Pennington tutoring Sanchez on Sparano’s offense


New Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano isn’t allowed to start coaching his players yet. But there’s nothing stopping Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez from learning the new offense from someone who’s not on the Jets’ coaching staff. And that’s exactly what Sanchez is doing.

Chad Pennington, the former Jets and Dolphins quarterback who played for Sparano in Miami, met with Sanchez recently for a tutoring session in Sparano’s schemes, Rich Cimini of reports.

In multiple classroom sessions, Pennington went over Sparano’s terminology and an old Dolphins playbook, which presumably looks a lot like the new Jets playbook.

Pennington hasn’t officially retired yet, but he hasn’t been under contract to an NFL team since his deal with the Dolphins expired a year ago, he missed all of 2011 with a knee injury and worked as a TV analyst, and he has played a grand total of four games in the last three seasons. So it’s probably safe to say he’s not coming back.

Then again, if the Jets want a veteran backup who knows the system, maybe signing Pennington would be an option. The Jets are also reportedly interested in former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, who also knows Sparano’s system — and would provide competition for Sanchez in training camp.

17 responses to “Pennington tutoring Sanchez on Sparano’s offense

  1. Somebody is paying Pennington and if it’s Sanchez you can bet he’s being reimbursed by the team.

    This is just another way around the rules and it needs to stop.

  2. Pennington made that offensive scheme look damn good. So accurate and decisive. Shame the guy couldn’t stay healthy and wasn’t gifted with strong arm.

  3. Smart move by the Jets. Miami should have tried to keep Pennington in some capacity, and Brian Cox as well, instead of hiring a bunch of under-qualified castoffs to coach the team. I wish Sparano well. He was not treated fairly by Dumb & Dumber down in Miami.

  4. Wow, Sparano has a system? He is clueless how to game plan during the game. The Dolphins beat the Jets last season but did not do much else. The firing of Sparano gave the Dolphins a better chance to win. The only winner written about in this post is Chad Pennington. Henne and Sparano are both losers and will not help the Jets win more football games than they won last season.

  5. One year for Chad’s arm to get stronger. If he was on the Jets last year the season would have ended differently. Consumate pro. Class act. Smart guy. I bet he can still play. Sign him. Sign him Sign him.

  6. What needs to stop? Players communicating with one another? once the seasone begins, Jets should make Pennington a coach, though i doubt he would be interested – working on tv has to be easier and more lucrative.

  7. The only system Sparano has is how to drive for FG’s and wilt and blow leads in the 4th qtr. How was Sparano not treated fairly. In 4 years with the Fins he was 29-32, 1 playoff appearance which resulted in a loss. He got what he earned, nothing more nothing less.

  8. I’m pretty sure Sanchez already has the primary weapon of Sparano’s offense, the 5 yard check down, in his arsenal.

  9. I have no problems at all, never will, with Sparano and Henne being on the jets payroll. Hey, yets fan, you will get field goals and interceptions. You may get 5 yard gains from Henne, but that’s it.
    Sancheese and Mr. Roboto competing for the starting position is so effing funny!!
    Let’s go Miami, or uh, Green Bay South!

  10. Sporano has a system? It is going to be great when the Dolphins sweep the Bennie and Jets this year!! Sanchez and Henne the dynamic duo!! Go Fins!

  11. “Somebody is paying Pennington and if it’s Sanchez you can bet he’s being reimbursed by the team.

    This is just another way around the rules and it needs to stop.”

    Where did you get this information? More importantly, assuming that what you say based in reality, what rules are being broken? People can’t pay each other for doing things anymore? Why are you hating?

  12. Sanchez will need more than tutoring to pick up an offense. When you have weak skills to begin with, X’s and O’s are the last thing to get straightned out.

  13. Pennington is a criminally underrated analyst on TV. I wish they put him on decent games. On the other hand, I would like to see him as a college football coach.

  14. I love Chad Pennington. He gave me the one stinkin season that I could be proud to be a Dolphins fan in, well, let’s say a long, long time. Sparano was disrespected but they were right about Harbaugh.

  15. Count me amoung the Dolphins fans surprised to hear that Sparano actually has an offense.

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