Video appears to show Peyton Manning throwing well


On Friday, a 27-second video was posted on YouTube of someone appearing to throw a football with good distance and velocity, while wearing what looks like a Colts jersey and helmet. The video is titled, “Peyton Manning throwing at Duke Friday March 2, 2012.”

There’s no way to tell whether the person throwing passes in the video is really Manning or not, but ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports, citing an unnamed source, that it is an authentic video of Manning from Friday.

Mortensen describes Manning as having participated in “an aggressive throwing session” and showing “encouraging progress” after the neck surgery that forced him to miss the entire 2011 season. Mortensen also reports that several sources say Manning’s throwing strength has dramatically improved. The video seems to back that up.

Almost as interesting as the video itself is the question of who posted it on YouTube, and why now. It appears to have been taken with a cell phone and from far enough away that the Manning camp could credibly say Manning didn’t know he was being filmed. But no one with a camera phone would be allowed anywhere near the practice field at Duke if Manning didn’t want video like this getting out. The person taking the video (who created a new YouTube account on Friday just to post this video) was clearly pro-Manning: He says, “What a ball,” after Manning’s first pass, driving home the point that Manning is throwing well.

Colts owner Jim Irsay is just days away from having to choose between paying Manning $28 million or releasing him. All indications are that Irsay will show Manning the door and move on to Andrew Luck, but Irsay has previously said that if Manning is healthy, Manning will remain with the Colts. To the extent that you can tell anything from a low-quality 27-second video, Manning looks pretty healthy right now.

48 responses to “Video appears to show Peyton Manning throwing well

  1. There is no way Manning sees one penny of that $28 million. We can stop the suspense now, ain’t happening.

  2. If he was at Duke why would he be wearing Colts stuff?

    I guess I could see the helmet as they are custom made for qb. But why would he wear a Colts jersey.

  3. They were good throws, but they had no zip on them, IMO. Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu would be swipping them out of the air.

    I still think Manning has some serviceable years left in him. Even an 80% Manning is better then a 1/3 the QB’s that started last season.

  4. Does this video show him getting blindsided by James Harrison or Mario Williams?… HE CANT TAKE A HIT!!!! Who cares that he is “Throwing Well”….. NEXT STORY

  5. The plan: the Colts need to swallow the money and re-sign Peyton, then trade him to Cleveland for their two first round picks! That way, Indy gets Luck and two other first round picks, and Peyton gets an extra 28 million.

  6. Politician Peyton is at it again, hmmm all of a sudden now we got a video of Peyton throwing and March 8th is just around the corner too,how convient, I bet it was Cooper that filmed and posted it, I bet more videos and interviews are gona pop up everyday from now til the 8th. Greedy swamp boy wants PAID. Colts will be smart to move on and peyton also to a superbowl contendar so he can try to catch Eli’s” lord of the rings” count.

  7. Just hoping he doesn’t play his first game against the Saints. Can you imagine the bounty they’ll have on him?

    Who Dat cheating and injuring?

    Saints = oxymoron.

  8. jets13 says:Mar 3, 2012 8:10 AM

    In other news bill belicheck was kicked off the duke campus the past weekend…

    In other news….Rex Ryan is still a loudmouth

  9. LOL:) He lost a lot of weight just last week he had a bit of a gut. Check out the second throw:) a classic college QB high leg lift after the throw:) I think Manning corrected that his Jr year of High School when his Father Archie put weights on his ankle.

  10. There is no way Payton doesn’t play, and play well this year. This reminds me of Brees when he left San Diego. We all know how that worked out. Right Dolphins?!

  11. This is the last thing the Rams want to see. They better trade that pick while the hype for RG3 is at an all time high and before a seemingly healthy Peyton Manning hits the open market.

  12. jets13 says:
    Mar 3, 2012 8:10 AM
    In other news bill belicheck was kicked off the duke campus the past weekend…

    Must have been found by secret agent Peyton Hillis!

  13. Hey bathroomben –

    hate to burst your bubble – but vick isn’t even the best qb in the nfc east! never mind even being mentioned in the same post as peyton manning…..
    and really – the next time the eagles get CLOSE to FINALLY winning a super bowl will be their first time – please – try to control your silliness

    Mar 3, 2012 8:07 Am

    He will suffer a career ending injury once he returns and the Eagles will win Super Bowl 47.

    Michael Vick> Peyton Manning


  14. Two things:

    1) I hate Peyton Manning’s staged moves to stay out of check-mate

    2) This is what Irsay gets for not being decisive and cutting him sooner.

  15. I want to see him throw left, and I want to see out routes with real velocity.

    That said the second throw convinced me that was Peyton and he’s already throwing harder than Chad Pennington ever did. I’d like to see he and Wayne land in the desert.

  16. Rocket science: If Manning were throwing well – or even more than 25 yards – he’d have 28 million reasons to have close-up cameras on him – as well as coaches and GM’s lined up to view him starting next week. Helloo?

    N.B. This unconvinceing video from Duke comes out the same day Manning’s own father says he’s working out in Miami.

  17. “I guess I could see the helmet as they are custom made for qb. But why would he wear a Colts jersey.”

    Licensing. For the same reason a player can get fined for wearing say a reebok hat if he’s sponsored by Nike, or wearing something not licensed by the NFL. Players are restricting to specifics while doing certain things like practicing.

  18. Just watched video why does that guy hv every inch of his body covered in sweat bands and he looks short….isn’t peyton 6’6”.lol can u say fake!!!!

