Brent Grimes doesn’t plan to sign the franchise tag


Though Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson seems to believe that the franchise tag represents a badge of honor, there’s little honor in being prevented from becoming a free agent.

Sure, the franchise tag also constitutes a one-year offer for employment at a salary that the player wouldn’t be offered in any other line of work.  But it’s far lower than what the player would receive if the player were able to sign a multi-year contract with significant guaranteed money.

Without significant guaranteed money, the risk of serious injury remains on the player.

And so most players will be upset by the maneuver.  Players like Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes will decline to accept the offer.

We have no plans to sign the tag at this time,” Grimes’ agent, Ben Dogra, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday.  “We hope to be able to continue to discuss [through] all the issues at the appropriate time.”

The use of the phrase “no plans . . . at this time” allows Grimes to change his mind later.  But the fact that he’s not under contract also allows him and every other franchise player to withhold services indefinitely.  He can boycott the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason, and he can show up only days before the start of the regular season, sign the tender, and receive the full amount, fully guaranteed.

He also can stay away until Week 10 of the regular season, sign the tender then, finish the year, and hit the market in 2013 — unless the team is willing to offer 120 percent of his 2012 salary in order to use the franchise tag a second time.

The only risk a player takes by not signing the franchise tender is that the team can rescind it at any time, making the player an unrestricted free agent.

While on one hand that gives the player what he wanted in the first place, on the other hand it can put the player on the market well after teams have blown their budgets and/or determined their depth charts.  Jackson’s intention to sign the tender in Philly surely was influenced in part by the fact that the Eagles twice before have rescinded the franchise tender.

The Falcons likely won’t do that with Grimes.  In an increasingly pass-happy league, they need him.  Especially since Dunta Robinson has yet to play at the level his own multi-year, free-agent contract would contemplate.

Grimes is surely holding out hope that, by holding out, the Falcons will give him the kind of multi-year deal that Grimes would have gotten if he hadn’t been blocked from becoming an unrestricted free agents.

14 responses to “Brent Grimes doesn’t plan to sign the franchise tag

  1. I would want the cowboys to take a look at this guy but idk anymore. I dont like these money hungry players and thats all he’d be thinking about in dallas. Nextt

  2. The falcons were a very hard team to watch up until the last 3-4 weeks of the season…they were confused on offense

    on defense they really were cheap shots…and arrogant

    maybe it was reciprocal since now I realize it was the Saints game that they ingrained that impression in my small brain

  3. DeSean needed the Franchise tag. He vastly hurt his stock last season.

    This way he will get paid nicely and presumably get more targets due to his cap hit. Thus increasing his salary next contract…

    Unless the Eagles trade him in Training Camp.

  4. “Yeah, $10.6 million guaranteed for one season is so insulting ….”

    Yeah it is, when he has the potential to lock down 20m+ guaranteed if he was a FA.

    It’s all relative.

  5. zackd2 If you think any corner is worth 20 million dollars per year you’re understanding of NFL economics is lacking.

  6. No corner is worth 20 mill nnamdi didnt even get that he not even better then my boy corey webster not even close he betta sign that tag

  7. That’s not what he means he referring to if you sign a long term contract you get x amount of dollars guaranteed so yes 10 million is nice but he has no job security and risk himself of injury

  8. everydayimfumbilin – your understanding of the NFL in general is lacking. not 20m a year, 20m guaranteed for a multiyear deal. Buy a clue buddy

  9. I don’t see Grimes as the type of dude to start missing training camps and holding out. I would imagine that Grimes isnt signing it cuz he hopes to get a multi year contract. Sometimes it’s the security of knowing where you’re gonna be living for 3-6 years, not how many zeros are at the end of the contract.

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