Giants bring back Domenik Hixon

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Earlier this week we told you that wide receiver Domenik Hixon hoped to return to the Giants after playing just two games in 2011 because of a torn ACL in his right knee.

Hixon’s wish was granted on Friday afternoon. The Giants announced that they have agreed on a contract with Hixon for next season after he came to New York for a visit to the doctor to check out his knee. It was the second straight year with a torn ACL for Hixon and he said the Giants’ loyalty to him while rehabbing was a big reason why he wanted to stay in town.

“It’s one of those things, they gave me an opportunity when I got released from Denver,” Hixon said in a release from the team. “And then these past two years with knee injuries they stuck with me. They could have cut me and let me be on my way and be done with me. But they didn’t do that. They treated me the same and I really appreciate that. I know a lot of times in the NFL loyalty isn’t that big. But in this situation I really felt like I wanted to be here. They helped me out time and time again. I wanted to stay here and repay that.”

Hixon’s injury wasn’t all bad news for the Giants. When he went down, Victor Cruz stepped up into his spot and set a team record for receiving yards while playing a huge role for the Super Bowl champions. With Mario Manningham expected to leave the team as a free agent, Hixon should have another chance at gaining the third receiver spot and he should be in the mix for kick return work as well.

The terms of the deal are undisclosed, but Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that it is a one-year deal. The minimum salary for a player with Hixon’s experience is $825,000 and it doesn’t seem likely that Hixon will make too much more than that.

9 responses to “Giants bring back Domenik Hixon

  1. Should have let him go. He’s injury-prone, doesn’t add that much to a terrible return team and will forever be remembered for dropping Eli’s bomb in the play-off game against the Feebles.

    Giants 4, Eagles 0

  2. Nice job, nice signing. Welcome back Hixon, looking forward to seeing you play. Wish you a healthy season.

  3. Buddybowl-69

    Sure the the Eagles own the Gi’ants but
    The Gi’ants OWN THE LOMBARDI!!!!!

    Like it or not but you are are the biggest joke in the league….

    Id rather have Hixon than desean any day!

    Remember when the Eagles signed deHack to 9.4 mil????

  4. Also interesting how the guy who contacted him during that catch (Craig Dahl) tore his ACL twice as well. How about some more irony? If Mario Manningham (the guy Hixon would be replacing) looks the ball in completely and catches it cleanly he has a td catch and run instead of giving himself a concussion making the catch harder than what it was.

  5. buddybowl69 says:
    Mar 2, 2012 9:35 PM
    Eagles 8 out of last 9 against the Gi’Aints.

    They OWN the Gi’Aints.


    You have the punt return playing on repeat in your bedroom, so you can sleep better at night, dont you?

    When I tell my kids about football from the 2000-2012 era, the Eagles wont be mentioned once – unless we’re talking about the biggest choke artists.


  6. The Eagles own no Super Bowl Championships in their entire miserable existence versus owning the Giants. Which would you prefer? I guess it’s kinda like watching your Mother-in-Law drive off a cliff in your new Mercedes. On the one hand you tend to whoop up on the Giants but on the other hand the Giants have 4 Super Bowl Championships. Hmmmm. Interesting.

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