Mike Nugent is a franchise player

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Mike Nugent was not the missing piece that the Jets needed to get over the hump during the Herm Edwards era in New York.

In Cincinnati, Mike Nugent is a franchise player.

Okay, he’s not a player that you build a franchise around. And he’s not going to be the difference between advancing in the playoffs or not. (Most likely.) But he will be designated the team’s franchise player on Friday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The franchise tag for kickers is “only” $2.6 million.  Nugent is the first kicker to be franchised, but he will hardly be the last. Connor Barth and Josh Scobee could be next.

13 responses to “Mike Nugent is a franchise player

  1. This better not cost us Reggie Nelson 🙁

    Assuming we resign Nelson, I’m okay with it as I think Nugent is a good kicker and the number is not that big a deal.


  2. Using the tag for kickers makes sense. The number is not that high, and you avoid giving them a long term deal.

    Kickers tend to be year to year anyway, so why not pay them that way?

  3. you could replace him with a low round draft pick/UFA for 1/10 that cap hit…..but they have s lot of cap space over $60 mill

  4. His missed FG in the playoff game completely turned the momentum around and immediately leading to the Houston win over them.


  5. “And he’s not going to be the difference between advancing in the playoffs or not. (Most likely.)”
    Yeah…how many games are decided by kickers in the AFC North. Begin Cundiff rants here…

  6. I want to keep Nelson as well….but why would you pay him top 5 pay when he clearly is not in the top 5 players in his position? No reason to over-pay when they have plenty of cap space to sign him to a long term deal for what he’s worth.
    IMO….the only other option for the franchise tag would have been not to use it at all.

  7. When he said First Kicker to be franchised, he meant this year everyone. We tagged Shayne (shank) Graham in 09′ I think? Anyhow, good move, Nugent has an injury history, and got rattled in New York and wasnt the same since (in NY atleast). He has been as close to perfect as we could ask here in cincy!

  8. Franchising a kicker isn’t as bad as it sounds. Makes sense not to give a guy a long term deal if it is season to season. Franchising Nelson would’ve been ridiculous since he isn’t worth that top 5 money. I hope we bring Nelson back but sometimes the best move you can make is a small one.

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