Steelers boot Kemoeatu too

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The purge in Pittsburgh continues.

Guard Chris Kemoeatu will join wide receiver Hines Ward and defensive end Aaron Smith as veterans that the Steelers recently released, according to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Kemoeatu used to be a mauler in the run game, but he’s struggled with injuries and played at a declining level over the last few years. Pittsburgh has shed a lot of salary cap room over the last few weeks, but it won’t be enough to use the franchise tag on Mike Wallace.

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  1. He’s been an under achiever for the last few seasons since his breakout run blocking season. They won’t miss him. The youth movement begins.

  2. It’s about time. Although, he did get hosed on some “holding” calls in the last few years. Still, he was average at best and routinely jumped onto piles well after the play was over.

  3. I’ve watched every Steeler game for the last 10 years. This guy started out like gangbusters, but the last couple of years he has been hot garbage. Good riddance on him and Hines Ward. The youth movement is here!

  4. Everybody chirping about the Steelers being too old or being in “Salary Cap Hell” pay close attention. This is why they’re the best front office in the league.

  5. lol @ all of you all mighty Steeler fans. Good riddance to Hines Ward? You guys are classless, as expected of course.

  6. Whodeytn, nice of you to pick out the one tard who says good riddance to Hines. I know dozens of Steelers fans and all are grateful for his contributions and of the hundreds of posts in recent weeks an overwhelming number are wishing Ward well. Was it time for him to go? Yes. Are we grateful for the time he gave us? Absolutely.

  7. Can you say “Rebuilding ” which always equals Losing. See you at the bottom of the AFC North.

  8. Every Steeler fan loves Hines and A Smith. They were just fantastic. It was time for Kemo to go. Will the next one be Farrior or Foote?

  9. Good move. We will lower our false starts during games and eliminate those stupid 15 yard penalties when he jumped on the pile late. This is one cut that doesn’t bother me.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be odd to see Smith & Ward gone next year but I think the media is going a bit overboard with all of the cuts. Take nothing away from Hines and Smith but the reality is Hines was 5th string (at the end of the year) & Smith has played 15 games in 3 years. Legursky is better than Chris K, they don’t lose antying there either.

  11. These guys should’ve been gone long before Hines. Farrior, Foote, Hampton – step on up to the block

  12. There is no way Hampton gets cut, Colbert basically said so at the combine. It’s gonna be Hightower in Round 1, and in rounds 2/3 they take that Ta’amu dude, the big DT out of Washington, and the best available guard. An RB and an OT in rounds 4 & 5, and maybe a late round kicker to boot.

    Wallace gets re-signed as does Cotchery and the Steelers are all set for 2012.

    Poe would be nice, but he’ll be gone by 1.15.

  13. nineroutsider says: Mar 1, 2012 6:41 PM

    Thought he was puking in that pic when I first saw it on my phone.
    You must have an iPhone.

  14. This is a great day for us Baltimore fans………watching this team get pulled apart is gonna destroy the rivalry. Baltimore is going to be 2-0 against them next year too.

  15. This is a wise move. Kemo hasn’t played effectively for a long time. Thanks for the time you’ve put in with the team. Best of luck in the future.

  16. Steelers don’t rebuild, they reload!!!!Funny reading all this hating from Bungle fans….which of course they’d know all about rebuilding…..they’ve been doing it ever since Boomer left for the Jets….

  17. Hey purplereign52, what rivalry? Ravens have never beat the Steelers in the playoffs. Ravens have zero Superbowl wins to the Steelers 2 Superbowl wins in the last decade. Not much of a rivalry there.

  18. stairwayto7 says:
    Mar 1, 2012 6:31 PM
    Casey Hampton your next!


    If you follow the Steelers at all you would know that they’ve already said Hampton will be back next year.

  19. We don’t want to use the franchise tag on Wallace. It’s an unnecessary expense. We will re-sign him for substantially less than $9.4m per.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t win 6 Lombardi Trophies by panicking every time no nothing sports writers started making noise.

  20. All the Steelers are doing is cutting dead money… only one person they will have to cut who actually is a starter is probably a starter for 2012 is Farrior who is 37… Sorry to disappoint, but the rebuilding has already been in the process for a few years and players like Redman, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Gilbert, Pouncy, Heyward, Hood, Timmons, Woodly, C Brown, Clay, Saunders, Worlids, C Allen, Lewis Kapinos…..Plusss our draft picks for this year….

    By us letting go (team choice) some guys who dont play much anymore or wont be playing in 2012 2013 is a big deal to you then you cant be too bright…..Farrrior I will be sad to let go, but he is 37 and still probably plays better than most ILB’s out there on most teams.

    It is one thing to have your favorite team, but it is another to be a moron and post dumb crap… The Steelers are not going to win a Superbowl every year nor do I think they are going to win the division every single year… But we are built to make a run and have a chance and as a fan , you cant complain about that.

  21. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Mar 1, 2012 8:22 PM
    Can you say “Rebuilding ” which always equals Losing. See you at the bottom of the AFC North.


    You do realize neither Ward, Smith or Kemoeatu were starters right? The lack of intelligence of the posters on this site is hilarious.

  22. It’s funny how Ravens fans brag about beating the Steelers twice last year. Here is the difference between Ravens and Steelers fans:
    Ravens fans are content winning a division and beating the Steelers. Steeler fans expect nothing less than winning a superbowl. Baltimore fans, Try raising your standards and expectations.

  23. Hines..gone
    Aaron Smith….gone
    “Potsie”…likely gone in coming days

    The Steelers have NOOOOOOOO shot of re-signing Mike Wallace. It is over. Our franchise is doomed from this point and we definitely have no shot at being contenders next season. Please direct attention to the real teams….Bengals, Ravens and Patriots.

  24. @wvucolumbus …

    Direct attention to the “real teams”??? Wish I’d had that post when everyone on the college side was demanding an explanation for the SEC not admitting WVU. I could have simply said we don’t cotton to negativity and ignorance. The Steelers are dropping dead weight, son. The players you’ve listed are past their prime and we can’t just carry them–and their salaries. As for Wallace … the Rooneys have a longstanding policy of not giving up the farm to pay guys who only touch the ball a few times a game (receivers). But we didn’t lose a step when Plaxico and Santonio left. If Mike leaves, it won’t be the end of the world. Have a little faith.

  25. I know a lot of Raven fans celebrate us beating the Steelers twice last year but don’t be confused, our goal is to win a Super Bowl. Only a moron would think we’re satisfied with the small victories against the Steelers. The Ravens are serious contenders as are the Steelers. To hell with the talk. I love the rivalry between the teams. I can’t wait for the schedule to come out to make sure I’m off to watch those two games. By the way a rivalry isn’t about who won championships. It’s about the emotion & competition level between two teams who are usually in the same division
    The Settlers are a very good team with a history of success. That’s what I love about the rivalry. The Ravens have been very successful as well, just haven’t been in the league as long.

  26. Not sure when Kemoeatu was a mauler in the run game like this article referenced — he was always an undisciplined, large and not particularly athletic Guard trying to play a zone blocking system that he was ill adapted to do.

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