Loomis could pay price for lying to league, owner


General Managers only have so many people above them in the NFL hierarchy. A team owner is one. The league office is another entity G.M.’s shouldn’t mess with.

According to a report from Don Banks of SI.com, Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis got caught lying to both Saints owner Tom Benson and those conducting the NFL’s internal investigation of the Saints’ bounty program.

Loomis reportedly was asked about the Saints’ bounties in 2010 and denied knowing anything about it. He then ignored Benson’s orders to discontinue to program if it existed.

“When informed earlier this year of the new information, Mr. Benson advised league staff that he had directed his general manager, Mickey Loomis, to ensure that any bounty program be discontinued immediately. The evidence shows that Mr. Loomis did not carry out Mr. Benson’s direction,” the league’s internal report reads, via Banks.

“Similarly, when the initial allegations where discussed with Mr. Loomis in 2010, he denied any knowledge of a bounty program and pledged that he would ensure that no such program was in place. There is no evidence that Mr. Loomis took any effective action to stop these practices.”

I’m no Florio, but I’ve watched enough legal dramas to know it’s usually the cover up, not the crime, that creates the most problems. Loomis did his best to cover up the situation. (He did not do a very good or great job at it.) He fell on the sword for his coaching staff. Both Loomis and coach Sean Payton could pay a steep price.

It’s been a rough week for Loomis. If nothing else, no one is thinking about Drew Brees’ contract situation right now.

Well, except for Loomis.

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  1. Good point. While I dont agree with this witch hunt or singling out the Saints for this ubiquitous behavior, Loomis should be fired for botching this Brees thing and not extending him years ago. As a Saints fan I wouldn’t mind if he fell on this sword as I’d like to get a more aggressive cap guy in the FO.

  2. “If nothing else, no one is thinking about Drew Brees‘ contract situation right now.”

    I AM! =) Because I want Brees to come to SF as I’ve probably made clear in my multiple other posts.

  3. I think they need to send a message similar to college ball. Take away their first round pick and no playoffs for 2012/2013. This would make teams think twice about actions like this when the penalties can affect their future. Small fines will mean nothing look at Spy Gate. The Pats got a slap on the wrist. Come Down Hard!

  4. Brees and Nicks good as gone. Neither will want to go down with this sinking ship.

    And let me be first to say it — does Brees joining new team screw up Rams chances of dealing that 2nd pick??

    Get your popcorn ready

  5. I think the saints are S.O.L this is going to be a monumental penalty. I think it could end up being, Loss of 2012 Franchise tag(because lack of 2012 first round pick), All 2012 draft picks along with 2013 1st round picks being taken possibly all of the 2013 draft picks. Loomis will get fired and banned 1 year by NFL, Peyton and Williams will get 1 year suspensions. Lastly the Franchise will get a 10-15 million dollar cap loss penalty for each of the next two seasons.

  6. A bounty to hurt a player is obviously morally wrong. What about telling your defenders that they have to hit the QB, get in his face and knock him down? That’s football.

  7. This is really simple. The NFL and Goodell keep preaching about player safety. Now here’s a team that has been purposely trying to hurt players. Make an example out of the Saints and take away EVERY single draft pick this year. That will be such a large deterrent that no other team will dare do this again. Also, ban Gregg Williams from the league. Let’s see if Goodell and the NFL will put their money where their mouth is…

    Sorry Saints fans, but this isn’t about ‘being tough’ or ‘playing hard and players get injured – no big deal’. This goes against everything we’ve been hearing for years from the league. Safety is the #1 priority.

    We just know it will be a slap on the wrist, because along with Green Bay, the Saints are the NFL and media darlings.

  8. Oh oh, here come the same people who tried to crucify the Patriots for spygate with the excuse that everybody does it… Sure, the Ravens, Raiders and a few other teams do, but that doesn’t make it right. At least the intent of spygate wasn’t to hurt other players. If the allegations turn out to be accurate and the Saints don’t get as big or bigger of a penalty than the Patriots did, the league is full of ****. Oh, and about those asterisks, anyone willing to suggest an asterisk for SB XLIV?