  19. gguffey says: Mar 3, 2012 8:13 AM

    The plan: the Colts need to swallow the money and re-sign Peyton, then trade him to Cleveland for their two first round picks! That way, Indy gets Luck and two other first round picks, and Peyton gets an extra 28 mill


    You do not know a thing about football do you?

    Cleveland is not going to take on Manning salary and trade away 2 pick for him. The Colts do not need to resign him. He is already signed.

    Indy could not afford 3 first round picks, as they would have to eat most of Manning s salary in your stupid scenario.

  20. I think too much credit is given to people to think of every single scenario derived from a particular situation. Maybe the simple truth is that the Manning camp didn’t think of cordoning off the area and searching people for camera phones?

    This isn’t downtown Baghdad. Perhaps the most likely scenario is Peyton was throwing the ball, and someone just so happened to get it on their personal camera.

  21. The Cap Hit would be to great for the Colts to pick up the option and trade him. Makes zero sense. Either the Colts pick up the option or they don’t.

  22. @peytonsneck18 — greedy because he wants to get paid?

    Um… do you want to get paid for what you do?

    The only reason you could call him greedy in this context is if he wants to get paid for something he *can’t* do… which is sort of the whole point of the video… you know, showing that he *can* still do it.

    Even if Peyton’s camp posted the movie, you can’t really fault him. Irsay is the one who established the criteria whereby Peyton would stay on the team: If Peyton’s healthy, he’ll be a Colt.

    What I think happened:
    I think Irsay realized that he’d painted himself into a corner with the fans by stating that Manning would be a Colt if he were healthy. Irsay needed a way out.

    So the report gets floated that it’s possible the Colts might not be able even to watch Peyton throw before the March 8th day-of-decision. Poor Irsay. What a terrible position to be in.

    Enter Bill Polian, sitting at home, perhaps not happy with the way he was treated by the Colts organization. He hears this report and decides to put the Colts back on the defensive. “No, no,” he says. “When I was there we sought clarification on this issue from the League, and we were told we *could* watch Manning throw.”

    Oh. Well. Un-poor Irsay. Now… how manipulative, Irsay.

    Then, for good measure, Manning let’s the video get leaked of him throwing and looking good. Can’t be traced back to him, and you can’t really penalize posting personal workouts to the internet, anyway. Everyone can see them… which is the point. The Colts can see. The fans can see. More, the fans know the Colts can see.

    Whatever else you think about Irsay, or however you side with him over Manning, Irsay has brought this situation on himself. If he’d just shut up about the whole thing from the beginning, he wouldn’t be in this situation. As if you needed proof that the guy who has more responsibility at the line of scrimmage with a complex NFL offense than possibly any other player in the modern era is smarter than a guy who inherited his wealth, you now have it.

    Peyton is smarter than Irsay. And with every exchange, that only becomes more apparent.

  23. It’s clearly a Duke jersey and helmet he is wearing, not Colts apparel. No horse shoe on his helmet and the fact that those are exactly what Duke football uniforms look like is the dead giveaway.

  24. Long time Colt fan. I have seen every throw Manning has made on an NFL field more than once. That is probably Manning.

    1. What “uniform” is he wearing… Duke football team?
    2. That person holds the ball lower than Manning typically does.
    3. The play fake was done either very sloppy or it is someone imitating Manning
    4. The leg kick on the one throw is un-Manning like but indicative of someone who is giving it everything he has, which would fit.

    Those are my concerns. However, the key that makes me believe it is Manning is the the flash of him dropping his arms down in a very Manningesque fashion after the first throw. His body language when not throwing looks very much like Manning.

    I am just a fan sitting on my couch at home. But my conclusion is that the video is of Manning and that he definitely does not look like his usual self.

  25. I actually just watched the video. A couple of things stand out:

    1) other than the colors matching, how in the world can anyone tell that it is a Colts jersey and helmet? You do realize that those are also DUKE’S colors as well?

    2) That could be any of a thousand QB’s making those throws. There are high school guys who can make those passes with no defense in shorts.

    The whole thing is beginning to look to me like a bunch of college kids punking the world.

    I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to find out this is a hoax.

  26. one thing that people need to remember. There is no way that Manning is working out in a Colts uniform. That clearly is not a Colts uniform. The fact that it is not a Colts uniform would support the thought that this is not a hoax.

    The throwing motion does not look at all like “usual” Manning. It would be consistent with “struggling” Manning.

    His body language when not throwing is KEY. I have seen that sort of frustrated body language 1000 times. Most notably to the Colts loss in the playoffs to the Steelers when they had “protection problems”

    Not only is that Manning, but it is a frustrated and disappointed “pouty” Manning.

  27. (I guess you can’t post a link to a youtube video… so let’s try this again.)

    I don’t know why people are saying that Peyton doesn’t do that leg-kick thing… I’ve seen him do it plenty of times, normally on throws when he’s really trying to wing it. The more wing, the more he kicks.

    For instance, search for this video on youtube, you’ll get one return:


    …ok, the video is a little Peyton Manning love fest, but look at the throws at:


    His leg kicks on all of those.

  28. The ultimate question is can Manning throw 40-50 accurate deep throws a week, 16 weeks a year, with defenders trying to maul him? And stay healthy? Come to the Redskins and show us.

  29. 1. Duke’s colors

    2. Videographer was obviously hiding as they were filming.

    3. QBs wear their helmets when they practice. Think about it.


    4. I have no idea if that’s PM.

  30. Irsay should trade #1 to the Browns for #4, #22, and #37 plus next years #1. Then trade #4 and #22 to the Rams for RGIII.

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