Another story links Chad Henne to the Jets


The Jets would be a sensible suitor for free agent Chad Henne because they could use competition for underachieving starter Mark Sanchez, and have hired Henne’s head coach in Miami, Tony Sparano, as offensive coordinator.

At the end of his story about Chad Pennington’s offseason tutorship of Sanchez,’s Rich Cimini cites multiple sources to confirm that Henne is “on the Jets’ free agent radar.”’s Alex Marvez recently called the Jets a “strong contender” to land Henne at the cost of $4 million to $5 million per year, and it’s no secret by now that the Dolphins don’t want Henne back.

So it’s probably safe to call the Jets the early favorites to land Henne, even if he wouldn’t represent a noticeable upgrade over Sanchez. Henne would, however, be a better option to back up and put pressure on Sanchez than incumbent clipboard holder Mark Brunell, whose career was over several years ago.

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  1. I hate how players just go places because of connections with former QB’s. Just because Sparano was familiar with Henne doesn’t mean he should want him, he wasn’t good. Having two below average QB’s won’t make the position any better.

  2. 4 to 5 million for a backup QB??? Ridiculous! Take someone in mid round of the draft.

    Still, I would take Henne over Sanchez anyday but my goodness.

  3. Henne actually played very well last season before getting hurt, can’t put all the blame on him for the Dolphins poor start. Makes perfect sense for the Jets to bring him in seeing that he already knows Sparano’s system.

  4. Can we stop with the Sanchez winning playoff games nonsense. The Jets typically made the playoffs in spite of him, not because of his abilities. I would venture to say that had Henne been the Jets QB, they would have won at least one of those AFC championships

    Sanchez had the luxury of being picked by a team, who told him that he was their guy, surrounded him with weapons, and supported him through the ups and downs. Henne never experienced anything remotely close to that in Miami until this year. He was ranked 9th in the league at the time of his injury, and would have won a few games if Marshall could catch TD passes.

    If you don’t think coaching and game planning has a significant effect on the development of a QB, I have 2 words for you: Alex Smith

    If I were Henne, I would want a fresh start as far away from Sparano as I could get.

  5. Henne was 0-4 as a starter in 2011, 57% comp. 4 td’s 4 int, under 8 yrds/comp. QB rating of 79. By Henne’s standards maybe that is very well, by NFL standards, not so much. See ya Chad.

  6. Chad henne was a good dolphin, I’m a dolphin fan at the core, I liked henne a lot, Not his fault our team was slow, our doom was spelt when we let Ted ginn go after he won us two games by himself, this and other bone head moves soprano made, Sporano was a lethargic coach, and I’m so happy we went and got PHILBIN. Jets would be better with henne than with sanchize, henne is pretty darn good, just taken for granted, I understand we needed an upgrade, faster thinker, smarter field reader or manager.

  7. If I was Chad Henne I would run to NY.

    Not only will he win the starting job, he will win it in training camp.

    Not saying Henne’s that good, its just Sanchez is that bad.

  8. Sanchez sucks. Jets vs Giants week 16 sums that up. Maybe the dumbass Carroll was right and Marky should have spent an extra year playing for the University of Spoiled Children.

  9. Henne really doesn’t get the credit he deserves…he was really good this year, except for the fact that his protection sucked and caused a sack that sent him to the DL…he was moving the ball with his legs and arm this year…he didn’t have the OL protection that Matt Moore got later on in the year when the victories started to pile on…Matt Moore didn’t win until the fifth game he was in…Chad Henne > Matt Moore or Sanchize….he really didn’t get the oportunity he deserved which he will probably get in new york and will end up winning because of it.

