Redskins put franchise tag on Fred Davis


It’s official.  The Washington Redskins have placed the franchise tag on tight end Fred Davis, according to multiple league sources.

The Redskins will give Davis a guaranteed salary of $5.4 million in 2012 despite the fact that he was suspended four games in 2011 for violating the substance-abuse policy.  He’s one more violation away from a one-year suspension.

The good news, if there would be any, is that the Redskins would keep their $5.4 million.

6 responses to “Redskins put franchise tag on Fred Davis

  1. More ineptitude by the Redskins. He’s good but not that good. With the suspension teams weren’t going to offer him any huge long term deal. The Skins blinked first

  2. Assuming Fred lays off the weed, keeping him around is a great move. He was coming into his own as a pass weapon last year, and should get better. If they add a top WR in FA, as many are anticipating, suddenly their offensive skill ability looks alright. Santana Moss should still be a decent number 2, and they have some young WR’s that fit the offensive scheme (namely, Hankerson). Add in a couple intriguing backs, and the offensive skill spots would look alright.

    Of course, still need a QB, and still need at least one OL starter.

  3. I understand Fred Davis has value but is he worth the tag…This is why the Redskins stay at the bottom of the divison. get rid of Mike SHAM-ahan

  4. @Pappert…,They have virtually come out cheaper by tagging him than giving him a long term deal, and if he goes back to smoking the wacky tobacky and gets suspended they’ll be off the hook on paying him that, if they would have signed him they would have probably been out 10 mill guaranteed plus his base salary, so in retrospect it was a good move for both parties he gets an incentive to keep his nose clean and the Skins get insurance if he cant keep it clean, without Shanny and Bruce Allen being there he would have been extended last season.

  5. Davis had 60 catch and 800 yards in a shorten season with the worst QBs in the NFL.How can someone say he’s not that good.You really don’t know yet.

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