Hillis describes lowball offer from Browns


Running back Peyton Hillis remains interested in staying with the Browns.  Hillis told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he’s willing to give the team a “hometown discount”; he shared with Cabot an offer the Browns made last year that seems to be only a step or two removed from a “five-finger discount.”

Hillis said the Browns proposed $25 million or $26 million over four or five years.  While the question of whether the offer covered four or five years has a fairly significant impact on the annual average, it’s the average in the first three years that makes the offer one heck of a bargain for the Browns.

Hillis claims the contract would have paid out $1.2 million per year for the first three years.  “It wasn’t the money, it’s just how it was structured,” Hillis said.

He’s right.  Given the nature of the running back position, if less than $4 million was being paid in the first three years with a balloon payment in the final one or two, Hillis never would have seen the back end of the deal.  And so it’ll be interesting to see the specific structure of the deal, if the Browns eventually make Hillis an offer he doesn’t refuse.

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  1. I could see a discount if the team is loading up for a super bowl run but the browns? Go test the waters hillis just make sure it’s only in the afc.

  2. I know he’s been a turd but the guy can run the ball. The Browns just need to show him some love and they can have a hard-charging RB in the prime 3-4 years of his career.

    Or, maybe he goes back to DEN to run a Madman ground game with Timmaayyy Superstar….

  3. In fct, if Hillis went back to DEN and they then signed Hines Ward plus a good OL and draft a DL Denver might be a factor

  4. yeah, but what was the signing bonus?

    take a 5 year 25m contract with the first three years at 1.2

    Now give it an $8m signing bonus.

    You’ve got 3 years at 11.6…. that’s not a bad contract for Hillis. No matter what happens in those last two years we all know he’ll never see.

  5. Hillis won’t get much more from the Bengals his game isn’t much more than Benson’s…his stock plummeted when Mangini was sent packing

    Peyton should thank Joe and the boys for his one good stretch where he was the only threat in in a bad offense

    now he wants to translate that into big bucks…IMO he owes the Browns a year

  6. Why should they even offer him a contract in the first place? Things didn’t work out last season, instead of forcing things they should just move on.

  7. White running backs just don’t cut it in The NFL.Take the” low-ball” offer white boy.

    Last white running back to run for over 1,000 yards.Craig James 1985.

  8. eleventyeight: I don’t want him or Wines Hard anywhere near the Broncos!

  9. Sorry, but based upon last season and Hillis’ theatrics, the Browns can find better on the street or in the draft. Many clubs, Broncos and Texans to name just 2, have proven there are bargains on the street.

  10. Making bad decisions and having a huge ego dosent qualify anyone for the CIA. This guy lives in a dream world.

  11. Before today I didn’t know the CIA even had a football team. Shows just how sneaky they can be.

  12. tenteamparlay… idiot what kind of dancing MONKEY are you??? Hillis is a great back and deserves a decent contract. We are just now learning why he’s pissed off and sounds like he should be!

  13. Hillis is a jerk without question. That is still a ridiculously low offer by the Browns. Theyre basically telling him to get lost

  14. Is it really necessary to post “madden curse” on every storyline just for the sole purpose of all of the 10 year olds to “like” your comment. It’s not an insightful post and its so played out since 2005. Retire it already, jeez.

  15. Peyton Hillis is a bum. If you look at his stats from the one decent year he had, he only did well against one division opponent (Baltimore) in the first game they played, in the first half of the season. After everyone knew who he was and Cleveland was committed to giving him the ball, he fell apart. He only did well when no one schemed to stop him. Here are some stats to jar your memory:

    Jack– 21 carries , 48 yds
    KC–35 yards
    Mia– 57 yards
    NO–69 yds
    TB–41 yards
    Pitt– 2 game total –54 yards

    Like I said, he’s a bum and Cleveland knows it. Just like Tebow in Denver. The fans are just too dumb to know the difference between hype and a consistently player. Like people think Tebow is who was winning for Denver. It was their defense idiots.

  16. I don’t understand why everyone is just believing what Hillis said. Like a previous poster commented, there was probably a signing bonus as well. If I were the Browns, I’d let this guy walk- he’s a liability!

  17. wow after the big numbers he put up last year the browns don’t want to pay him big money? can’t imagine why

  18. IF this is true, I would have been upset as well. But I honestly felt he was not used correctly in the first couple of games this year or not enough. I think it goes both ways. I think the Browns started this mess by not signing him to a long term deal and now possibly low-balling him. Then start the season with hardly using him, when he is the strength of the team is ridiculous. He probably figured, why play if they won’t pay or play me!

  19. I agree with quite a few of you, if you are going to only pay him $1.5 to $2million a year, then give him a huge signing bonus!

    He is a strong runner and has three more good years in him, if not more.

    The top backs in the league are making $5mil plus a year and Hillis is definately in that $2.5 to $3million range.

    Very disappointed in the organization, with the way they are handling this.

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