  10. This is a disaster move by the Jets. Throw in wasting $4-5mm of cap space that could be used on a couple other positions and everyone else in the AFC East should be laughing

  11. Everyone rips on sanchez but what do from the guy he didnt even play all of college henne would be a good idea but keeping hunter isnt! Need lb and safeties leonard is good but he is becoming injury prone and smith isnt good

  12. @hdahs143

    Sanchez had a 102.2 rating vs. Pittsburgh and a 93.3 against Indy. You may be right that the Jets reached the playoffs in spite of him, but by no means is it his fault they lost those games. Hard to win football games when Peyton Manning and Rashard Mendenhall are taking your defense to the woodshed.

  13. .

    Tannenbaum recently signed Brunnel to a seven year deal …all guaranteed money ….like Santonio.


  14. Can’t pay a backup that’s nowhere near as good as Sanchez anything like $4m. Madness.

  15. As a Dolphins fan, it makes me laugh to see people defend Henne. It is amazing once Moore came in, he could get the ball to Marshall and Bush started producing. It is not like Sporano was telling Henne not to throw the ball to Marshall, he just doesn’t have it.

  16. I’m sorry, I just don’t get this.

    Chad Henne is like the 6′ 4″ version of Mark Sanchez, except he has zero leadership ability, kind of neutralizing things.

    Otherwise they’re basically the same quarterback… About 3300 yards, about as many interceptions as touchdowns, never really making you go wow…

    Chad Henne is the perfect quarterback if you have a talented team and want to go 8-8.

  17. This seems similar to the move Seattle made last year when it signed Tavaris Jackson because of his familiarity with Bevel’s offense in Minnesota. I think Henne and Jackson might have similar upside (not a whole lot) but are suitable short term answers.

  18. If you saw my comment yesterday, you know my feelings on this. However, if the Jets use $4-$5 million of their very limited cap space on a guy whose sole job is to push Sanchez, they are pretty dumb. They have way too many holes to waste money in this manner. Sanchez is set to make $14 million this season, and if you add Henne at $5 million, that is $19 million at the QB position without having a quality QB. In contrast, the Saints will pay Brees $14 million with the franchise tag. It’s money not wisely spent, but then again, it’s the Jets. One thing to keep in mind here is that if the Jets cut Sanchez before his salary becomes guaranteed (first week of the season), the Jets stand to save the more money that they would if they stuck with him & cut him next year. For example, if they cut him last year, they would have eaten $3.1 million against the cap; if they cut him this year, they would be saving $9.25 million against the cap; and if they cut him next season, they would only be saving $6 million against the cap. Brining in Henne might just be the end of Sanchez as a Jet regardless of camp competition.

  19. If there is another quarterback out there that is a downgrade from Sanchez, Henne is it. The Jets do not need to waste that kind of money on a bum quarterback, they already have one. Draft a project and get a suitable second stringer. If you are down to your second string QB you are toast anyway. On second thought, the Jets are already toast with Sanchez under center, so what other than 4-5 million dollars is the difference?

  20. The Dolphins are QB starved and want no part of Chad Henne. And the Dolphins GM drafted him! Says all you need to know.

  21. couldnt throw past 20 yards at mi or mia wont be able too in NYC rubber band arm! lol they thought he wasa a hero saior in miami lol worst fans in america

  22. Henne is so bad that Matt Moore was a MAJOR upgrade. The Dolphins began to play better as soon as Henne got hurt…no coincidence. He’ll never be anything more than a clipboard-holder.

  23. Chad Henne is not a “rubber band arm”. He can throw it deep. He just has ZERO deep ball accuracy. It was actually frightening to see him take a shot down the field because you knew one of two things were going to happen. Either the receiver would be ahead of the pass because Henne underthrew it, or the DB would catch it and start running. I love ya Chad but I WILL NOT miss you. You’re a lock to take Sanbust’s job though.

  24. hdahs143:

    Put down the crack pipe, its not healthy for you! The jets would of won one of their championship games with Henne instead of Sanchez? You think Henne is going to do better than roughly a 100 QB rating and a 5-1 TD-INT ratio in championship games, including one of them agains the top ranked pitt defense?

