Aaron Smith sounds likely to retire

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Released by the Steelers after 13 seasons, defensive end Aaron Smith sounds more likely to retire than find another team that will pay him.

“We’re celebrating [13] years of having the privilege of playing for the Steelers, and Aaron is celebrating having more time with his five kids and wife. There are no hard feelings,” Peter Schaffer told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

That doesn’t sound like a player that is looking for an incentive-laden minimum salary deal. Hines Ward is determined to keep playing football, but Smith wants to spend time with his family.

Tom Curran of CSNNE.com wonders if the Patriots might give Smith a call to see if he’s truly ready to retire. Bill Belichick has always been a huge vocal admirer of Smith.

Based on Schaffer’s words, it sounds like Smith isn’t ready to commit to playing again.

18 responses to “Aaron Smith sounds likely to retire

  1. Aaron Smith is a rare breed. Great athlete and great, humble person. Underrated for most of his career but he was a beast before the injuries started piling up.

  2. Aaron was one of the most underated players in the NFL through out most of his career. He will be missed.

  3. The TRUE def of a 3-4 lineman…. The LB’s can run around like wildmen when you have players like Aaron Smith doing the trench work…! THANK YOU Aaron…!!

  4. Aaron played a pivotal role in our defense until injuries began taking their toll. He’s earned the respect and affection of Steeler fans and his opportunity to enjoy life with his family. I hope he sticks to this decision and retires. He has his Super Bowl rings, and it’s not worth the physical wear and tear to return for the limited amount of playing time he’d see with another team. All the best, Aaron!!

  5. Thank you Aaron Smith! Started his college career as a 200lb d-lineman at Northern Colorado, now he finishes as a 2 time super bowl champion and one of the best d-lineman since 2000.

    Good Luck Mr. Smith in whatever life brings you!

  6. All the best to you, Aaron. Many thanks for your leadership, tenacity, hard work, and excellent play. You were a great Steeler.

  7. Best 3-4 end of his generation and potentially the best 3-4 end ever, but he only made one pro-bowl.

    Talk about a thankless task.

    Real football fans knew how good he was, though.

    I’m glad I got to see him play.

  8. Aaron Smith was an incredible player for many, many years. Tough to see the injuries pile up, but he did far more than most people recognized when he was here. The Steelers were pretty much impossible to run on for nearly a decade thanks to he and Hampton, but when Hampton was out, Smith still kept the run defense strong.

  9. “ravenator says: Mar 2, 2012 3:48 PM

    I’d retire if I got Tebow’d out of the playoffs too”

    I missed the part where the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Oh, that’s right, they got beat by Tom Titty-Baby and Darth Hoodie.

    ravenator, judging by your posts, you have an unhealthy obsession with the Steelers; might want to have someone professional look into that.

  10. ravenator says: Mar 2, 2012 3:48 PM

    I’d retire if I got Tebow’d out of the playoffs too


    Would you retire if you Cundiff’d out of the playoffs?

  11. Fare thee well, Brother Aaron. May the Gold Jacket Fraternity find you sooner than later. Another Great Steeler on with the rest of his life..

  12. mmmpierogi says:
    Would you retire if you Cundiff’d out of the playoffs?

    Actually, the Ravens were “Evansed” out of the AFC championship game, not the wildcard round. Had Cundiff made the field goal, it would have sent the game into overtime; and there’s no guarantee the Ravens would have won the game.
    Like another Steelers fan said in a different thread – Ravens fans are ignorant. But at least we’re looking forward to next season, and not whining about the past.
    I come to threads about the Steelers to pay tribute to good players on a good team, and their respectable fans. Too bad a few make more noise than the good ones. Read a few comments from Steelers Will or Deb; they understand the game of football.

  13. “Aaron is celebrating having more time with his five kids and wife.”


    Translation: He isn’t able to play well enough anymore…

  14. @ravenator

    Aaron Smith wasn’t even playing in that game, so what does it have to do with this story? Typical Baltimoron. I wouldn’t talk too proud sine the Ratbirds did what they always do, get to the big game & CHOKE! The only diffrence this past season was,it wasn’t the 6-time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers handing you your collective asses.

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