaranteed money, the injury risk shifts to the team.  Until then, the risk remains with Jackson.

With or without a long-term deal, Jackson will be eligible for a one-year, guaranteed contract that will pay him roughly $9.4 million in 2012.  The Eagles can rescind the offer at any time before Jackson signs it — a fact worth keeping in mind, given that the Eagles in the past have stripped the tag from linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and defensive tackle Corey Simon.

Given that Jackson made only $600,000 in 2011, the final season of a four-year slotted rookie deal for a second-round pick, he should run even faster to sign the tender than he did when he returned that punt against the Giants.  The only problem is that, once he signs the tender, he loses his leverage.  If he doesn’t sign he’s not under contract and he can hold out.  If he signs, he’d be subject to stiff daily penalties if he skips mandatory offseason workouts and/or training camp practices.

Of course, with a guaranteed salary of $9.4 million coming, he can more easily afford the fines.

45 responses to “First franchise tag goes to DeSean Jackson

  1. Smart move by the Eagles not to give Jackson a new contract right away. Hopefully he will stop pouting now b/c he will be getting paid this season.

  2. So it looks like Desean will probably be a Eagle next year unless our 14 year old GM is trying to be slick and trade him so it does not bruise his ego anymore than it already is.

  3. Good luck finding a trade partner for that head case…..

    What team will want to give up a high draft pick and a long term contract?

  4. NFL wants to catch the women viewers by putting Desean Jackson in the Superbowl.. His best shot in that is in the midnight green uniform

  5. Scents of a dream team unfolding!!!

    First they sign Trent Edwards, then follow it up by giving a marginally average WR with terrible attitude $9.4M

    SuperBowl or bust!

  6. Woooow no way would I pay him that kinda money, Eagles are doomed, arent they trying to trade him? Nobody will ante up that type of money for him!! Foolish! !!!

  7. Say what you want but the guy was a game changer and top 5 receiver his first 3 seasons. You say he doesn’t go over the middle? How many concussions did he get? The Eagles wanted the kid to play for 600k on his garbage 2nd round rookie contract and risk injury? They got a 600k receiver. You get what you pay for. End of story. He was already underpaid his first 3 years. If he had underperformed or been injured they would have cut him in a heartbeat. It’s a two way street. The Eagles should have learned their lesson from the T.O. fiasco. I’m expecting the game changer next year. He’s already done it for 3 seasons.

  8. As an Eagles fan, I am very happy and relieved. He means more to this team then his stats say. Defenses gameplan for him, not for Maclin or Avant. Lets sign him to a long term deal already so we dont have to go thru what we did with t.o.

  9. Quite the pickle. When the risk is on him, he’ll smartly play to protect his health (but to the detriment of the team). With the risk on the team, he’ll play balls out but you won’t know if his next hit will be his last.

  10. Translation: He’s yours if you wanna give us a first round pick. Bid away!

    A vote of confidence and kind words from the Eagles front office is like the kiss of death.

  11. Another season of drops and shy aways over the middle! This kid wanted $$ not a one year prove it deal. Won’t try again. BAd move Philly

  12. If he signs, he’d be subject to stiff daily penalties if he skips mandatory offseason workouts and/or training camp practices.
    Why isn’t this mentioned in the articles about tagging Brees? In those articles you imply tha Drew can wait until just before the season in order to keep his leverage.

  13. Trade him to Indy for Andrew Luck … or the Rams for RG3.

    I’m kidding of course … it’s completely ridiculous and total fan fiction. But somewhere someone actually believes it could happen.

  14. This mess will be over with soon enough and he can just go back to being a hardworking player. Yes, he was that prior to his antics this season, which were partly understandable since he has taken two big concussions on his low-end contract. I hope they give him 5-6 years with half guaranteed.

  15. Good player and not the headache some think he is. He and coach reid have a good relationship and he will probably play better next season. Good move by the Birds, get it out of the way and keep working on a longer term deal that is easier on the salary cap.