    Didn’t think so…

  9. goodell will just fine the saints 200,000 and a 2nd round draft pick. No suspension or anything. Nothing to see here folks.

  10. Personally, having played a lot of football in my time, I have always found the ‘this is war, kill em all’ mantre to be despicable. I never wished for a player to get hurt, because I always new that it could just as easily be me being the one hurt.

    At the professional level, there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for that type of activity. If the Redskins and Saints are proven to have engaged in that activity, they need to lose some draft picks as well as hefty fines for any coaches involved.

    That said, I can’t help but wonder who got paid and how much for breaking Favre’s ankle in the 2009 NFC Championship, after multiple illegal (yet unflagged) hits on him. Would that game have ended differently if Favre hadn’t been playing on a busted up plant foot when he threw that game losing pick? Maybe… hell, probably. So if the Saints won a Super Bowl as a direct result of their bounty program, how much of a penalty needs to be handed down to deter that activity elsewhere?

    It’s going to have to be steep, otherwise teams will just continue with the same unsportsmanlike conduct they have been.



  11. The correct term for this behavior is: self-termination.

    He fired himself the moment he compromised the ethics of the team. It’s unlikely he’ll work in the NFL again.

  12. Saints fan: “Lets be honest everybody does it.” Please, my fellow Patriot fans said the exact same thing about Spygate. Stop whining and accept the fact your team did something dirty. Only difference is, Goodell will probably throw the book at you guys

  13. For the rest of history, Saints players, coaches, and the franchise will walk around with the Scarlett B for Bounty, and we will think far less of their accomplishments in the 2009 season because they were predicated on malfeasance, cheating, and not by winning through superior professionalism but by through trying to take cheap shots at others and contravening the basic rules of the game.

  14. What really sucks about all this is that none of this is Brees’ or any member of the offense’s fault. This overshadows the accomplishments and record of Brees, Sproles, Graham and other members of the Saints offense from last year.

    Dark cloud indeed.

  15. I don’t care if it’s Brees himself, I want ANY and ALL dirty players AND/OR coaches AND/OR front office personnel OFF of this team. We came from lovable losers to an organization of class; Tom and Rita Benson better aim to keep it that way. CLEAN HOUSE or lose my and other fans’ financial support.

  16. I would like to put a bounty of one dollar on every Bronco fan that posts a reply on P.F.T.

    If you respond with a post that makes that Bronco fan look like an idiot… I will send you one dollar.

    Place your mailing address at the bottom of your reply to the idiot Bronco Fan.

  17. Since this is the most prevalent..let me address all Saints fans who think that Spygate is worse than this or that any of what happened is in any way excusable. No, there’s a difference between filming signals that everybody can see and going out of your way to hurt somebody for money provided by your team. Football is a physical, intense, brutal game, but hell, nobody should play it with the intent of going out of their way to hurt someone, especially for money that is given out by their COACHES. Yes, players go out for cheap shots. Like all the instances you mentioned. But ORGANIZED intent on INJURING another player for the sake of winning a game and being PAID for it by your fellow coaches and players? That crap is straight out of Blitz the League. If you think that videotaping is anywhere near the level of going out of harms way to cause opposing players injuries that could tarnish them for the rest of their lives and being PAID for it, then you’re dead wrong.

  18. Not giving any points to Williams for admitting he did it. Only admitted it because evidence was undeniable.

    Williams is a disgrace. Paying to injure players from the safe and comfy sidelines. What a gutless p-ssy.

    Williams should be banned.

    And, the Saints SB title is forever tainted.

  19. When this discipline is all handed out, I think the Spygate penalties will pale in comparison to this. There is some similarity between the two situations. Mainly, each was a practice that was employed by multiple teams over the years, but one team got nabbed and will be made an example of. This time though, I believe that because it deals with a hot button topic of this league, player safety, heads are gonna roll. I wonder how big the wad of cash Bernard Pollard would have got (or did get) for taking out Brady for a whole season, with his Greg Louganis dive at Brady’s knees.

