Roethlisberger calls first talk with Haley “a good start”

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Last week, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and new offensive coordinator Todd Haley finally spoke for the first time.  On Thursday, Roethlisberger spoke about it.

It started when Haley called Roethlisberger, Roethlisberger didn’t notice the number, and so Roethlisberger didn’t answer the phone.  After he listened to the message, he called Haley back.

It was a really good talk,” Roethlisberger said, describing the discussion as being 10 to 15 minutes in length.  “Unfortunately, we can’t talk football right now and that’s one of the big things I wanted to talk about.”

Whoa.  What?

We think some of these teams need to spend a little more time studying the CBA.  Especially since Roethlisberger apparently talked football with owner Art Rooney II after offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was fired.  And because Roethlisberger said last month that he has been working out with the team’s strength coach, an activity that seems to be clearly prohibited by Article 21, Section 2(a) of the CBA.

There’s nothing in the CBA that prevents a player from choosing to “talk football” with a member of the coaching staff before the official launch of the offseason program.  And there’s no mechanism for preventing it from happening.  And there’s no way to know whether Roethlisberger and Haley really did “talk football” unless one of them admits it.

Our guess?  Someone told Roethlisberger after he blurted out that he had been working out with the strength coach that Roethlisberger had said too much, and so the best guidance for a guy who may not be the sharpest beam in the steel pile was to take the position that no football activities or discussions of any kind have happened.

So in those 10 to 15 minutes, what did they discuss?  “[I]t was just me talking to him, about golf, his family, my family, him having been a ballboy here, just things like that,” Roethlisberger said.  “It was a good start and I felt it was a good step in the right direction.”

Roethlisberger currently thinks it will be a “good working relationship.”  As to whether it will be a “good friendship,” Roethlisberger said, “Who knows?”

It doesn’t have to be a friendship.  It just has to work.  It may even work better if it’s not a good friendship.  Indeed, Roethlisberger had a “good friendship” with Arians, and he got fired.

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  1. How does a new oc come to a team and not reach out to his franchise superbowl qb? First impressions are lasting impressions

  2. CANT WAIT till Haley turns this offence into #1 in the NFL and makes Ben the next Kurt Warner… Big Ben has never gotten his credit… why would people give it to him now… You shut people up when you talk RINGS… OHHHH and Ben is 2 outta 3 in the SB… HATERS

  3. The talk was more a scolding to entice Ben to stay out of Georgia and always check for consent. What a dirtbag

  4. Man, this dude just needs to stay away from the media. And dkkc12 if your gonna try and make a joke about Ben at least put some effort behind it.

  5. Haley Vs. Rothliswhatever will be the best theater of 2012. Gotta love the subtle mushroom stamp of Benny calling Haley a ball boy. Priceless.

  6. Pure speculation on what was said, as for Ben’s intelligence I think any QB who comes into the league and starts from day one has more than a little steel in his head. Or were you referring to his facial reconstruction?

  7. Ben’s obviously not going anywhere and neither is Haley anytime soon. Why can’t they figure this out and act like adults?

  8. The article paints a slightly different story. Ed Bouchette wrote that players can’t talk football with coaches until April 16, and also implies that this conversation might have taken place ‘a few weeks ago’

  9. @heyzeus143: Ben is a Superbowl-winning quarterback, not a champion.

    @mikebe1: Haley is trying to bring Ben down a peg or two, since he seems to think he runs the team. And personally, I think that’s the right way to go right now.

  10. Why is there even things in the CBA preventing a player under contract from doing ANYTHING at the facility? If the guy wants to go work out, should he have to goto Gold’s Gym because the offseason programs haven’t started yet? Eff that. The Steelers have strength and conditioning coaches, Ben should be allowed to go work out with them if he chooses. It, of course, should NEVER be required, but leave the option open to guys that want to go work out. Guys report out of shape, but they’re not allowed to go work with their trainers? C’mon now.

  11. Obviously wasn’t the “No rapin’ the ladies” talk. That one always makes him rage.

  12. I don’t discredit Ben’s ability as a QB because clearly he is top 5 in the NFL right now but it seems clear that his ego still hasn’t been adjusted properly.

    Full disclaimer: I hate the Steelers and really hate Todd Haley.

  13. Big Ben already asserting is dominance over Haley. I love it. This has the potential to be a glorious train wreck.

  14. Big Ben will make things happen on the field no matter who is the OC. However, as a Ravens fan, I’m so glad they hired Haley because I already disliked him. He is the perfect Squealer coach because he cried, just like Pgh, that teams ran the score up on their teams. Like he never did that. I’m sure they’ll be as competitive as ever, but it will be fun watching the turmoil on the sidelines with this clown. I think it was okay for Ben to call him out for not calling his new QB.

