Nicks hasn’t gotten an offer yet

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At a time when many NFL observers believe that Saints hope to conclude negotiations with quarterback Drew Brees in order to allow the franchise tag can be applied to Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks, there could be a slight flaw in that logic.

A league source tells PFT that the Saints have yet to make an offer to Nicks.  Which suggests that the Saints are prepared to let him walk away.

If the Saints wanted to try to keep both players and in light of the large gap that reportedly exists between the Saints and Brees, common sense suggests that the Saints would at least make an effort to lock up Nicks.  The thinking is that the Saints have instead decided not to tie up so much money in the guard position, given the large contract given last year to Jahri Evans.

So, if the Saints already are prepared to let Nicks walk, there’s no urgency to get a deal with Brees done by Monday.

Of course, in light of the whole bounty thing, the Saints suddenly have far bigger problems than whether the franchise tag is used on Brees or Nicks.

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  1. I bet you’re just hoping we lose all of our FA’s now in light of the bounty mess, right? You’re sounding too absolute regarding the Saints allowing Nicks to walk while purely speculating.

  2. Nice try but Brees and Nicks are far bigger concerns than the bounty thing. Not even close.

  3. Sure strip the franchise tag and draft picks for those that violate the bounty rule. But be prepared to cancel free agency and the entire draft. Every team does this.

    If the Saints are confident that they will reach an 11th hr deal with Brees adn then immediately slap the tag on Nicks, that would explain this as well. But that story is not as dramatic as these other uncorroborated rumors this site posts..

  4. Perhaps an offer hasn’t been extended because Loomise is about to get fired and the Saints dont want him negotiating on their behalf.

  5. Alright, just so we’re clear…
    In order to address Nicks, they’ll have to get to through the bounty situation. And for all you Saints fans who think that this situation is all a big over exaggeration, you’re going to be in for a brutal wake-up call.

  6. This whole bounty thing sucks..for the past 3 years the Saints have made that poor, unfortunate soul Gleason their coverboy for hard times, cancer and life is short and appreciate your blessings etc….and here they go with this BS…I hope the league comes down extremely hard…

  7. Brutal wakeup call?
    Bountygate <<<<<<< Spygate
    And the NFL swept that one under the rug

    To think teams aren't trying to knock out opposing QBs is naive. Do you think this is flag football. Game has been pansified.

    William has coached in 6 places and probably done it always.

    Ask Terrel Suggs, Ray Lewis or any of those hard nosed defenses if they use bounties.

    Ask Belicheck if they tried on Peyton.

    Ask the team the took out Shawn Merriman's knees from the backside.

    This doesn't effect on field performance and taints nothing.
    Only thing wrong here is tax fraud.

  8. Ask the team the took out Shawn Merriman’s knees from the backside.

    Uh…that was Greg Williams too buddy. Way to prove your own point wrong ha!

  9. its funny how no one thinks their team hasn’t done this before. Like in college everyone was suprised students were getting paid. It happens more then we think but to get caught is another thing. I goes on in probably every team we just dont know about it. Far as Nick goes, Saints have been known to let go of pricey offensivelinemen for example: Le Charles Bentley, Jeff Faine, Goodwin, and etc. just saying

  10. No, there’s a difference between filming signals that everybody can see and going out of your way to hurt somebody for money provided by your team. Football is a physical, intense, brutal game, but hell, nobody should play it with the intent of going out of their way to hurt someone, especially for money that is given out by their COACHES. Yes, players go out for cheap shots. Like all the instances you mentioned. But ORGANIZED intent on INJURING another player for the sake of winning a game and being PAID for it by your fellow coaches and players? That crap is straight out of Blitz the League. If you think that videotaping is anywhere near the level of going out of harms way to cause opposing players injuries that could tarnish them for the rest of their lives and being PAID for it, then you’re dead wrong.

  11. Come to San Diego, then everyone can talk crap on the Saints for letting a player leave to the Chargers instead of vice versa

  12. I thought this article was going to be about how Carl Nicks is only a “pretty good,” but not “great” OG.

  13. Oh besdayz we will see what you have to say when the Punishment comes down. You are in denial, and i will almost feel sorry for you when you see how serious the league thinks this is.#turnoutthelightsthepartysover lol lets go Bucs. P.S there is a locker waiting for Nicks

  14. Well who dat just heard the news today
    Its seems Brees and Nicks life is going to change.
    I close my eyes,begin to pray
    Then tears of joy stream down my face

    With arms wide open
    Under the sunlight
    welcome to this place
    I’ll show you everyting
    With arms wide open

  15. I would much rather have teams filming walk throughs and steal signals over what surely is going to be a disgusting story. A bounty on players heads? Deplorable. Brees Nutz should run from that team.

  16. Is it just me, or are the rantings against the Saints just a wee bit hyperbolic?

    You do know what hyperbolic means right?

    In any case, one thing I’m noticing here is a bit of hypocrisy with regard to Bountygate. The exact same posters here who scream up and down that football is too soft and the league is over-regulating what kind of hits can be allowed are now screaming with sound and fury that these hits that could possibly shorten and/or end someone’s career are morally outrageous.

    Yes, we get that it’s wrong. But there’s not a defensive coach in the entire league that doesn’t want his players to try and land vicious hits on the opponent.

    One thing I find particularly interesting is that the Saints didn’t seem to go out of their way to engage in this kind of mischief in the 2011 season. I mean, you didn’t hear much about the Saints actually knocking people out of games or anything. Even in the 2010 season, nothing really jumped out at me as being particularly vicious.

  17. Welcome to the party NFL! Us Vikings fans have been here since the 4th quarter of the NFC championship game 2009. It was completely obvious that they were head-hunting 40 year old Brett Favre and the refs just let it happen. I’m surprised the NFL is actually doing something about this. After all they pretty much chose the Saints to win the superbowl that the Vikings should have won. Anyone else sick of hearing about how the city of new orleans deserved the win and it means so much to them? All I saw on the news during Katrina was people stealing and being selfish.. it was the rest of America that was helping their fellow man. They deserve whats happening RIGHT NOW. But I won’t be shocked if they get away with a slap on the wrist.

  18. I am still pissed about the Saints/Vikings NFC Championship game. It was so obvious the Saints were willing to cheat to put Favre out…and then there were no penalties called to boot. The players didn’t even care about the fines they received later…now we know why. Maybe the Saints should go marching into the swamp with that bogus SB trophy. The Saints hold a spot next to the Patriots as bogus champions.

  19. Spot-on 6kings…every fan saw what was happening in that game, but apparently our coaching staff didn’t. Look, we did a lot of things to lose that game. We have lots of regrets from that game. But my main regret is that we didn’t break Brees in half at some point during that game. Retaliation is a guarantee in a lot whimpier of a sport in baseball, and it should have been a guarantee that night as well. And no, I’m not over that game yet. Thanks in advance for thinking that though.

  20. @matthewscarlson1, I couldn’t agree with you more. Now the rest of the NFL finally sees what us Vikings fans have been saying for years. The Saints didn’t deserve the Super bowl. They couldn’t even beat the Vikings at home without going into OT with cheating.

    I am surprised that the NFL even decided to do anything about this. It was like the super bowl was handed to the saints that year. From the bad calls to the cheap hits. To bad we didn’t have Brady or Manning as our QB instead of Favre. Maybe we would have seen some flags thrown.

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