Tom Benson issues a statement on bounties

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Friday was supposed to be all about franchise tags and looking forward to free agency, but the league’s announcement about the Saints’ violation about the bounty rule has changed that in a big way.

We’ve already heard from the league and it’s a safe bet we’ll be hearing much more about it today, through the weekend and beyond. Saints owner Tom Benson has issued a statement about the league’s findings.

“I have been made aware of the NFL’s findings relative to the “Bounty Rule” and how it relates to our club. I have offered and the NFL has received our full cooperation in their investigation. While the findings may be troubling, we look forward to putting this behind us and winning more championships in the future for our fans.”

The Saints are going to wind up with a black mark on their image as a result of the league’s finding. We’ll see how much their punishment winds up impacting the drive for more championships that Benson promises fans in New Orleans.

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  1. I wonder if this writer has something against the Saints? “The Saints are going to wind up with a black mark on their image as a result of the league’s finding” What finding? It read they are still investigating?

  2. Hard to believe that an extra $1,000 makes that much difference to these guys. That would be like my sales manager offering me an extra $5 on a million-dollar contract.

  3. This is bad for the orginazation and the players. That’s sad that you have to put bountys on players to make them play football. Isn’t that what there paid to do? What was the point of the lockout last seasone? Smh at the saints

  4. What an understated press release. “We’re sorry it happened, but we’re putting it behind and looking forward to winning more championships”… REALLY!?

  5. I wrote some nasty stuff about the ‘Aints in my last post, but in reality this isn’t really something that impacts the game all that much. The extra incentive still has to be legal to the refs, so every team is protected that way. I think the Pats’ video library was worse.

    Still, may the powerful hammer of justice hit the Saints hard and fast. I hope they suffer the most extreme penalty ever levied against a team by the league. Don’t suspend or expel Williams from the league though; I look forward to the 9ers playing his sorry defense twice a year…with or without their little bonus system.

    May NFL fans never let this go and give Saints fans hell for years, no decades to come. Let’em have it!!

  6. They should be stripped of their SB and everyone involved should be banned from the NFL. This is worse than Spygate. Real lack of sportsmanship shown here.

  7. This is silly. The NFL fines you for breathing on a guy wrong. If no Saints were flagged, much less fined, by the NFL gestapo during game play, then this bounty talk is just that.

  8. Favre should sue the Scat Stain Swamp Scum for permanent injury he suffered, along with the loss of $50 million or so of future earnings. Not to mention a legacy that was stolen from him in that game. Also investigate the refs who were complicit and probably paid off for their part. Ban habitual criminals like Gregg Williams from the game once and for all.

  9. Set an example and clean house. Its too convienant t to lay the blame only on Williams not that he is gone. Get rid of Loomis and his crew.

  10. We promise to hurt more players so our mediocre team can at least have a shot at winning some games.

  11. Not a Saints fan, but this will look worse on Gregg Williams than the Saints. If I were Jeff Fisher, I’d be getting my statement ready (“We will not tolerate bounties in St. Louis”).

  12. The only way to save face is to embrace it. Become the NFL’s version of The Bad Boys (Pistons of the 80’s). I dont condone it, but don’t hide from who you are. You wanna be rough & tough, and break the rules? Embrace it. Then the rest of us can at least respect you. I already hate the Saints, this new info doesn’t change anything

  13. Only in today’s NFL would knocking the crap out of an opposing player be considered a bad thing. Seriously, many of you people need to pick a new sport to watch instead of trying to bend football to your pathetically delicate sensibilities.

  14. who cares, lot of folks on here need to step off the ledge…

    IF any injuries were caused by this, AND flags were thrown for illegal conduct on the injury plays, THEN you would have an issue and it would be a very big deal. Otherwise, just good hard football here, couldn’t prove otherwise.

    and for people saying this is worse than SpyGate…get real.

  15. I’d like to thank Mr. Benson for taking time away from his busy schedule of dancing with that little umbrella to issue this statement.

  16. Not shocking that the general manager provided the owner with plausible deniability. The city of New Orleans has a long history of white men of privilege pretending that they are morally above what goes on in the city.

    In 1965, the AFL All Star games was moved from New Orleans’ Tulane Stadium to Houston after black players, along with sympthetic white players, boycotted Jim Crow laws that not only allowed racial segregation, they, in fact, they mandated segregation in public accomodations.

    What is the over/under on Loomis losing his job? I expect he is safe now that he covered for Benson.

  17. What Benson seems to be saying is – “eh, it is what is is. Whatever.”

    You expect much more from an owner. Like, I don’t know – being pissed off.

    Disappointed? That’s for improperly cooked lunches. Learning your employees have been doing something so egregious and despicable should have you reviewing the disciplinary sections of EVERYONE’s contracts at the absolute least.

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