Irsay pledges $50,000 to Indiana tornado relief

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On Friday, multiple tornadoes hit southern Indiana.  Colts owner Jim Irsay has pledged $50,000 to assist the victims.

The team announced the donation on Saturday.

It’s a nice gesture by Irsay.  And we encourage others to do the same.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be $50,000.  By texting REDCROSS to 90999, a $10 donation to the effort can be made.

Also, donations can be made by phone by calling the Hoosiers Helping Hoosiers Emergency Phone Bank at WISH-TV at 317-923-8888 tonight from 6 p.m. until midnight or tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. until noon.

35 responses to “Irsay pledges $50,000 to Indiana tornado relief

  1. Quit knockin the least hes givin something..its 50,000$,that money will go to good use.

  2. There’s some awfully righteous commenters we have on here tonight, criticizing a man who donated 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS to one cause. How much have you macho men donated?

  3. He is an idiot with his pr moves. But you have to tip your hat to him here, while some people say only $50k at least it’s something.

  4. For all we know, he might quietly have donated $10 million but announced it as $50,000 so that the rest of us wouldn’t think of the victims’ problems as being solved without any need for our contributions.

  5. Hey folks… Branson Mo. Got hit very bad as well and left people without homes and such. They could sure use some help as well.

  6. while I concur that it’s great he is donating something, I’ll have to say that $50,000 is an embarrassing number for someone of his financial status to be proud about donating given the scope of the disaster. Like someone already said, that doesn’t even replace one house…

  7. Figures a bunch of nothings that have never done anything for anyone would criticize over a generous donation. You know how long you morons will have to flip burgers to make that much cash?

  8. He’s donated $50,000 to the ‘Please Don’t Hate Me For Dumping Peyton Manning” fund.

  9. illwillthemick, mgm36, stairwayto7, how much have you all given? $50,000 will buy A LOT of supplies that will help A LOT of people.

  10. Guy hands peyton manning $26 million to do nothing last year, and all he had for this is 50 g’s? Something smells funny here, and I think it’s jim’s sense of charity.

  11. “You know how long you morons will have to flip burgers to make that much cash?”

    You do know that Irsay inherited his fortune, right? And that he did absolutely nothing to earn any of it.

  12. In a stunning PR move…PEyton Manning just donated $51,000 to make IRSAY look bad again…

  13. Nice gesture, but is that all since he isn’t going to pay Manning the $28M bonus that he can afford ??

    Seriously tho, I’m happy for the folks who will be help and I do applaud Irsay for this…

  14. Well if he had wanted to make everyone forget about Manning he could rebuild that area. To hell with the cost. A Billionaire and only $50,000? That’s like us “burger flippers” donating 50¢ to someone whos house just burnt down.

    Wha a chump!

  15. If we all gave $5 bucks say that we all make $50,000 a year. We would give .01 percent of worth.

    Jim giving 50k is aprox .0035 %. If he gave = to the .01 % that we gave it would be 140k

    So the 50k from a billionaire is about us giving $1.75. POCKET CHANGE!!

    What should happen is he give with out anyone noticing. And not take the focus off the poor Tornado victims.

    Also Give more than a Buck 75 Jim… If you really Care about the people and helping out, instead of trying to appear to be a good guy.

  16. Wow – I am glad that I am following this.

    Guys – as someone who has been involved in charitable fundraising for 10 + years this is a initial gift that is going to increase.

    BTW – while you guys can mock a $50,000 contribution all you want, it makes you look small and petty.

    I can guarantee you that the Development Officer of the non-profit organization is very thankful for that kind of leadership contribution which by the way none of you really know what kind of funding levels the non-profit is calling for.

    For all you know – $50,000 is the upper tier contribution that is being called for.

    Everyone on this board needs to call that number and make a contribution especially those that are mocking a $50,000 gift.

  17. spoken like a true demacrap!!! What have you ever done thats so speical. Worry about your own penny and be glad Irsay and people like him look over your stupidity!

  18. I live in one of the communities hit by the tornado. The issue isn’t the amount of the donation. The money belongs to him and he should be able to give any amount he chooses and to the charity of his choice. The issue is, how much of the actual donation actually ends up going to the victims? I have been in the mist of the distraction since day one and I can honestly tell you the red cross is a joke. I will never give another penny to this organization.

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