  15. One read quarterbacks aren’t too bright. Roethlisberger is petrified he will be asked to read a defense and he’s already laying the ground work that when he throws into coverage it will be someone else’s fault. He’s already said the young receivers will regress in a new offense. He wants to resign Cotchery for veteran leadership. The guy had 16 receptions in 2011! Obviously he leans on Cotchery in thethe offensive meetings. Obviously, he’s afraid he won’t be able to run a more sophisticated offense. Yet as the poor leader he is, he seems worried about everyone else not doing well in a new offense. Strange thing is, no other player seems to be worried.

  16. He’s a franchise quarterback in the National Football League. You’d have thunk someone would have pulled him aside and given him some serious coaching for the media.

    Looks like it hasn’t happened, or he’s not paying attention.

  17. @opneon
    When has pittsburgh ever “cried” that teams ran up the score? I believe it’s the Ravens that are usually talking about refs after the game, Hines Ward hitting them too hard, etc.

  18. You have it backwards.

    Players are allowed, in fact are encouraged to work out with strength coaches. The coaches can’t give them programs to do (sets of exercises or a workout plan) but they can and should supervise workouts to make sure exercises are done properly to avoid injury.

    Players aren’t allowed to talk football with coaches, or do anything specifically football related. Teams aren’t even allowed to have footballs available for players at team facilities.

    So…where do you get your information from?

  19. Nearly 400 words in this article, yet pretty much nothing of value. I care about football. I don’t give a rats a$$ whether Ben looked at his caller ID and didn’t recognize the number. Stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill just to generate clicks.

  20. @richkotite im sure its other ways to bring ben down dont they have a new offense to work on together?or at least talk about the playbook.

  21. @steelbydesign,
    The first game of the season, steelers players complained about what turned out to be legal cut blocks. Also somethe talk about a fake PAT when the game was pretty much in the bag for the ravens. A lot of bravado from steelers fans about how that would be remembered in Pittsburgh. Evidently it was quickly forgotten.

  22. “It started when Haley called Roethlisberger, Roethlisberger didn’t notice the number, and so Roethlisberger didn’t answer the phone. After he listened to the message, he called Haley back.”

    Whew, all that thinkin’ and dialin’!

  23. I just love all the crap about the Ben’s intelligence. I also have very good memories about another Pittsburgh QB whose intelligence was frequently called into question. Hello the local press even referred to him as “Lil Abner”. That QB has 4 rings and is in the hall. The press and the haters can just keep on shoveling the horse manure…just be prepared to swallow all that hate bile when numbers 7 and 8 come home to the ketchup bottle.

    Peace out.

  24. I enjoy watching Ben play football, but when he’s not on the field, he really should just be quiet. Go to the weight room, study film. But don’t speak.

  25. The only people who find humor the constant flow of rape and motorcycle jokes following any Roethlisberger post are either morons or in junior high. Everyone knows that he has done and said many stupid and in some cases horrible things, but it really has nothing to do with the current post. Try something a little more creative. Your posts are a waste of space as they are now. If you hate him or what he has done that much, just don’t read the posts.

  26. I hate to say it, but this team isn’t going away. No one is going to pick up Wallace and lose a 1st when there are plenty of WR’s in FA. Furthermore, Wallace and Brown are gonna be a fearsome twosome with Haley calling the plays, and yeah the Steeler defense is getting older and new guys are gonna have to start playing, but it doesn’t matter who they are, they will end up looking like Pro Bowlers in the Lebeau defense. I get really confused hearing everyone say this team is done. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know anything, but I don’t think this team is going to lose an inch, but I guess I don’t really know much like you guys.

  27. Cowboy fan of old so I naturally don’t like the Steelers. But You have to look over that to be a true football fan and with that I say that Big Ben has been a prefect fit for the Steelers. Both his top tier play and his look. His actions off the field have not been near as bad as people want to make out. He is another Terry Bradshaw type of QB and fits the mold perfect. TB was, and still is not given the credit he deserves for winning 4 Super Bowls. In those days I was a Oiler fan and nobody hated the Steelers more than us. But they and BB then as they have now proved to be one of the greatest teams ever.

  28. Pouting Toothlessberger got the phone call he wanted so badly.

    Goody, goody… now that the diva’s fragile, wounded ego
    has been properly stroked maybe now both Squealer
    fans & old Toothy can finally get a good night’s sleep…

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