Buddy Nix: We’ll be aggressive for “a difference-maker” in free agency


The Bills are projected to start free agency comfortably under the salary cap, and they say they’re willing to go out and spend quickly — if the right player is there.

Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said on 550 WGR that he’s thinking less about going after a specific position and more about targeting a player who can make an instant impact on the team.

“And when I say we’re gonna be aggressive, what I mean is this time if there’s a difference-maker — not necessarily a position — but if there’s a guy that can come in here and immediately improve our football team, we’ll get in the hunt early this time,” Nix said.

But if there’s not “a difference-maker” then the Bills aren’t in a rush to make a move just for the sake of making a move.

“Our philosophy, or mine, or ours is that those big money guys that hit the market at 12:01 or midnight, the way it used to be, if you’re not careful you’ll overspend on those guys and not get what you pay for,” Nix said. “We’ve been one to think you can pick up good players later on in free agency, and I’m talking about guys like Nick Barnett, receivers that we’ve picked up. They’re out there, and they’ll be out there and that’s kind of been our philosophy along with building through the draft.”

And so the Bills, who haven’t made the playoffs since 1999, may not be aggressive in free agency at all, instead showing a patience that may not be shared by their fans.

19 responses to “Buddy Nix: We’ll be aggressive for “a difference-maker” in free agency

  1. And they wont be aggresive, because no one in Free Agency will be considered by the Bills as a “difference maker”…

    That guy, Peyton Manning, he’s not a difference maker.

  2. Ideal for a Bills fan would be for them to get Mario Williams in FA so they dont waste ANOTHER 1st round pick on a DE bust. and then spend the 10 pick on the best OT available.

    I would call that a success.

    That and if they got this Peyton Manning guy everyone is talking about.

  3. Its too bad the Bills would have to massively overspend to get any impact free agent to come to Buffalo…..

  4. Headline reads they will be aggressive, with one line about it, then the rest of the article supports how Buddy says they will most likely be patient.

    It’s tough to be a Bills fan with all of the contradictions

  5. Agent: “Buffalo is offering you $xx,xxx,xxx to come play with them.”

    Player: “Any one else coming close to that offer?”

  6. Kiss of death for any FA going there. Think about it. Chan Gailey is there. Why would any difference maker want to play for them?

  7. “We’ve been one to think you can pick up good players later on in free agency, and I’m talking about guys like Nick Barnett, receivers that we’ve picked up. They’re out there, and they’ll be out there and that’s kind of been our philosophy along with building through the draft.”

    – That philosophy has worked well the past decade or so. Must be frustrating being a Bills fan and hearing this garbage from your GM.

  8. Switching back to the 4-3 and in need of a hybrid rush end to play defensive end, right? I’d be interested to see if they’ll make a play for someone like Cliff Avril regardless of whether or not he gets tagged. It’s obviously unlikely given A. The Bills unwillingness to go all out in free agency (huge contract demands and draft pick concessions), B. Avril’s desire to compete for a winner (poison pill would probable with a contender, no offense Bills fans), and C. Detroit’s desire to keep Avril around long-term; however, if the Bills are willing to spend and Avril is willing to take more money for possibly fewer wins, Avril could end up as The Bills’ new “difference-maker.”

  9. Buddy found the $ to pay Fitz at the level he did … he needs to put that and maybe more on the other side of the ball …

    Mario may be a pie in the sky, but why not try … Cliff Avril is someone I wanted them to take in the draft … they took Chris Ellis instead

  10. You know, it’s funny, everybody says the Bills have to overpay guys to play in Buffalo, but not one person gives an example. It’s actually quite the opposite, Buffalo tends not to pony up the cash and some other team comes in and financially sweeps the player off his feet and away from the Bills. Clabo used the Bills last year to get the most out of the Falcons, T.O. used the Bills to show he could be a good teammate, I have never seen the Bills overpay for anybody. An OL at 10 is just as big of risk as a DE at 10, so I don’t even want to hear that argument. Also, before injuries, Buffalo’s OL was top-5 in the entire NFL, Wood, Levitre and even Bell could have been Pro-Bowl worthy, Levitre being an All-Pro. We need developmental depth along the O-Line, or FA upgrades, not high draft picks spent on the postition. I like Mercilus from Ill. and the kid from ‘Cuse, both of whom can be had in the draft. I don’t expect the Bills to come up with the cash Williams will be looking for, I also would prefer they stay away from Avril. Who was Cliff Avril before Suh and Vandenbosch? Avril would be expected to be “The Guy”, I don’t think he can be. I also doubt he could stand in a 3-4 either. The Top-3 rounds in the draft should focus on Defense, with good Offensive talent available in the later rounds, ecspecially at the skill positions. Buffalo is a half-way decent D away from a winning team.

  11. Buffalo = Green Bay of 25-30 years ago. Anyone on any team that misbehaves will be threatened with a trade to Buffalo. And no FA wants to go there.

    Reggie White changed all that for Green Bay. Now it’s a favored destination for players. No other team treats their players as well or has better facilities than GB.

    That’s why Buffalo needs to do everything they can to sign Mario Williams and, as a bonus, Peyton Manning.

  12. What is all this talk about the Bills getting an OL? Maybe as insurance. They were tied for 3rd in sacks allowed and would have been in the top 10, possibly even the top 5 in rushing yards had Jackson stayed healthy (missed 6 games). Thats with all the changes they made due to injury.

  13. They’ve got to lay a foundation through the draft. It looks like they may have with Byrd, Levitre, Wood, Dareus, Shepard, Spiller. Now they can’t let those guys go a long with SJ13.

  14. Bring in Matt Moore to give Fitz someone decent to compete with. I’m not saying Moore is better, I’m saying the competition would really help with Fitz development, or on the other side of the coin, Matt Moore’s development.

    Seriously, Matt Flynn had one good game with one of the best offences in football, and got hyped up a lot, yet Matt Moore’s entire season with the Dolphins went unnoticed.

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