  20. Is the GM & Saints were approached by the league in 2010 about possible bounties, why didn’t the league go deep to stop it then? The league has to check its investigation too.

  21. The Saints run of being a contender is over. Falcons and Panthers will pass them over this year and the Saints will return to the bottom of the NFL. One tainted Super Bowl with how much talent they had is a shame.

  22. In my opinion, Saints have fairly easy choice, Loomis is easy firing decision. I would fire Payton myself, but the decision should be made easier by Spagnuolo’s presence. Fire both, take your lumps off the field in form of fines and draft picks. Do best to move on with Spags who had no involvement. Smoothest transition you can make there, if you ask me. If you need to make a break, don’t drag it out. Make it now, short, quick and clean. Let the players move forward with their transition starting now. Do that, I betcha the community and team will have your back.

  23. Good point. While I dont agree with this witch hunt or singling out the Saints for this ubiquitous behavior, Loomis should be fired for botching this Brees thing and not extending him years ago. As a Saints fan I wouldn’t mind if he fell on this sword as I’d like to get a more aggressive cap guy in the FO.

    Wow. A Saints fan who thinks this is a witch hunt and that his team is being singled out. I know I’M shocked.

    Dude, people have been calling the Saints dirty for the last few years. Wake up.

  24. Post Katrina, the Saints became every fan’s second favorite team outside of their hometown heroes. And in every aspect, the organization seemed to earn that love.

    Rumors of this scandal in New Orleans aren’t new. Were we collectively just in a state of denial because we were viewing things through puppy-love eyes?

  25. Meh can’t be upset about being targeted if your dumb enough to get caught…who else would be investigated without any reason? Don’t wanna bash your comment or anything like that, but it’s the same treatment the patriots recieved, no other franchises underwent thorough investigation JUST because the pats were busted

  26. The league credibility is at stake here, Loomis should be fired and ban from thee NFL, Williams should be fired and ban from the NFL and the head coach should be ban for one year. The reality is they will use Loomis as the goat, and then try to cover up the rest of this sad excuse for coaching, of course if they don’t like the hit on a player the find is thru the roof, we will see how management is fined. Bill

  27. Besdayz I can almost guarantee you no one will be fired, so don’t overreact. The one things is though if you are Carl nicks or Marques Colston do you even consider coming back for this circus? not sure I would, even seeing as their offensive players.

  28. @besdayz

    He did offer Brees a huge contract before this year and Brees turned it down. And he has to think about the whole team not just Brees. He can’t break the bank for one player and not have anybody worth a damn around him.

  29. This story has blown up so fast across every NFL media outlet. It’s no secret that this stuff exists in the NFL. This is exactly why the league sweeps issues under the rug (such as tampering with impending free agents) because it ends up being a bigger deal then it needs to be.

  30. It’s possible that having the equivalent of the NCAA’s lack of institutional control on the NFL’s new signature policy, including lying to the NFL’s investigators, may cost Mr. Loomis his ass. But Goodell seems like a pretty reasonable guy so I’m sure he’ll get off easy, right?

  31. Either the players and coaches involved (including Payton) are banned for life or Goddell’s policies are just a joke.

  32. Saints are cheap and dirty. Anyone who has watched them play shouldn’t be surprised at any of this. Hope Loomis gets the book thrown at him and the team loses years of 1st rounders.

  33. Fire this idiot; suspend Williams for life; and suspend Payton at least half a season, along with the players who participated in this (whether they still play for NO or are playing elsewhere).
    There’s no place for this kind of crooked sh*t in the NFL.

  34. Oh, and that P*SSY Jonathan Vilma- suspend him a full year (and fine him) for being so afraid of a 40 year old QB that he had to offer up a 10,000 dollar bounty to try to get him hurt.

  35. Was this tried and convicted without benefit of representation or ability to defend himself. Should be reported after the end of the process not the weekend before Free Agency begins.

  36. Buddy Ryan did the “bounty hunter” thing when he was with the eagles and the cardinals (that I can verify – probably did it everywhere he worked). I’m slightly biased as a Cowboys fan – but for sure he had one against Aikman. I’m thinking Wilbur Marshall collected in 1994.

