Moss tour starts next week

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Earlier this week, receiver Randy Moss conducted his latest “Moss TV” broadcast from the Buffalo Wild Wings only five minutes from PFT headquarters.

Next week, he won’t be hanging out there.

A league source tells PFT that Moss will begin visiting with potential suitors next week.  He’s due to meet with at least one team.

It’s unclear whether the visits will include Moss showing off his supposed 4.3 speed.  It’s hard to imagine anyone signing him unless he does.

Moss declared on February 13 that he is returning to football.  He is free to sign with any team, at any time.

31 responses to “Moss tour starts next week

  1. There is going to be a couple of teams that will take a look if he runs @ least a 4.4

  2. I’d be tempted to say the 49ers would take a look at him but because of his age and the amount of $ he’d be wanting for probably a year-to-year contract I’m not sure that would be the case.

  3. Moss is that super-hot girl you used to date where everything was incredible…at first. Then you find out she is a complete psycho and mentally unstable, so you break it off. Then after a few years have passed, you forget that she was bats**t crazy and think that you should get back together again. Then remember after it is too late why you broke it off in the first place.

  4. He’s going to Chicago. Tice wants to bring back the Randy Ratio and Cutler wants to throw to him. Heard it from me first.

  5. Coming to the local cable TV station near you……”Moss World! Moss World! Excellent!”

  6. i know the redskins are trying to get away from the cerrato-era signings but theyd be crazy to not consider him. say what you want about him, he is a freak athlete and WILL contribute where ever he goes, he WILL make whoever he picks a better team. with moss and possibly v-jax, bowe, meachem, or manningham on the other side and santana in the slot their corps would be deadly. oh whos going to throw them the ball you ask? RG3 baby.

  7. I hope this QUITTER never plays another down.If he does, I hope he shreds both knees on his first snap.He will never have a Super Bowl ring.Moss= LOSER

  8. With all the WR’s available, I don’t believe anyone will sign him until after the draft and free agents start moving.

  9. Being from MN, I still say there is nothing better than seeing a Moss go route! Hey, now he shouldnt be attracting as much attention over the top. Hope he finds a home. … with a big arm.

  10. I’ll take him in the slot between Roddy White and Julio Jones. Four wide set with Roddy, Julio, Moss and Gonzalez would be pretty nasty. Then all we would need is an O-line. Let’s do it!!

  11. I think everyone knows his first stop will be to the Patriots.

    Moss used to (and maybe still can) do exactly what they need a WR to do. Maybe he can’t, but the Patriots will surely kick the tires on him.

  12. On the outside brandon lloyd and moss in the middle welker and gronk and have hernandez or green ellis in th backfield oh i smell superbowl!

  13. I don’t really care about Moss’s 40 time. It’s the rolling start you get as a WR running the route tree where Moss is so lethal. The best times in the 40 have the fastest 10yd split, and Moss’s speed really kicks in at 20 to 30 plus,….he closes on the ball in fifth gear like a center fielder, tracking the flight better than anyone ever, so well he can keep his hands down until the last moment, so the DB can’t read when and where the ball is coming. Only guy I’ve ever seen good enough to even try that. He does it routinely. and his World Class vertical has the same exact timing.
    Plus, Moss learns playbooks so well, he gets frustrated with the OC if the play calling is suspect. He got in argument with O’Brien, and then eventually so did Brady. He didn’t get along with Childress, and eventually, he was gone.
    Moss is usually right, but no one backs him up.
    If anyone doubts how much he has left, just look at Jerry Rice’s career from 35 on: Moss never had knee problems and works out just as hard as Rice ever did in the offseason.
    just ask his teammates.
    The Pats took Branch back,….why not Moss?
    I can see Belichick lulling the league to sleep by leaking how little interest Pats have in him, just to keep the price down, and then signing Hillis, and maybe Finnegan, and drafting Poe, that freak NT and boom, Pats back in SB!!!!!
    with MOSS!!!!!!!

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