Report: Titans likely to franchise Cortland Finnegan


Titans defensive back Cortland Finnegan has often been mentioned as one of the top free agents available this offseason. But he may not be available after all.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Titans are likely to put the franchise tag on Finnegan.

Previous reports had indicated that the Titans were leaning against using the franchise tag on Finnegan. But with the Titans and Finnegan far apart on talks for a long-term extension, Tennessee is now apparently leaning toward keeping Finnegan in the fold with nothing more than the one-year tender offer.

The Cowboys and the Lions are among the teams that were reportedly interested in signing Finnegan. If the Titans put the franchise tag on him, that’s not going to happen, as a team that signs him to an offer sheet would have to be prepared to send two first-round draft picks to Tennessee.

17 responses to “Report: Titans likely to franchise Cortland Finnegan

  1. I’d love for my Lions to pick him up but not for the price of 2 first rounders. Probably a good move by the titans.

  2. tharoostah says: Mar 2, 2012 10:23 AM

    This could be a false story… I will let you know if/when Schefter reports it. Until then call it “hearsay”
    lol, what!?

  3. While publicizing interest in a soon-to-be FA may help you get a leg up in starting negotiations, here is the downside. With enough publicized interest, the old team may feel there’s enough interest to try and leverage a trade and get something in return, which they can only do by using the franchise tag.

  4. above I commented that this could be a false story. Schefter has confirmed that this story is FALSE.

    “Titans will not place their franchise tag on cornerback Cortland Finnegan, allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent.”

  5. hatesycophants says:
    Mar 2, 2012 11:10 AM
    Hey joetoronto,

    Any chance you’ll pull your head out before you post again? Didn’t think so. are you talking about?
    WTF are you talking about?

    A rumor from La Canfora says one thing, and a rumor from Shefter says another and you, and everyone else, automatically assume Shefter is right.

    Who knows who’ll end up right, the point is that assumption is the mother of all F*ups.

  6. Why not let him go? He is a pretty solid corner-back, not a great one (top 5 is a great cornerback, pay-wise). Look to the future at that position (in the draft) and save the money for a potential FA pickup.

  7. how could you say that looking to the future and picking one up in the draft is a better option? there are more misses in the draft in the secondary position than any other position. and yes finnegan is a top flight corner, maybe not top 5 but def top 10. If the titans lose him this year they would basically lose 3 out of the 4 starting secondary players. they need finnegan not just because he is a great player, but also the leader of the defense as well as the most talented. there is NO guarantee of finding another pro-bowl caliber corner other than keeping finnegan. tag him and turn attentions to griffin.

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