Report: Williams had bounty system in Washington too

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Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams didn’t start his bounty system in New Orleans. It goes back to his days with the Redskins at the very least.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post has a detailed report that could submerge Williams in hotter water with the NFL. If that’s possible.

Four Redskins confirmed that a similar bouny system was in place in Washington to the one in New Orleans. Only one of the players was willing to be quoted on the record. Former defensive lineman Philip Daniels defended Williams, while also admitting what happened.

Daniels believed Williams started the program with money taken from players late for meetings or practices. Daniels said that former Redskin Sean Taylor made a lot of money in the system.

“I think it is wrong the way they’re trying to paint [Williams],” Daniels added. “He never told us to go out there and break a guy’s neck or break a guy’s leg. It was all in the context of a good, hard football.”

The other players weren’t as generous in their assessment.

“You got compensated more for a kill shot than you did other hits,” said one former player.

One thought Williams took the system “a little too far.”

“If you took the star player out, he’d hook you up a little bit,” another player admitted, while also defending Williams.

The most any Redskins player ever was paid in the system was believed to be around $8,000. Daniels said he got $1,500 for a four-sack game. (So what do you have to do for $8,000? Maim someone?)

“He actually had a saying, ‘If you cut the snake’s head off, the body will die,’ that was his motto,” said one unnamed player. “It was made clear that he was talking about not just running backs who turned their heads the opposite way and how they would go down, but also about other stars on offense that were the best players on that team.”

This is all damning stuff, but probably not any more damning than the information the NFL has already obtained in the Saints investigation.

Still, it can’t help Williams’ chances of avoiding a suspension of his own.

49 responses to “Report: Williams had bounty system in Washington too

  1. That kill for the dollar bill system probably goes as far back as the 60s, the NFL is progressing further and further to not even being enjoyable to watch, their treating grown men like 5th graders, you either let them play or make them play flag or tag. College football right now is the most enjoyable football you can watch, because the game is pure with on field play guys are going all out, because no one can police them sure they’ll get a penalty but fines and suspension are not going to happen and with all these allegations of special privileges they’re making good money..LOL

  2. This is going to be blown up much like spygate. Neither of which are a big deal. This won’t get so much notoriety though because everyone hates the patriots for being so great. I will be stunned if doucheburger Goodell actually punishes everyone involved as badly as NE and BB got it because Goodall has personal agendas but this definitely get made into a huge ordeal and it definitely should not. Football is football, it’s violent and competitive. Can we stop trying to ruin it with all of this BS?

  3. At least he wasn’t filming play calling from the sidelines (as opposed to from the stands like the NFL still allows today)

    Putting the players health at risk is one thing, but Commissioner really gets bent out of shape when filming is done from the wrong location.

  4. I guarantee that Williams pulled the same crap while he was HC in Buffalo. If you look back at his time there, players were a hell of a lot rougher on defense than they were during the Levy, Phillips, Mularkey or Gailey time periods. I know that could just be his style of D, but it just fits the story.

    Good luck Mr Gregg Williams, you’re gonna need it.

  5. Jrfrom508, are you going to post the same comment in every Bountygate story?

    The rule is the rule, as I remember everyone telling Lions fans last year regarding tampering.

  6. How different is this than a sales based bonus out in the real world? How different is this to a sales commission?
    It’s not! Just play football!

  7. Perhaps some opposing players should put out a bounty on Greg Williams.

    Commissioner Goodell will make sure that justice is served.

  8. Now I know why my Lions were so chippy in that game…too bad they were the ones called out for being dirty after that one.

  9. The more I think about this the more pissed I get. Williams should be banned from the league period! The Saints had better see some serious punishment too! He built some great defenses over the years, and there is no reason to pull this crap. Now the Saints’ Super Bowl team looks bad, the franchise looks bad. If your kid was playing in the NFL and you found out this happened, and you kid was a target, how would you feel? What a scumbag. And, for you idiots who don’t get the seriousness of this… I guess my opinion would have little to no effect on your intelligence, so I’ll just leave you to your stupid, narrow-minded thoughts!

  10. That explains the high-low hit the Redskins put on Manning that started his neck problems when Williams was there.

  11. Interesting that his former and current boss Fisher is on the Competition Committee, isn’t it?

  12. So now he’s getting crucified for comments like “‘If you cut the snake’s head off, the body will die”? This is damning coming from an NFL defensive coordinator’s mouth to his players?? Really Rosenthal?? And lets not concentrate on Daniels’ comments that it was all in the name of “good, hard football”. That would be absurd……………….Rosenthal=the guy in high school that even the band members picked on.

  13. The Redskins should lose a pick too, I’m sure he did this in Buffalo and Jacksonville also.
    Before this is over the first round of the 2012 draft is going to only have about 8 picks.

  14. I LOOOOVE IT!!! I’ve always liked Gregg Williams’ coaching style. He isn’t doing anything that any other coaches aren’t. I don’t believe he was telling players to hurt people, but I do believe he riled his defenses up into a violent frenzy. A la Sean Taylor. Wish he were still here (d.c.)