  16. Rumors were floating around last season that Drew Rosenhaus had been constantly lending DeSean a LOT of money last season promising him that his next contract would be huge and his loans would be paid off easily. Absolutely no place for an agent to put his clients in debt like that. Rosenhaus is a massive tool. If all that is true, I can only hope DeSean can pay off the loans with the money from signing the tender, and that he is willing to negotiate a reasonable long term contract while returning to his old form. Last year, it was really obvious that he was playing not to get hurt so he didn’t lose out on the payday (and possibly not be able to repay Rosenhaus).

  17. Exactly, sign the franchise tender now and hold the Eagles feet to the fire…him signing it will put the Eagles right up against the cap. Sign it right now! Hope nobody trades for him…

  18. He outperformed is rookie deal 2 years ago so the tag as I see it is for money owed.Not that he had a great year last year but the ultimate slap in the face was signing S.Smith to a 2 mill. deal when he never won a game for the Eagles.A hurt player at that.So good 4 you D.Jax..Now help us win a dam Super Bowl already.I’m sick of feeling like the black sheep of the NFC East

  19. yea im sure he is thrilled to be once again on a one year deal, with no security after that.(SARCASM) although i have to say that is more assurance then me and my family get in this economy/recession

  20. his value is much bigger than his stats. he takes one safety completely out of the play just by being on the field. I predict he bounces back in a big way this year.

  21. Every Eagles fan is so clueless when you talk to them you would think they have won 6 Super Bowls. You guys are the bubblegum on the bottom of the NFL shoe.

  22. He’s a home run hitter. I.e. Ryan Howard. He single handily can win a game, or be terrible and take the heat for a loss.

  23. It’s easy to say that any self depricating Eagles fan has harsher words than their outside counterparts.. simply said I had/have hopes for Mike Wallace vs Djack.. his exposure to the media reminds of a certain other Eagles wideout who hijacked an entire season in ’05. JUST PLAY FOR WHAT YOU SIGNED TO.

  24. Jackson might be the most misunderstood player in football. He fell to the second round because of supposed “antics” and then played 3 years of his contract at 400-600k per despite well out-performing it. Then he holds out for two weeks and everyone jumps back on him and says see told you so. He did not have a good year in 2011 but I don’t understand why so many of our own want him gone. It was so obvious he played poorly due to pressure of his contract situation plus he was definitely affected by the “lack of love.” I’m sure he is used to haters but he also always had supporters. Last year he felt like it was him vs world and I think most of it was media creation.

  25. Good!
    I hope that means that the Eagles will not draft Michael Floyd before the Bears pick.

  26. If I was franchised I would sit out. No way I’m going to be an owners “streetwalker” for a year and put my career on the line. Sitting out will mean less wear and tear and if your a “body is temple” guy… why take the chance? DEAL OR NO DEAL?
    If your a “franchise player”… some other franchise will step up. See Carson Palmer and The Bengals. Players who can still play will get their way.
    It’s a new day owners.

  27. 9 milli u kno he hitting the strip bar n makin it rain 100k then coppin the new Bugatti, a mansion ,paying the agent ,uncle sam,baby momma,family,then he left with 600k just what he earned last year

  28. phillyphan72 says:Mar 1, 2012 6:43 PM

    He outperformed is rookie deal 2 years ago so the tag as I see it is for money owed.
    I have a problem with that thinking-
    The way I see it, they CANNOT “outperform” their deal..
    A player may sign a BAD deal, but whatever the terms, they are obligated to play to the best of their abilities. None of this “you ain’t payin’ me enough to go over the middle” nonsense.
    The up-front $$ sure gets ’em to sign these “bad deals” fast enough!! 😡

  29. I have mixed emotions on this. I loved Desean year 1 and 2. As time goes on, his money woes are wearing on my nerves. I surely hope this is a precursor to a long term 4-5 year deal. But, we do have Maclin and McCoy who will want big deals as well, so that needs to be planned for.

    However, for the dungheap who said this puts the Eagles right up against the cap…you may want to check your math. 23.2 million free – 9.4 million on Desean is HARDLY right up against the cap…

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