Jets “expect” Wayne Hunter to remain the right tackle

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Many Jets fans assume/hope/wish/pray that the team will find a new right tackle for 2012.

They may be assuming/hoping/wishing/praying wrong.

G.M. Mike Tannenbaum told WFAN on Thursday that Wayne Hunter remains the starter.  “We expect Wayne back,” Tannenbaum said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post.  “We expect him to be our starter.  We need more consistent line play.  There’s no question about that. . . .  We expect him to play better this year.”

Of course, “expect” is one of those convenient lawyer words that can be adjusted if necessary.  Expectations can change if, for example, the Jets find someone better in free agency.  Or if Hunter is outperformed by his backup during the offseason, or in training camp.

Tannenbaum also has said he expects quarterback Mark Sanchez to play better.  It’ll be hard for that to happen if Hunter doesn’t play better.

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe the deadline just passed for us to cut him w/o paying his salaray, so he’ll be guaranteed over $2 mil. That’s a lot of money to pay a backup lineman. I expect him to start, but would LOVE if the Jets can find someone else to take this position. Maybe Ducasse can finally step up. All I know is this was hands down the worst spot on an overall underachieving offensive line in 2011.

  2. Rumor is hunter and ducasse had a bet on who could get sanchez injured first….it was a tie so 2012 they was bet again.

  3. rex ryan “expects” to win the sb every year. we see where expectations get you

  4. And they “expect” to win the Super Bowl annually. How has that expectation been working out?

  5. Gimmeabruschi I thought the jags were the only team actually trying not to win a superbowl

  6. Nice picture of Wayne Hunter with the American Flag, it’s a picture you had to use……..because a picture of Wayne Hunter blocking someone does not exsist.

  7. I really hope this is just another case of Tannenbaum giving a creative, politically correct answer when he knows there are other plans that just aren’t in place yet. If Hunter starts and plays the whole season, the season is already over. Ducasse needs to be cut also. What a mess/waste.

  8. Wayne Hunter is one of the biggest, if not the BIGGEST, problem of what is wrong with the Jets. Please get rid of him ’cause he SUCKS!

  9. Mike T also expected to have shotty back as the OC. Its before free agency and the draft…why say more than this? Itd be like showing your hand before the flop.

  10. Love all the Haters on here with there same BS line about Rex with his Super Bowl predictions..Give it up people what is wrong with a confident coach who believes in his players .Oh yeah and NEWSFLASH Idiots San-Chez has yet to have a LOSING season …SO KEEP HATING AND riding that Rex train ..Like shooting fish in a barrel with you people and he knows it ……

  11. This sounds bad. Its worth the 2mil to cut this guy. What the hell are the Jets thinking with these crappy moves? I hope they dont plan on being even 8-8 next year.

  12. Hunter was not that bad. Most of the sacks were Sanchez’s fault. He did quite well in the running game. Give the Jets an average QB with some pocket presence and Hunter is a much better player.

    The Jets last year were low in hits allowed and pressures but high in sacks. Because Sanchez had one of the worst %’s in the league in avoiding sacks.

    Hunter is one of the Jet leaders. He was the one who called out Holmes. I hope the guy does well.

    A better question is how will he fair in a non zone blocking scheme as the Jets switch to Sporano’s system.

  13. nyjetsmaniac,

    people don’t hate on the jets, people laugh at the jets as currently the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL.

    Looking forward to the jets Ground N Fall Down offense this season.

  14. That’s just awful…

    The only times during the season when Hunter wasn’t the 11th best player on the field was when Matt Mulligan was also on the field. Then they were able to mix the 11th man competition up at times, although Hunter came out ahead.

    All you need to see from Hunter is the Week One footage from DeMarcus Ware. He didn’t improve.

    Also, what happened to Robert Turner? Did they just burn his contract extension? He was supposed to be the one manning RT.

    In conclusion, thank you Nnamdi Asomugha, for royally screwing up our salary cap and then not even signing with us.

  15. The point has been made elsewhere, Tannenbaums expectation usually ends up being a kiss of death. He expected that Leon Washington, Brett Favre, Brian Schottenheimer, ect. would return, and they were shipped off. Dude just flat out lies pretty often.

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