  37. You guys should stay up later. Tape of Manning throwing surfaced.

    And your system to collect votes from handheld devices sucks!

  38. Honestly, Loomis should be fired but the real message needs to be that Head Coaches are not above the chopping block too. What Happens if a HC doesn’t care about the GM and purposely plays like that. As far fetched as it may seem it goes to show you that the only way to send an EFFECTIVE message is by firing and or BANNING SEAN PAYTON.

    As we all have heard the rumors regarding the security guards allegations that Sean Payton and the Assistant Head Coach to the New Orleans Saints were stealing Vicodin pills.

    during the pre-game HC interviews Brad Childress seems confident in his team and his facial expressions represent something of a smile (that was the last day he had one)

    Then when HC Payton gets interviewed everyone that was watching the interview with me all looked each other, WE COULD ALL TELL THAT SEAN PAYTON WAS HIGH OUT OF HIS MIND by the look of his skin tone right to the perspiring symptoms that mimic withdrawing of a narcotic or alcohol.


  39. Exactly what did he lie about? He told his boss that he “pledged that he would ensure that no such program was in place”. If I pledge to my boss that I will do everything in my power to make sure somebody doesn’t do something, I can do everything in my power, but if the person still chooses to do that thing than that doesn’t mean I lied. It means that I failed at my job.

    What it does mean is that he was not successful in controlling other people’s actions. Should he be chastised for that? Sure, that’s the responsibility you have at the top, fair or not.

    But unless we know exactly what he lied about, you might as well say “He lied to his boss, but don’t worry about what he said. Just trust me, he lied.”

  40. besdayz,
    Why on Earth would the NFL not single out the Saints for placing bounties on players. The other 31 teams in the league have not been caught placing bounties on players. Also, I think that Loomis should be fired more for placing bounties. The organization also deserves to be docked draft picks and Payton should be fired.

  41. Considering that “lying to the league and the owner about something that gets your team in a bunch of trouble” is one of the most toxic non-felonious things a GM can do, I think it suffices to say that Loomis will not be working in the NFL ever again once Benson fires him.

  42. I remember a comment I posted on here after Payton took that shot on the sidelines and shredded his knee. I said something along the lines of “Hate to see someone get hurt, but if it’s going to be anyone in this league, it doesnt bother me that it was Sean Payton.” And the results on the comment board was a lot of venom and thumbs down. Show respect for a SB coach, you’re just a hater, blah, blah, blah. This guy is, and always has been a scumbag. Running up the score, that little smarmy grin on the sideline, the pain pill disappearing act in the locker room that was conveniently swept under the rug, and now this. The guy is a smug little worm and I am happy that the public is finally starting to become aware. Goodell needs to make an example of everyone involved…the NFL doesnt need another black eye. People need to be held accountable.

  43. Hope the Saints get the SB moved from that crap city, loose all of this years draft picks, and 2012 1st pick, max fine to the Owner, GM and all the coaching staff, loss of the franchise tags for 2 years, and a cap penalty hit of 10 million for the next 2 years.

    That should be the punishment for this scandal.

    I could understand players buying dinner for teammates for getting sacks, interceptions, FF, fumble recoveries, TD, and of that nature,

    But to say end this guys career or take him out the game on the cart, is terrible.

    This is dirty.

  44. You know what? I have changed my mind about throwing some dough on the Saints to win the SB in 2013. This changes everything from a strategy point of view. Carolina’s stock is rising.

