Falcons place franchise tag on Brent Grimes


Back when we wrote our “Franchise Tag Primer” a few weeks ago, we called cornerback Brent Grimes a “no brainer” to get the tag.

We heard back from a lot of people that didn’t think it was so guaranteed. In the end, the Falcons didn’t want to let their best cornerback hit the market.

Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff announced on 790 The Zone Friday morning that Grimes will get tagged. The team is still working on a long-term contract with linebacker Curtis Lofton.

The absence of Grimes on the open market will help the value of Brandon Carr and Cortland Finnegan — assuming they make it to the market.

Some have questioned Grimes’ versatility and toughness, but he’s undeniably a solid cover cornerback.  He’s expected to make more than $10 million for his services, although the NFL hasn’t officially released the franchise numbers yet.

16 responses to “Falcons place franchise tag on Brent Grimes

  1. I’m sorry. Maybe the Birds don’t have another situation better suited for the tag, but that’s a big overpayment to a guy I watched get blown past by WRs 6 inches taller than him. His games vs. N.O. and G.B. were pathethic.

  2. I know Schefter told me 25 minutes ago. He also told me nearly an hour ago that Ray Rice and Dashon Goldson will be franchised today, so you should expect to get that news an hour or so.

  3. johnnyjagfan… Brent Grimes games vs. New Orleans are pathetic? Ha…have you even watched any of those games. Grimes was getting interceptions on Drew Brees left and right. Love the posters that comment but dont watch a shred of football.

    Hey johnnyjagfan have fun with Mike Mularkey…you guys signed an offensive coordinator who scored ZERO points in his playoff game this year. LETS MAKE HIM OUR COACH…ahhhaaa

  4. Wow $10 mil for ONE season for a guy that more then likely will not be in a Falcons uniform after this season. He plays his heart out but gets out matched by over sized receivers many times. IMO

  5. Listen, I’m a Who Dat and I have to say this guy is a BALLER. Buck the size, he’s got heart.
    I still hate the Dirty Turds

    Who Dat

  6. Overpaying for 5’9 DB (short) coming of knee surgery (slow) isnt the best move. Can anybody go back and check the N.O film and or any game with an elite WR against Grimes? He gets burned out muscled and just about everything under the sun. Yes it appears to everyone he is a stand out DB but thats because he plays in a terrible secondary. Think of it like this, If Grimes were to play in Philly, GB or NY (Jets) would he a first or second option? I think not, so would you want to pay him like he is an elite DB? Just curious?

  7. Don’t let Grimes’ height fool you. He held his own against Megatron. He can leap with best of him. I wish we couldve signed him to a more cap friendly contract, rather than tag him. We need OL help and a DE desperately.

  8. Because Grimes is an elite DB. Grimes is maybe 5′ 9″ and basically shut down Calvin Johnson. Also, he has haunted D. Brees with incredible jumping interceptions. He battled a knee injury this season but before that he was amazing. There isn’t a team in the league who wouldn’t want Grimes. He is better than anyone in Philly or Green Bay. Asomaugh was torched all season long and GB had one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Do u even watch football, igeorgiaboy?

  9. Take it from me..Grimes is not worth 10mil or even half that! As a guy who is alumni from Shippensburg University & was there when we had John Kuhn & Grimes at the same time..Grimes is a below average option at DB! We used to call him ‘well done’ cause he was always getting burnt! He has excellent make up speed, but that doesn’t help when ur getting burnt by receivers that are taller & faster than you. BAD MOVE FALCONS

  10. In a nutshell…He’s a good man/man corner if he’s not up against a big wr, but if the Falcons can’t apply more pressure with 4 man rushes, then it really doesn’t matter who you have back there covering…because you’re gonna have to bring an extra rusher which will means man/man matchups, and Grimes matched up against bigger wr’s is not favorable, he plays best when he can sit in the zone and drive with an excellent trigger for the QB’s delivery key. The Falcons must find more pressure without vacating zones or man coverage because they don’t have the LB’s or Safeties to sustain coverage, and the other corner(D. Robinson) is average at best in man/man.

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