  15. Doubtful this would impact Washington’s ability to get RG3. It will take time for the league to investigate this and free agency is only 10 days away. By the time the investigation is done any trade for RG3 will have been completed. Having said that, if the league does take away picks and the Skins do make the trade they could be without first round picks for several years.

  16. @Lesbuckets…, If you didn’t know this before, those are grown men that play in the NFL, they no longer play for participation certificates and free ice cream they play for money as in football is their job and coaches that coach in the NFL aren’t volunteers that leave and go to work after practices and games their livelihood is predicated on their players playing well
    and more than likely winning the ball game, just thought you should know…

  17. To those people saying that the Redskins should actually lose the # 6 pick in this year’s draft because 4 players (3 off the record), said that Williams ran a bounty system in Washington — get real! Williams coached in Washington 5 years ago! The punishment should land on William’s head, not every organization that has moved on since he coached. New Orleans, yes, since it’s so recent, but Wash, Buffalo, and Jax should not be punished, that’s absurd.

  18. As if $1500 is any motivation for guys that make millions. He was giving money for big hits. Dont you think coaches and other players marvel at the same hits in the film room? Same thing just with an extra way to dish out fees for showing up late

  19. Kick this scumbag out of the league for life. This is a lot more serious than Spygate. Spygate wasn’t that big of a deal I just like to give Pats fans crap for it because they get all mad about it and that’s entertaining, but this is ridiculous. The previous teams that Williams coached for shouldn’t be punished, but the Saints should lose their first round pick, their franchise tag, and multiple people in that organization as well as players on that defense should be fined.

  20. Wait are u telling me professional football players are targeting injuries and tryin to hurt each other…. Say it any so. Oh why the hell would the skins lose a pick he hasn’t been in Washington for 4 years and off the top of my head i can only think of 2 players on their d that was there when he was and one of those is London fletcher one of best guys in the league

  21. Kick this scumbag out of the league for life. If you wonder what went wrong with Peyton Manning’s neck look no further than the illegal high/low hit from two Redskins defenders back when Williams was the DC.

  22. Gregg Williams is a child. An infantile, puerile child. Incapable of winning through the quality of coaching on the field, he resorted to the basest of efforts to intentionally and consicentiously hurt fellow football players. Williams’ actions demean the sport of football and the concept of being a professional. Williams should be suspended from football for at least one full year.

    Williams’ actions are incondolable, especially for a supposed coach in a position of influence. It is incumbent that Goodell come down with the harshest of penalties on Williams, who has demeaned the very sport of football

  23. Paying players to injure others from the comfy confines of the sidelines. Takes a tough guy to do that! This is the definition of a gutless p-ssy. Ban Williams! Ban him now!

  24. Just getting this straight…..rape he saints to nothing…take away the franchise tag and first round pick next year, but don’t punish the teams that let this go on before??? Only the saints should be punished…I am sure that is how it is going to play out in this joke of a league but they should all be punished….same owners now as there were then….do the crime, do the time. Redskins, buffalo, and any one else guilty should lose at least next years number one with heavy fines of owner. But the redskins will get nothing, even with former players confirming it,one itch his name in print….my saints are screwed. Rick of you redskins fans to think you should get a free ride. Your franchises are the ones where Williams seems to have convinced himself this is all ok

  25. Suspend Williams for a year w/o pay and take away Saints SB win, the same way the NCAA would take away wins or a National Championship.

  26. I’m a Giants fan and even I think it’s moronic to think the Skins should lose a pick. They shouldn’t even be fined $1! It was years ago. The ONLY thing this will impact is making things rougher for Williams when he has to face Goodell. You can’t penalize a team for something that happened years ago and there’s absolutely ZERO evidence that the GM or owner knew anything about it. That’s Eagle fan level stupidity. Give it a rest. No penalty of any kind for the Skins on this one.

  27. So,Peyton’s neck injury came from a hit over 5 years ago? Williams was DC in Washington in 2007.
    I thought every defense from high school to pros,tried to knock the other teams QB out.

  28. Washington should lose a draft pick lol, I recall Greg Williams interviewing for the head coaching job and not only did Jim zorn get the job but he lost he’s job in Washington as a defense of coach. So maybe Washington knew and got rid of him for a reason maybe they didnt. Did the players take the money… Your Damn right they did…why cause they are grown ass men and they can make their own choices. So why not look at every team that has that where gonna beat you team like ravens and steelers etc.. another words how many other teams are doing this and have not been caught cause it has stayed with in the ball club… Just sayn

  29. If the hits were clean and they were encouraged to be hitting hard then I see no problem. If he wanted dirty hits then there is a big issue.

  30. i don`t know. this seems like stating the obvious. players getting a little pocket change simply too emphasize a point. i am pretty sure these guys are trying to inflick as much pain on their opponents as they can, bounty or not.

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