  45. everyone involved in this need to be fined striped of all winning and pentions and everything they won yes they still won but in a way that will be rememebrd for all history yes the pats got spygate but they dident have bountys on the tape this was harm to others and they all should be baned for life and everyone involved should be draged threw the media rightfully so there is not a bigger issue in the history of the nfl that is bigger and as dirty as this was and all the refs that ignored should be baned from nfl for life also if they are not we will know why

  46. The “everybody’s doing it” defense is really sickening. It’s one of the many reasons our entire country is going in the crapper. It’s some of the most back-assward logic I’ve ever seen.
    Anybody who knew what the Saints were doing should get suspended for a long time and fined ALOT and the Saints should be unable to qualify for the playoffs next year no matter their win-loss record. Also take away their first round draft pick the following year so they can’t suck on purpose to get a high pick the year they’re dis-qualified from the playoffs. And take away their franchise tag, so they lose Brees. Hurt’em and hurt’em BAD. Make an example out of them. I’d say that no matter if they were “my team” or not. I gotta say, some of the posts on PFT have to be an embarrasment to the owners. They reflect some really low-level thinking

  47. This is going on the assumption Benson isn’t lying when he says he told Loomis to stop it.

    On a broader issue, this is a violent game by nature. Unless players come forward and admit which hits were bounty hits I would think it will be hard to prove beyond doubt which hits are and aren’t part of the game.

    I’m not condoning the bounty system, it’s wrong and I agree with the posters who think Williams should be banned for life. I just think it will be difficult to prove specific hits.

  48. Much ado about nothing! Where was the NFL when former Philly and Bears coach who made no secret about a bounty program to take out a Dallas Cowboy kicker?….

    We’re talking football, not tiddly-winks!

    Please move on, it’ts football!

  49. besdayz says:Mar 2, 2012 11:31 PM

    Good point. While I dont agree with this witch hunt or singling out the Saints for this ubiquitous behavior, Loomis should be fired for botching this Brees thing and not extending him years ago. As a Saints fan I wouldn’t mind if he fell on this sword as I’d like to get a more aggressive cap guy in the FO.

    As far as the bounty thing goes He could easily lose his job over it, but on the Brees contract I don’t put any blame on Loomis. He tried last year to get a new deal done and was turned down by Brees and I would be willing to bet he tried after the Superbowl to get something done when Brees took the option to void his last 2 years of the contract.

  50. Anyone remember that Steve Smith touchdown when Roman Harper blasted him in the endzone about 10 seconds after smith caught the ball? What was the bounty to knock Smith out of the game? Stay classy N. O.

  51. why didnt the NFL go to the saints locker room an take care of it,if they had all this proof? Roger pushing his weight around..When he knows all 32 teams do this.

  52. Why does stopping a bounty program instituted by one of the assistant coaches fall on the GM? It should fall on the head coach to deal with anything related to his assistant coaches or his players first and foremost.

    If the GM had knowledge of it I suppose he’s just as “implicated”, but I’m not entirely sure why the GM should bear the brunt of the responsibility.

  53. Loomis will be fired and there will be a slap on the wrist by the Commisioner.

    Fans ultimately don’t mind this sort of “cheating” and Goodell knows that. Now if the Saints had placed a camera to film signal calls on the sidelines instead of in the stands as NFL rules allow (which is why all coordinators cover their mouths to call in plays even today – though most NFL fans remain in denial about that) the fickle fans of the NFL would be up in arms.

    Heck… Denver even cheated the salary cap to retain Elway and win their 2 Super Bowls… Yet that, and Bountygate, pale in comparison to the fan overreaction of the placement of the signal stealing cameras that all teams legally employ from the stands to this day.

    Is player safety more important than camera location placement? Goodell’s punishment of the Saints will give us that answer.

  54. And here I thought I’d never come up with another reason to hate the Taints…

    Pure arrogance, personified. I hope the NFL comes down on them with brute force, especially Payton.

  55. besdayz says: Mar 2, 2012 11:31 PM

    As a Saints fan I wouldn’t mind if he fell on this sword

    You want him to fall on your sword?


  56. I have a bad feeling Dennis Allen is involved.

    To quote…

    Specifically, the NFL has concluded that between 22 and 27 defensive players along with at least one assistant coach maintained a “bounty” program.

    it included payments not only for fumbles and interceptions but also for inflicting injuries that resulted in players being carried off the field ($1,000) and/or knocked out of the game ($1,500).


    1. Assistant coach
    2. Payments for fumbles and interceptions indicates DB players, thus coach
    3. A number of the players involved are DBs.

