Cardinals face a tough decision on Levi Brown

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Competent left tackles rarely if ever become available in free agency.  And while Levi Brown, the fifth overall pick in the 2007, wasn’t regarded as a competent left (or right) tackle early in his career, Brown has become in the past two seasons a much more consistent performer.

As he enters the final year of his rookie deal, Browns is carrying the kind of inflated cap number that will cause a team to either extend the deal and reduce the burden — or cut the player loose.

Per a league source, momentum currently is pointing toward the latter.  With a $6 million roster bonus due on March 12 and an $8.3 million base salary and a $250,000 workout bonus, the Cardinals have more than $14.5 million in cap space devoted to Brown.

Several years ago, the Cardinals found themselves in a similar situation with receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  The two sides worked out a long-term deal that gave the team cap relief, and that gave Fitzgerald a four-year, $40 million contract.

This time around, the smart money is on Brown being cut by March 12 and hitting the market at a time when more than a few teams have needs a left tackle.

14 responses to “Cardinals face a tough decision on Levi Brown

  1. So, they cheated. Where have a heard that before? Oh, except these violations directly called for player injury. Maybe all the bottom feeding trolls can now move on.

    We can hope, right?

  2. I’ll never really get over him being picked ahead of A.P. even though I tried to convince myself that Peterson was to fragile, but looking out there in the market for starting tackles the Cards are in a bind. Probably won’t be able to draft a solid bookend tackle sitting where they are in the draft. Looks like they have to extend him and hope for the best. He played pretty good the last half of last season. That’s a plus I reckon…

  3. I guess I just never understood him being worth a top ten draft pick. He is an average offensive lineman but hardly worth what he is being paid and I don’t care if they have him at let tackle.

    There is a need and a market for competent left tackles. Levi Brown is not one.

  4. Where’s the bar? Please, God, tell me this slacker isn’t gonna get $14+ million — MILLION! bucks !

    He’s not even been average and yes, gentlemen, taken ahead if Adrian P., with whom they would have won their Super Bowl.

    Puleeze. CUT HIM, MICK!

  5. I feel sooo sorry for what ever team falls for this “played better later” bs I keep hearing. This guy sucked, and has kept on sucking. I’m convinced you can’t get much worse. Buyer beware!!!

  6. There’s no tough decision about this. I wish I could find a link to the site, but there’s a site out there that ranked offensive lineman in several categories based on stats. He was ranked DEAD LAST amount all tackles in the league in pass blocking.

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