Marcus Vick faces another arrest warrant

We noted this week that a judge issued an arrest warrant for Marcus Vick after Vick failed to report to jail for a 10-day sentence. As it turns out, Vick is actually facing two arrest warrants from two judges.

The other arrest warrant is in Montgomery County, Virginia, for failing to appear in court for a civil suit.

In that case, Vick was sued by a woman who had sex with him when she was a teenager and he was a quarterback at Virginia Tech. Vick was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and later agreed to pay $40,000 to the woman, who said her relationship with Vick left her psychologically damaged. But Vick has apparently never paid up, and has also failed to show up to court hearings in connection with the matter.

It has been really upsetting for her,” the woman’s lawyer, Kristopher Olin, told the Daily Press. “Mr. Vick’s blatant disregard for our agreement, for the court system and just not honoring his word has really been frustrating for her, and it’s just disappointing.”

Vick, a former Miami Dolphin and the younger brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, is considered a fugitive from justice.

25 responses to “Marcus Vick faces another arrest warrant

  1. Well duh. I hope nobody is surprised by this article. Ah yes, the NFL sure knows how to pick winners to play in their league. Mike Vick is still wondering; who let da dwags out, ruf ruf!

  2. i know its Marcus Vick, but women seem to be all the same. shes extremely frustrated because she didnt get her free money. damn gold diggers.

  3. So let me get this straight… when she was a teen she did it with the quarterback and she gets $40,000 for the traumatizing experience?!

    How bad a lover do you have to be to owe someone $40g AFTER?!

  4. Stupid girl. Even stupider jury for awarding her money. Vick sounds like a scumbag but if every bad relationship or consensual sexual encounter leads to a lawsuit when 1 of them get burned then our country is in bigger trouble than I thought. I have a feeling this woman has no desire to be a productive member of our society, just another freeloader.

  5. His twitter was about Tommy Reamon son which is who he calls little bro, along with half of the Eagles team you morons who want to jump to conclusion, Lesean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin also twitted they were on their way to gym with Mike. So learn to read the facts tr2 is not Marcus. Furthermore I guess Michael David Smith cannot report on real NFL players or is this his hate for Mike that he is keep a story about a failure to appear warrant in the headlines. SMH.. Well I guess when you hate you hate simple as that. This is a non-sports story/

  6. You can borrow money from your brother……..Oh wait……He’s still delinquent on his lawyer bills. Pretty good people you’ve become. Your mother should be proud.

  7. Talk about a sibling rivalry. Mike and Marcus are in a serious battle to see who the bigger moron is. How proud their parents must be…

  8. Marcus Vick never played a down in the nfl?
    This posting is nothing but an opportunity to bash a young man you don’t like and feed into many others who want to do the same.
    Odd how the name Vick brings you do many hits but you have no shame exploiting it for something completely unrelated to the older brother trying to turn his life around. He hits charitable events weekly and you never post that.
    Thinks for encouraging hate.

  9. Wow. What enlightened comments.

    If some of you posters could stop letting your misogyny get in the way long enough to actually click on the articles, you’d see that she “woman” was a 15 year old GIRL and the $40,000 was a settlement not an award.

    But don’t worry, someday maybe a woman will give you some attention so you can stop being so immediately biased against them.

  10. jmt8251 says:
    Mar 1, 2012 6:49 AM
    His twitter was about Tommy Reamon son which is who he calls little bro, along with half of the Eagles team you morons who want to jump to conclusion,

    JMT, dude you gotta lighten up, have another cup of coffee. It was clearly a joke.

    and I really wanted to say something about jumping to conclusions and pots calling kettle’s names… but decided to just have another cup of coffee instead.

  11. Should have kept those legs closed. I have a feeling you’re not going to see a nickel of that $40,000

  12. So i guess this mean i can sue like 4 of my ex girlfriends cause i was left psychologically damaged??? I mean come on give me a break this is a straight money grab attempt by this chick. I cant believe the courts gave her money.

  13. Did the court consider the possibility that the psychological damage she suffered occured over a much longer period of time than her relatively short relationship with Marcus?

  14. Marcus Vick– if you want to look up the meaning for how to waste potential, a picture of Marcus Vick is looking at you, this guy blew his chances by being stupid both on and off the field.

  15. Upon further research it seems likely that she was 15 and he was 19. I’m pretty sure thats legally rape in Virginia. Vick probably agreed to pay 40k to avoid go to jail and registering as a sex offender.

  16. I know folks in my area who got paid off by the Vick family to fail to cooperate with the authorities on charges of brandishing a firearm in the Hampton Roads area (think it actually happened at a 7-11 in Suffolk). This was pre-dog-fiasco.

  17. Vick paid up, and woman now, I hope you work and be good for you next man. They don’t come easy and it is difficlut to keep them once you give them the gold. ring first then gold. Suffer if you must. I wish I suffer longer. And maybe the gold would still be mine. No a relation a person should ‘t suffer, period.

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