  57. The fans of the saints are trying to minimize the damage by telling everyone that it happens all over the league but it won’t fly as it is a league rule. Because killings happen every day don’t make it OK for some to assume it should be legal.

    If I was one of those players with an injury like Farve sustained in the Vikings/Saints playoff game I would sue.

  58. Whats the big deal. All he has to say is he misunderstood the rules and all is forgiven. It’s worked before for other coaches.

  59. I’m waiting for John Tomase to report that the Saints used bounties in their Super Bowl win, only to be proven wrong later.

  60. Interesting. I’m sure this team sanctioned “bounty” program had nothing to do with their super bowl run and may be a reason that the players didn’t mind running $125,000 in fines during the championship game. It’s a shame, in college there would be some penalties, maybe even losing the title. In the NFL, the worse that’s going to happen is someone will get fired. So mark my words, it will happen again.

  61. @ Besdayz… Let me get this right. The league receives information of “Pay for Play” bounty offers inside the Saints organization. An investigation finds some info but not really enough. Then, someone blows the whistle. The former DC admits it, the Owner orders a halt to it, The GM denies it but the ground swell is overwhelming. Now implications are the HC knew, as well as other FO people, And you are saying WITCH HUNT???? Then to top it off the only thing you think is good about this is, Your team should hire an aggressive Front Office guy? OK …. You’ll be lucky if they can find enough people to run that team when the Dust settles from this one pal! Ever heard of a Nuclear Disaster? You are witnessing one right now…

  62. With all these other teams and former players basically confirming the same thing the Saints did, I hope the league investigates everyone. The Saints shouldn’t be singled out in this.

  63. He could make it all go away by getting rid of his high priced free agents and bringing in TO, Raunchy Moss, Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards and Lousy Stinko from NE to replace them. Then people would be more concerned about the team than ‘Bounty Gate’!

  64. Just something contradictory about all this that I was thinking about…

    It doesn’t make sense in a way. Players encouraged to make illegal bounty hits to profit something like $1,500, but doing so would see them getting fined for $7,500 to $20,000 by the NFL in the process. Plus, guys are already earning several million a year, so I can’t see how a thousand dollars here and there is going to motivate them more to “play hard” if their bloated salaries aren’t already motivating them.

    I don’t know, something smells a bit fishy about all this. My tin-foil hat thinks maybe there’s something else going on here. Like a red-herring in order to further butcher the game, with congressional pressure and lawsuits harassing the NFL both short-term and long-term.

  65. besdayz says: Mar 2, 2012 11:31 PM

    Good point. While I dont agree with this witch hunt or singling out the Saints for this ubiquitous behavior

    Ubiquitous? No, sorry, it is not ubiquitous unless you mean WITHIN the Saints organization. The Saints are dirty cheaters. Every knew it and now it is proven. Live with it!

    Life time ban for Williams and Loomis. 2 Year ban for Peyton. Season long ban for all players involved. Loss of draft picks. Then we can let the healing begin.

  66. a witch hunt is when a mob goes after someone innocent for an imaginary purpose (ie: they are a witch).

    your saints aren’t the sad unsuspecting victims of a witch hunt. they got caught doing what they weren’t supposed to be doing.

    that’s kind of a big deal

  67. “He then ignored Benson’s orders to discontinue to program if it existed.”

    discontinue the program? Maybe there should be a 4 game suspension for PFT players that can’t check his own work.

  68. What’s interesting about the previous article about the Titans/Fisher is that Jeff Fisher has for a long time been an integral cog of the Competition Committee lol. Just shows those establishing rules on policing the game are often caught with their hands in the jar. And he re-united with Williams in St Louis AFTER getting re-appointed to the Competition Committee!

  69. And people wonder why Steve Smith hates the Saints? You guys remember last game of the season Smith was seen cursing at Sean Peyton on the sideline? Smith has had dang bounties on him for years!

    Fujita’s hit on Smith almost a decade ago and then Roman Harper’s late hit in the end zone this year.

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