Lions try to take the next step


Getting from awful to pretty good is not an easy road, as Lions fans know well. 2011 was the team’s first “pretty good” season in more than a decade.

The road from pretty good to champion is even tougher. A random playoff team pops up every season.  (Looking at you ’08 Dolphins, ’09 Bengals, and ’10 Chiefs.) Finding sustained, title-contending success is much tougher.

The Lions seemingly have the foundation to be around a long time. The coaching staff is solid with a defensive-minded coach complemented by an excellent offensive coordinator in Scott Linehan. They have a number of pass rushers and a 5,000-yard quarterback. (Yes, that’s worth something.) The best players on the team are young and G.M. Martin Mayhew has methodically built up the roster through the draft and free agency.

With success comes good problems. Everyone wants to get paid. The Lions are taking the right approach, viewing their playoff appearance as a step in the process, rather than the destination.

During Thursday’s PFT Live, Florio looked at what the Lions need to do next to take that next step.

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14 responses to “Lions try to take the next step

  1. What’s up with that Mercedes Benz emblem-looking UFO flying above Calvin Johnson??

  2. The Lions are clearly aiming for the stars this next season, trying to keep all their best guys. Once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen. I think the Lions would like another crack with 99.9% of the same team they had last year.

  3. video wouldn’t play

    Lions need just two things

    1. Improved secondary
    2. Running game

    They somehow establish those two things, and they can contend with any team in the league.

  4. Why do you have photo of a Detroit player with Mercedes logo in background.? Looks like New Orleans Super Dome.

    I think Detroit’s had it bad enough without this type of ‘piling on’.

  5. Yeah – the key here is the cap problems the Lions have.

    They’re going to have to draft well and continue to restructure many of their vets to improve from where they were last year.

    FA is not an option for these guys at this point.

  6. Pretty good team and I fear them in the next few years. They need to make playoff appearances part of their culture, once you get there anything can happen. I am looking at you 2008 Cardinals.

    The NFC North will be one of the tougher divisions in football for the 2010’s.

  7. Flash in the pan. One and done. Maybe again in the next ten years. Just like the Texans.

  8. As a Lions fan I am going to very much enjoy the next buncha years! It may even make the longtime pain of losing go away………

  9. Not going to be able to take the next step with Megatron taking yp $22 million in cap space. If he is even somewhat about team he will restructure to give the Lions some flexibility to bring in some more talent.

  10. Well the problem you say is a “good one to have” will determain what happens in the next few years. It’s never very popular, but the Pats have shown how to not just get there, but stay there. You have to send off players like megetron or what ever it is to go to some one who will pay the crazy amount of money they want. Seymore and Branch are examples. Let them go make some big money for a while and then they come back and help you win the big games. There are guys coming out every year that can play great at WR and with a QB and GREAT OL can be great playmakers. You have to pay them all but the QB, OL and defense have to come first.

  11. So the Lions are trying to take the next step, but will be victimized by the very system that is supposed to maintain “parity”. Meanwhile, guys will take massive pay cuts to play for N.E., the Giants, the Cowboys, and others.

    I think Mayhew still has some tricks up his sleeve. He’s proven to be shrewd so far.

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