    Has Henne even played in a big game before, let alone played well? No, I didnt think so. So be quiet.

    Did the Jets make the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years in spite of Sanchez? Yes, they did. But HE was the reason they made it to the championship game both of those seasons. Hard to argue with a 4-2 playoff record all on the road along with a 9-3 TD-INT ratio, a 60% completion percentage, and a 94+ QB rating ranked 6th all time in NFL playoff history. How about them apples? Sanchez was the reason they were in both those games, they lost because of poor defense against INDY in the 2nd half and PITT in the 1st half. Sanchez was arguably the best Jet player on the field in both of those games.

    We will talk when Henne plays well in his first big game of his career, it has yet to happen.

  25. I feel sorry for you Jets fans because Chad Henne is garbage. So inconsistent. And Sparano as an OC? OMG. Players love the him but he’s not an X’s & O’s guy. I can already taste the vanilla.

    I’m already amazed that the Jets hired Sparano after he got fired from Miami, & to possibly add Henne into the mix is yet another step backwards. I don’t know why anyone would defend Henne at all. He accomplished nothing as a starter except to prove that Matt Moore is better than he is.

  26. drumnw:

    Can you show us what evidence you are referring to when you state that Henne was playing well before the injury?

    Sanchez also had horrible protection this year, and nearly got his head taken off by his right tackle. Still put up 32 TD’s in 16 games.

    Do you also think its coincidence that the Dophins sucked this year with Henne and then turned it around pretty quickly under another bad QB named Moore? And somehow the protection just got so much better under Moore so we should just ignore his success with the same players Henne sucked with?

  27. The point of this is to light a fire under Marks butt. Chad Henne and Mark Sanchez have always been compared. If Rex letting Brunell have a couple of starting reps pissed off Sanchez, imagine the reaction he’d have to a legitimate QB battle in training camp. If that doesn’t motivate him to play better and really step his game up, then he is not starting quarterback material and that is fact.

  28. When you have two QBs that are equally as good, it’s never a good thing. We all know how well things worked out for Cleveland with Brady Quinn and DA.

  29. So tell me PFT, is Mark Sanchez an “underachiever” because he didn’t take the Jets to the play-offs for the first time since he turned pro or is he an “underachiever” because you guys didn’t pick him as one of your choosen QBs like you do every draft season?

    I’ll be waiting to see what will be said of such media darling QBs, as Luck, Bradford, and Stafford when they fail to advance their team to the Play- offs every season.

  30. As a Jets fan I’ve never seen a player walk off the field after throwing a pick or fumbling as if it didn’t matter; like Sanchez has. Sanchez might be the first to training and/ or studying but at the end of the day what you do and how you perform on gameday is what matters. Sanchez needs to have someone breathing down his neck so that he knows that winners don’t take breaks on gameday; they perform. Now Henne is not Rodgers or Brees but he is a capable QB. Let’s not forget that in Miami; they wore out that “wildcat” formation. The guy would start to get into a rythem and “Bam!” here came the wildcat. Not to mention that with the Dolphins he didn’t have the talent that he will have (if he indeed signs) with Jets. Sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders; let’s give him a fair chance. At the very least Sanchez stops talking about week in and week out after a lose about how he needs to take care better of the ball and/ or make better decisions (which he should trademark as his excuses) on the field and actually does it. Let’s give Henne a chance; he deserves a second chance (he has a strong arm and isn’t afraid to run) Go Jets!!!!
    P.S. I dislike Brady but lets face facts; if a pro bowl QB that has championships under his belt can get chewed out on National Tv for throwing a bone-head interception then why can’t Sanchez?!? Yet it never happened and he walked around like as if he were Montana.

  31. Sanchez and Henne? has anyone ever heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” I don’t know what the Jets can do, but with those two losers they won’t win anything, it’s time for a real QB and a real runningback. I like Shonn Greene, but in reality he’s more of a fullback.

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