Raiders will cut Wimbley if he doesn’t take pay cut


We passed along a report two weeks ago that Kamerion Wimbley would not be interested in taking a pay cut to stay with the Raiders.

We now pass along a report from NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora that the Raiders will cut Wimbley unless he takes a pay cut.

Using the transitive property, Wimbley is going to hit the open market.  Or someone is lying.

It’s not a shocking decision because the Raiders have so much salary cap space to clear. Then again, they have to pay Wimbley $6.5 million guaranteed whether he is on the roster or not. Wimbley is due $11 million total, so the Raiders are essentially choosing not to keep Wimbley for an additional $4.5 million.

Can Wimbley get that money elsewhere?  With so few pass rushers on the market, we bet he can. His agent appears to agree.

It’s worth remembering once again: Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie took over an almost impossible situation. The franchise has to suffer some short-term pain in order to get healthy down the road.

24 responses to “Raiders will cut Wimbley if he doesn’t take pay cut

  1. Cut him.He didnt even come
    close to living up to that ridiculous contract.The Raiders need to clean house and bring in the right fits and not these overpriced under producing stiffs.

  2. And Carson thinks they have a championship team. Right.

    Hey Wimbley, Bengals would like to schedule an appointment with you. Plenty of cap space. Come on over.

  3. He’s an above average player at best who had 1 great game vs San Diego’s back up left tackle. Al Davis handed out some insane contracts. The new GM has no clean up this mess.

  4. Surely his agent will tell him nobody will pay u close to that so consider the offer, and the fact that Matt Shanessey will be healthy makes this a no brainer.

  5. There will be some pain, players will be cut. Mr. McKenzie has to make the right moves, right now.
    Wimbley needs to restructure, though. It’s funny how the haters were barking how overpaid he was, that Mr. Davis did it again.
    I wonder if Wimbley does sign somewhere else, will the haters bark at the next team that overpays, or do they save that BS for the Raiders?

    The Raiders are on the rise and the league will be better for it. Deal with it…

  6. How much of a difference maker is anyone on the 29th ranked overall defense by yards and points? Come on, this isn’t the doom and gloom that it’s being made out to be. Wimbley was a non factor in most games. He had most of his sacks in one game (the Thursday night San Diego game) against a 3rd string tackle. He isn’t very good against the run either. Check out the second Denver game where he could not consistently maintain the edge and gap disipline against the Tebow read-option. We can find plenty of guys no one has ever heard of making a lot less coin than Wimbley who can do a better job than what I saw last season. That’s the real truth.

  7. He had 7 sacks 4 coming against the chargers 3rd string tackle. He is a liability in pass defense and has not been the answer to stopping the run. If it were not for the 6 million he would have hit the market with Stan. Tough to give another player several million on his way out the door.

  8. This is the mess that Al Davis left behind. Marginal players with huge contracts…and letting pro-bowl players leave, like Asomugha and Zach Miller. McKenzie has a big mess to clean up. Wimbley got a better contract than he deserved. If he won’t restructure it to help the team with the cap, then cut him loose. We don’t need players like that anyway.

  9. there is no “I” in team…..So if he is more about himself than his team…c-ya wouldnt want to be ya.

    Lets face it some obscure nfl rule last year led to him getting the tag, and this unjustifed contract. He had one good game last year, and player the other games the way he played his entire career at the browns. Show me one highlight clip where you watch the guy hit somebody and you say “ouch” Fact is you won’t….his only effective move is when he dips under the tackle. Don’t getme wrong, I like the guy maybe at 4 million a season…but 11 per season is a joke for his mediocre performance

  10. Raider fans are some of the best fans in the NFL. And quite arguably the most entertaining. In October, Oakland fans were talking about how Wimbley is a great player and a building block.

  11. Seattle needs a pass-rusher….wouldn’t it be something if they wound up with Wimbley on the cheap while the Raiders kept Aaron Curry?

  12. In October there were still 10 games left for Wimbley to get something done. We saw him do a whole lot of nothing.

    On the other hand, I think Aaron Curry is going to surprise some folks in 2012. OAK didn’t have any true outside linebackers in ’11 and Ro McClain really is a defensive end with no pass rush moves trying to play in space. The LB corps was awful. BUT Curry was the strongest run stopping force we had down the stretch. Not saying much, but still. Don’t know if we can switch Curry to MLB but he has the athleticism and a nose for the ball that our defense needs. I predict the new coaching staff will get something special out of Curry. Just don’t ask him to play pass coverage.

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